How to Publish Ebooks to Grow Your Business

ebooks for businessAre you planning to offer ebooks as part of your overall content marketing strategy? Are you considering creating long-form content and offering it for free in exchange for an email address or subscription to your company newsletter? Ebooks are an incredible marketing outreach tool that can offer your customers a long-lasting helpful resource while providing your business essential contact data for further future engagement opportunities. Whether you plan to offer free how-to books as part of your content marketing outreach efforts or you want to integrate ebooks into your revenue-generation efforts, there are a number of essential tools that you can use during the publishing process. If this is the year you make the push to ebook marketing, following are a few must-have tools for your publishing resources list:
Convert to Clean HTML
If you plan to create your business’ ebooks in Microsoft Word, the Convert to Clean HTML site is another handy publishing tool you’ll want in your arsenal. Simply copy/paste your ebook content onto this nifty site and you’ll automatically receive clean HTML data for uploading to your publishing interface. There are a number of conversion customization options including the ability to replace non-ascii data.
Smart Formatting
The Smart Formatting PDF offers details on formatting guidelines for CreateSpace, Smashwords, and Kindle. Discover the proper settings you should be using in Microsoft Word, the word styles that work best, and even the appropriate way to block paragraphs. Be sure to bookmark this handy PDF document for ebook writers as you’ll likely return to it numerous times for guidance.
3DIssue lets you create content for distribution in a number of formats including ebooks, content hubs, and flipbooks. Whether you want to offer a how-to ebook to your email subscribers or policy and procedures ebook to your new hires, 3DIssue makes the process easy. Features include audio clip integration, text-to-speech capabilities, and ePub3 compliance to make sure your content renders properly.
Creating business ebooks is made easier when you have the right publishing tools at your disposal. It is essential that you have a thorough list of resources before you attempt to create your first publication. Jumping in without knowing proper publishing procedures can leave you feeling frustrated and disheartened. If you want to maximize the potential of your ebook publishing efforts, the above-listed tools should definitely be on your publisher’s resource list. And once you have your ebook ready to be published, in order to maximize book sales, make sure to hire a publicist or book promotion company to help get the word out about it.