New Work of Literary Fiction Tackles Corruption in Politics and Social Hierarchy in Modern-Day India

The Quest for IntegrityNovember 12, 2015 (Edmonton, Canada) – Jaswinder Singh announced today that his debut novel The Quest for Integrity, a work of literary fiction dealing in the socio-political climate of modern-day India, is now available for sale on Amazon.
“With this novel, I hope to inspire readers to value honesty and put a spotlight on the corruption that is so prevalent in the world in which we live,” says Singh.
A novel of ideas in the spirit of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, The Quest for Integrity pits the heroic Purshottam Gill against the forces of greed plaguing modern society.  As Purshottam diligently works to improve performance and raise morale at the Bank of the Nation’s Amlawar branch, his attempts are hindered by an intricate conspiracy involving trade union officials, politicians, and some of the bank’s senior officers, whose ambitions are threatened.  Among those who align against the reformer is Neki Lal, whose rise from a life of poverty to become a union leader and vicious attack of Purshottam vividly illustrates how success all-too-often comes to be valued above ethics and morality in Indian society.
A riveting tale of power, corruption, and the need for social change, The Quest for Integrity is a thought-provoking and inspiring story that illustrates the importance of dignity, morality, and social responsibility.
The Quest for Integrity takes philosophical fiction to the cross section between banking and politics, a vicious environment where ambitious rivals use deceit and manipulation as their route to success.
Jaswinder Singh worked as a senior manager of a bank in India for over eighteen years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, and currently resides in Edmonton, Canada.
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