The Postnatal Cookbook by Jaren Soloff RD, IBCLC

The Postnatal Cookbook: Simple and Nutritious Recipes to Nourish Your Body and Spirit During the Fourth Trimester by Jaren Soloff, a Registered Dietitian & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (who also specializes in anti-diet, intuitive eating, and eating disorders), was released on December 29, 2020, published by Ulysses Press.

Replenish and rejuvenate your postpartum body with these 75 easy, healing, and protein-rich recipes designed with new moms in mind.

After giving birth, most mothers are well-versed in feeding patterns and schedules for their little ones, yet little attention is given to their own nutrition. The Postnatal Cookbook offers 75 simple, easy-to-prepare recipes for truly nourishing the postnatal body—what is ultimately best for both mother and baby!

Written by a registered dietitian and lactation consultant, these delicious recipes are specially formulated with the nutritional needs of a new mom’s fourth trimester. Inside you’ll find:

  • Quick and easy protein-packed meals like Spinach Egg Bites, Mediterranean Salmon Wraps, and One-Pan Lemon Chicken
  • Satisfying, nutrient-rich snacks such as No-Bake Bliss Balls and Flax Seed Granola
  • The nutritional information every postpartum mom needs to eat healthily
  • And much more!

Based on the latest research in nutrition science, this cookbook prioritizes the foundation of whole food, healthy eating for recovering mothers. Nutrients of vital importance to postpartum such as iron, protein, vitamin D, and omega three-rich foods are highlighted in each recipe.

The Postnatal Cookbook is available for sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author:

“From my own journey, I know how difficult it can be to navigate health & wellness during postpartum, especially in the presence of diet culture. I have a breadth of experience not just in supporting women from all walks of life in my practice, but I also have lived experience as a mother who experienced a rocky relationship with food + body image. These experiences showed up full force during postpartum and my concerns around food, body and weight flared up. Through my own journey I’ve found that there is a large gap of care for women navigating postpartum when healing from a chaotic relationship with food + body image concerns. The experiences I have had personally and professionally have compelled me to share my learned wisdom and now come full circle in empowering others. I am dedicated to providing moms the space they need to do their own healing,” says Jaren Soloff.

Jaren Soloff is a Registered Dietitian and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who serves as an expert in women’s health. While continuing to practice in the field of eating disorder treatment, Jaren gained additional experience as an IBCLC to fuse her love of nutrition and women’s health.

Now working solely in private practice, Jaren combines her expertise as a skilled nutrition therapist and lactation consultant to support individuals looking to heal their relationship with food and body. Her practice, FULL CRCL provides evidenced based practices to support women at all stages of the reproductive cycle, from preconception to postpartum. Informed by her own journey and the hundreds of women she has counseled, Jaren’s experience comes full circle to support women in navigating pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a simple and intuitive framework.

Jaren has appeared on the Mom & Mind Podcast, Women’s Health Happy Hour, and the Birth Kweens Podcast.

Readers can connect with Jaren on Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads. To learn more, go to: 

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