The Sentinels by Gordon Zuckerman

The Sentinels trilogy is a series of thrillers set in climates of military turmoil where government and greed collide in high-stakes drama with entire nations hanging in the balance. Watch the series trailer here:


In this riveting amalgam of political intrigue, poignant romance, and bare-knuckled action, six friends risk everything to thwart an international Nazi conspiracy.

With Hitler in power, the six Sentinels, graduates of an elite American doctoral program, uncover a plan by industrialists to hoard hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal war profits. Using their financial and familial connections around the globe, they work to foil the machinations of the financiers of the Third Reich. In a daring strategy of Robin Hood–style thievery, the Sentinels put their lives on the line to serve justice—and thus become embroiled in a dangerous and violent international conspiracy.

A gripping story that escalates at every turn, “The Sentinels: Fortunes of War” is the first in a series that follows the six Sentinels as they alter the course of history.


An oil supply controlled by corrupt hands, murderous assassins who will do anything to keep that power intact – and a group of friends with a wild plan to thwart them all.

The Sentinels return in an epic battle against a Big Oil monopoly. As America’s dependence on fossil fuel takes hold in the post-World War II climate of economic growth, seven major oil companies join forces to control the industry. They amass obscene profits, squeeze taxpayers, and manipulate supplies around the world. In a plotline eerily reminiscent of today’s political climate, the Sentinels fan out across several continents in an intricately plotted mission to bring Big Oil to its knees.


Can the world be rescued by a financial expert? Does the world even know it needs to be saved from what lurks behind the curtain?

The Sentinels are back with a new installment. The post-World War II military industrial complex is explored in Zuckerman’s action-filled globe-trotting thriller. It’s a book of principles vs. power, of greed vs. the selfless serving of one’s country. His latest novel examines what he calls a “Power Cycle” threat, where those who operate outside the law must be dealt with outside society’s normal channels.

The cast of the forthcoming Pilot of The Sentinels - Based on the novel Fortunes of War

Praise for The Sentinels Trilogy:

“Zuckerman’s … first in a possible series of political thrillers, starts off with an intriguing premise. In 1938, the Sentinels, a group of six economics doctoral students at the University of California, Berkeley, claim to have discovered a pattern that explains and can even predict repeating cycles of the rise and fall of world powers. In particular, the Sentinels assert that German industrialists are pushing Europe into war. They propose a watchdog organization to eradicate these cancers when lower-level means can still be used effectively. Of course, it’s too late for anyone to stop WWII. Once the bad guys learn of our heroes’ intentions, they seek to forestall the Sentinels in a plot full of predictable abduction and rescue sequences.”  ~ Publishers Weekly

About the Author:

Following the author’s graduation from Harvard Business School, until April 2005, when he sold his company, Gordon Zuckerman had the privilege of working during what many people regard as the Golden Age of American commerce.

Throughout those years, he learned of major events that exerted significant influences – some positive, some not so beneficial — over the lives of many people. Absorbed in his entrepreneurial world, rarely could he investigate beyond reading newspaper headlines or watching television sound bites.

Zuckerman has traveled extensively and is a lifelong history buff. Aware of the potentially corrupting influence of concentrated wealth and power, he has devoted the last 17 years to studying some of history’s most important events. Along the way, he has developed an understanding of how concentrated industrial and financial influence, given the support of government, can pursue agendas of self-interest that can conflict with the public’s best interests.

Zuckerman, who founded the nationally recognized Resort Suites of Scottsdale, Arizona, calls upon his experience in finance, banking, marketing, and business development to support the plots of his books.

For 30 years he owned and operated his own real estate development company, which he sold to a major investment company in 2004. Prior to that, he spent a decade on Wall Street working for Kaiser-Aetna.

Born and raised in Stockton, California, Zuckerman earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He resides with his wife, Anne, on their ranch in Northern Nevada. They have two children and four grandchildren that they enjoy spending time with. They also have two dogs and three horses.

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