Writing with the Masters – Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou
Writing as an art form comes from expression of an emotion, feeling, or idea through the written word.  It has been found to be therapeutic, even used as a form of psychological treatment in the form of journal therapy. Goodtherapy.org describes journal therapy as, “primarily used with people in therapy to increase awareness and insight, promote change and growth, and further develop their sense of self.” By expressing your own emotions and experiences through writing – whether it is channeled through fiction or non-fiction – you create both a personally relaxing and therapeutic outlet for yourself as well as a relatable scenario for your readers.
The old adage to write what you know is truer than you think. There is no interest too obscure to become the basis for a piece of writing. If you have a real fascination with grasshoppers, write about grasshoppers! How they live, what they’re thinking, or how they respond to the world around them.   Maybe you had a truly horrendous first job, why not give it to a character?  Readers respond particularly well to a story that they can relate to and imagine themselves in the midst of.  When you write what you know, you add credibility and appeal to fans with similar interests.
Tell your story, like Maya Angelou!