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  • Simi K. Rao – Author of An Incurable Insanity

    "For any author especially a brand new one like me, Kelsey and her PR services are invaluable. From the media pitch to getting interested bloggers review and post promos of my book Kelsey got it done. She is professional, prompt with her responses, upfront with what to expect and a pleasure to work with. Therefore if you are looking for someone to promote your book, Kelsey is the way to go."
  • Teko Bernard – Author of The Hoop Kid From Elmdale Park

    "Kelsey was really great! She is very responsive, insightful, detail-oriented, and thoughtful. If you want effective results and to work with a PR professional she is definitely the 'go-to.'"
  • Kate Kelly – Author of You Lucky Dog!

    "I found Book Publicity Services, run by Kelsey McBride, to be very well run. Kelsey is extremely organized in her approach and was great at following up with interested parties, reporting back to me regularly, and also supporting my website via Twitter."
  • Jennifer Forest – Author of Work Women Want

    "What initially attracted me to Kelsey's PR services is that she was very specific on what she would do, as well as having experience promoting books and music. She was very clear and upfront about what was involved in each level she offered, which I really appreciated. I was also very happy with the level of responses Kelsey achieved from the media pitching for my book. I am quite convinced this was so much more than I would have been able to achieve as a lone author without her help. I recommend Kelsey very highly and found her services truly invaluable."
  • Liz Stauffer – Author of Thursday Morning Breakfast & Murder Club

    "You're a terrific PR person. I'm so glad I found you. Thanks again for all you're doing for me. Thanks for making this happen... Kelsey's amazing!!! 5 stars!!!"
  • Elyse Douglas – Author of The Christmas Town

    "Kelsey McBride is a focused and detailed professional. I enthusiastically recommend Kelsey McBride’s Book Publicity Services to any author interested in launching a new book or growing an audience for an existing one. Dependable and efficient, she also obtains swift and practical results. Kelsey is an exceptional find in the ever-shifting, ever-challenging business of marketing books."
  • Paul Gillebaard – Author of Moon Hoax

    "As a first time author, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kelsey McBride PR by an associate. With Kelsey’s great contacts and connections, she has gotten Moon Hoax into newspapers and magazines. For any author, getting reviews is the name of the game. Kelsey has put Moon Hoax into the right hands of quality reviewers who have taken the time to read the book and give an honest review. Not only have these reviews helped to spread the word on the book, they have also helped to increase sales. Kelsey also has set up multiple interviews, both in print and on radio. You cannot go wrong having Kelsey McBride on your team!"
  • Tori L. Ridgewood – Author of The Talbot Trilogy

    "I am very impressed by Book Publicity Service's ability to generate interest in my work and make connections on my behalf. Kelsey McBride is highly professional, efficient, and thoughtful, offering excellent and practical advice as well as organizing promotional spots that I would never have considered on my own. I would never have been able to achieve such results on my own, and the regular updates are terrific both for my record-keeping and for my morale. Thank you, Kelsey!"
  • Robert Radcliffe – Author of 180 Degrees

    "Only refer someone when you are confident to refer them... I AM CONFIDENT REFERRING KELSEY! Kelsey is amazing!"
  • Seraphima Bogomolova – Author of A Tricky Game

    "I am very happy with your service, you have done more in 2 months than I could have done in the whole year if I had promoted my book myself."
Generate Media Coverage
We secure press placements for books in a variety of media outlets, including TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs.
Reach Your Target Audience
We will secure press placements for your book with the media outlets that are the best fit to reach your target audience.
Increase Your Online Presence
We will build your online presence through media coverage, press releases, social media, and other public relations efforts.
Create awareness of your book, build your online presence, and increase sales with a public relations campaign at Book Publicity Services.

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