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For authors, publicity has become the most crucial factor in their success. With thousands of books being published each month, you need a publicist to make your book stand out from the rest. Book Publicity Services has helped hundreds of authors build their brand and create buzz.

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At Book Publicity Services, we provide a personal approach that you can’t find anywhere else. We understand that each author and book is unique, which is why we create customized personal PR campaigns to cater to your needs and reach your personal target audience. We have been in the business of promoting books for 10+ years. We have promoted hundreds of authors. We know what we are doing and we know what it takes to make your book stand out from the rest. At Book Publicity Services, we provide the results you need to get the word out about your book and increase sales, without spending a fortune. We specialize in generating book reviews, media exposure, and social media buzz to create awareness and build credibility for your book. We have successfully promoted a wide variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction, traditionally and self-published.

Our services are affordable and effective. We have the contacts, relationships, and proven successful track record. We are passionate about books and we know what it takes to make your book stand out. What more could you possibly want? Get your PR campaign started today!

  • Elizabeth Nguyen, MD – Author of Aloha VietnamElizabeth Nguyen, MD – Author of Aloha Vietnam

    "I have been so pleased and satisfied with the promotion and publicity that Kelsey has garnered for my book. Being a first-time author, this book publication and promotion journey has been brand-new to me, and I am so grateful that I found Kelsey to help me navigate this terrain! She came up with a beautiful media kit and tirelessly pitched my book to local news media outlets, radio and television stations, podcasts, bookshops and social media book reviewers, and was in constant communication with me throughout the process. I felt like I could always reach out to her with questions and suggestions. Her attention to detail and follow through is superb. I have been given opportunities to speak with so many people about my book that I otherwise would not have had. I appreciated her highly tailored approach to my campaign, finding reviewers who were my niche audience. Thank you so much Kelsey! I highly recommend her services."

  • Jake Eagle, Author of The Power of AweJake Eagle, Author of The Power of Awe

    "It’s been a long journey to publish our book. And finishing the book isn’t the end, in some ways it is the beginning—that’s when the marketing starts. And even though we worked with a very large publisher, the majority of the marketing was left up to us, which is typical. Kelsey is the person who has helped us more than anyone else. Not only does she find good podcasts for us to join, but she continually comes up with creative suggestions that inspire us. In addition, she is on top of things at all times and extremely good at communicating. She has been a delight and if I write another book, she’s the first person I’ll call upon for help."

  • Michael Amster, Author of The Power of AweMichael Amster, Author of The Power of Awe

    "Kelsey was the most effective part of our book launch! She is very well-connected and helped us meet our publicity goals.  She is wonderful to work with, and a top-notch communicator. I have already recommended her to my colleagues and will continue to do so."

  • Kara Bowman, Author of Heartbreak to HopeKara Bowman, Author of Heartbreak to Hope

    "I couldn't speak more highly of Kelsey and Book Publicity Services' energy, ideas, follow-through, communication, organization, and knowledge. They increased exposure for my book through a variety of outlets and were responsive to my needs and input."

  • Lei Shishak, Author of Easy Plant-Based Cooking for TwoLei Shishak, Author of Easy Plant-Based Cooking for Two

    "I was so impressed with the media exposure Kelsey and her team secured for me. They marketed my book to a wide range of platforms for optimal reach. Kelsey kept in regular touch with me throughout the campaign, and I never felt forgotten. Hiring Book Publicity Services was a great investment, and I look forward to working with them again!"

  • Katerina Canyon, Author of Surviving HomeKaterina Canyon, Author of Surviving Home

    "Kelsey is amazing. She opened doors for my work that had been closed to me in the past. If you are a poet who is interested in getting your work read, hire Kelsey Butts and Book Publicity Services. Hiring her was the best career decision I ever made. Even though she represents other authors, I feel like I’m her only client. She is very responsive and treats you like you are the most talented person in the world."

  • Galia Gichon, Author of “The Accidental Suffragist”Galia Gichon, Author of “The Accidental Suffragist”

    "I can’t say enough about working with Kelsey Butts and Book Publicity. She delivers results! If you are an author publishing a book- call her immediately. She will get your book in front of readers.  From the moment that she read my book in one weekend to her tireless devotion and dedication to supporting me in getting my book out there. She has endless contacts that are ideal for my readers. She really knows the ins and outs of promoting a book in this digital age. Plus she’s always receptive to new ideas. She researches them and delivers results soon thereafter. I’m thrilled with working with her and highly recommend her!"

  • Jaren Soloff, Author of The Postnatal CookbookJaren Soloff, Author of The Postnatal Cookbook

    "I had come across Kelsey's work after being approached for another author she was hired on behalf of and appreciated her follow up and attention to detail. When my book launched, her name came to mind and I am so grateful for all of the efforts she has made in my launch! With Kelsey's help I've landed podcast interviews with highly rated host, had raving reviews and have increased my social media presence to support notoriety and sales. Kelsey is highly organized and I so appreciate how careful she tracked requests, follow ups etc. to stay on top of all aspects of the PR campaign."

  • Ryan Bush, Author of Designing the MindRyan Bush, Author of Designing the Mind

    "Kelsey and her team worked hard to help promote my book and boost my marketing efforts. They reached out to hundreds of social media reviewers and podcast hosts, landed some good interviews and early reviews, and kept me fully updated on the results. Hiring a publicist is always a long-term investment, and Book Publicity Services can be a solid choice if your goals are to start building credibility and ensure that your book launches with strong reviews."

  • Huqua Press, Titles ‘When We Stayed Home’ and ‘The Girl with the Magic Ponytails’Huqua Press, Titles ‘When We Stayed Home’ and ‘The Girl with the Magic Ponytails’

    "It’s always been a unique challenge for boutique and independent publishers to make a splash in a crowded landscape. Add the complexities of 2020, with few traditional opportunities for book release parties, readings, signings, and all the clever events we typically rely on to celebrate a book’s release to get the word out, and it seems nearly impossible to get points on the board. Enter Kelsey and Book Publicity Services. We released two books in the fall of 2020 and thanks to their heroic efforts, reviews have been plentiful, posts abundant and sales stronger than we anticipated given everything. Kelsey's knowledge of book publicity is impressive, her follow through is spectacular and her genuine interest in the book’s success is just so refreshing. So thankful we brought her on board."

  • Catherine Jones – Author of Eating for PregnancyCatherine Jones – Author of Eating for Pregnancy

    "Kelsey Butts and her team at Book Publicity Services are by far the BEST publicists I have worked with as a seasoned author. They are extremely well connected, have deep knowledge of the industry, and most importantly, deliver results. Anyone publishing, launching, or promoting a book needs Kelsey.  Five out of five gold stars!"

  • Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE Bestselling author, Real Food for Pregnancy; Real Food for Gestational DiabetesLily Nichols, RDN, CDE Bestselling author, Real Food for Pregnancy; Real Food for Gestational Diabetes

    "When Kelsey initially reached out to help me with PR, I wasn't sure I needed her help. I already had two best sellers under my belt that I had self-marketed, but I was drowning in PR requests and didn't have time to follow up or seek out new opportunities. I receive a lot of pitch emails for these types of services, but Kelsey's stood out. She was professional, to the point, non-pushy. I thought "If I want anyone handling my PR, it's someone who writes non-annoying pitches!" and the rest is history. Kelsey has taken a lot of work off my plate so I can focus in my zone of genius."

  • Heidi Herman, Author of On With The Butter!Heidi Herman, Author of On With The Butter!

    “I knew I needed a great PR company to help me market my first non-fiction book and I am so thankful I found Kelsey and her team. From the moment I signed on with them, they have worked hard to get my book wide visibility and press. Because of their efforts, guidance, and advice, my book has been in front of a large group of reviewers and bloggers, been seen by influencers, and I have had the opportunity for podcast, radio, and television interviews. I’ve been so pleased with their professionalism and how responsive Kelsey is to my questions and requests. And we’re just getting started – I plan on continuing to be a client of Book Publicity Services for a long time to come.”

  • Allison Mann & Michael Brodkorb – Authors of The Girls Are GoneAllison Mann & Michael Brodkorb – Authors of The Girls Are Gone

    "We worked very hard to finish our book, The Girls Are Gone. When it became time to engage a publicist, Kelsey and her team at Book Publicity Services set-up a professional and comprehensive campaign which ensured our book launch was massively successful. Aside from setting up numerous interviews, reviews, and media opportunities, Kelsey had been a tremendous resource as our book continues to get more exposure. Working with Kelsey and her team at Book Publicity Services was one of the best decisions we made as authors."

  • Corine Dehghanpisheh – Author of the #BabyLove SeriesCorine Dehghanpisheh – Author of the #BabyLove Series

    "I highly recommend Kelsey and her team for your PR needs.  Kelsey secured many book reviews, blog opportunities, and promo spots for my book.   To my relief, Kelsey and her team also provided consistent social media management which gave me time back in my day to focus on my next book.  I will continue to use her services for my next books."

  • Bennett Jacobstein – Author of The Joy of Ballpark FoodBennett Jacobstein – Author of The Joy of Ballpark Food

    "For my book, Kelsey obtained media exposure beyond my wildest dreams.  This included tv and radio appearances in major media markets, as well as coverage in newspapers and magazines.  Kelsey responds quickly to email and is always available for questions.  Rather than providing a business plan, Kelsey gets direct results."

  • Iain Reading – Author of Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency SeriesIain Reading – Author of Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series

    "In a world full of different publicist options it's difficult to know where to turn.  I found Kelsey's PR Services to be top-notch and I really appreciated that the information as to what she could do for me and how much it would cost was up-front and available. That allowed me to plan and commit to a long-term relationship with her that has definitely paid off with her procuring some absolutely fantastic reviews and placements and getting my books into the hands of the exact right people who will really appreciate it. Thank you Kelsey!"

  • Steven Laine – Author of Root CauseSteven Laine – Author of Root Cause

    "after an exhaustive search online... I finally decided to partner with Kelsey based on her reactiveness (she always responded promptly), for her proactiveness (she had a full plan to propose on our first call), and for her professional demeanor – she knew what to do and how to do it. Kelsey made working on the publicity of my first published novel easy and fun. Together we targeted the who’s who of the wine industry where my novel is set along with all of the relevant influencers and Kelsey quickly grasped my world and the book’s target audience. I received a lot of great reviews and Kelsey was fantastic at approaching, tracking, and chasing everyone we approached. I look forward to working with Kelsey again on my next wine thriller where we will hit the ground running with all the groundwork laid out in front of us.”

  • Jennifer Rock & Michael Voss – Authors of B.S., IncorporatedJennifer Rock & Michael Voss – Authors of B.S., Incorporated

    "We highly recommend working with Kelsey and the team at Book Publicity Services. We were amazed at the number of unique media properties and outlets they found, pitched and placed on our behalf - from traditional and social media, to a wide variety of bloggers, websites, podcasts, events and contests. They are thorough, responsive, persistent and creative. We are thrilled with their work and plan to continue our relationship."

  • Frank Cavallo – Author of Eye of the Storm & Rites of AzathothFrank Cavallo – Author of Eye of the Storm & Rites of Azathoth

    "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelsey and her team at Book Publicity Services on two books, and I could not be happier with the results. The level of exposure that she’s been able to obtain for my work has been flat out amazing. She’s secured more reviews, blog spots, guest posts and interviews than I could have ever imagined. On top of that, she’s incredible on a one-to-one basis as well. When you’re with BPS, Kelsey makes you feel like you’re her only client—always responsive, always attentive and always working to get the word out for your books. I highly recommend her and her company."

  • Brett Garcia Rose – Author of NoiseBrett Garcia Rose – Author of Noise

    "Kelsey's assistance and professionalism have by far been the most valuable assets to my book launch, and to my writing career in general. I would not know if it is only her, because she gives the impression, work, and results of having an entire PR team on my side, and has far exceeded my expectations (and continues to do so). I look forward to working with her on all of my books moving forward, and I give her the highest recommendation for any author, whether traditional, self-published, or hybrid. Her work alone will increase your exposure, which is the lifeblood of emerging authors, astronomically. She really is that good."

  • Jacqueline Pirtle – Author of 365 Days of HappinessJacqueline Pirtle – Author of 365 Days of Happiness

    "Kelsey is the bomb! I am a first time author with a very “niche” kinda book, so it was relatively scary to search for “the one” PR person that gets my book and gets me. But it only was scary until I found Kelsey. She responded with such a thriving email in which she laid out her plan, attached with a marketing canvas to show me what she had in mind. I was smitten and simply had to sign with her. And thankfully I did. Kelsey is professional, responsive, kind, and fun to work with. She already got my book loads of media attention—guest post, podcasts, in print, and reviews all over the place. Kelsey clearly knows what she is doing and she does not miss a beat. My book has been places that I did not know it could go, thanks to Kelsey."

  • Jane Stoller – Author of Organizing for Your LifestyleJane Stoller – Author of Organizing for Your Lifestyle

    "As a first time author it is overwhelming to know where and how to start your marketing your book.  Kelsey immediately takes care of everything and has a structured approach to making sure your book is marketed to the correct audience's. Kelsey is also highly professional and utilizes her network and communication talent to truly promote your book.   Her services went beyond my expectations and would recommended her company to anyone looking for PR support."

  • BCR Fegan – Author of Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32BCR Fegan – Author of Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32

    “Kelsey has done a great job reaching out to an extensive list of book reviewers, bloggers and traditional media. She is professional, organised and best of all – she stays in constant contact throughout the campaign. I certainly recommend her to all authors looking for dependable and quality book publicity services.”

  • Dana Salim – Author of Yousef’s Everyday AdventuresDana Salim – Author of Yousef’s Everyday Adventures

    "Kelsey has been amazing to work with. Very professional, organized and prompt in her replies. She secured so many reviewers for both my books as well as my first live TV interview. She also contacted and secured an event for me at a school during a book tour I was doing. I definitely recommend her for your publicity services."

  • Maya Thiagarajan – Author of Beyond The Tiger MomMaya Thiagarajan – Author of Beyond The Tiger Mom

    "I am so glad that I hired Book Publicity Services to publicise my book, "Beyond The Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age." While the book had gotten some good initial reviews, I knew that I had to find a way to get the word out about the book to a wider range of parenting and education publications both in the US and in Asia. Kelsey was absolutely fantastic at helping me do just that. From parenting magazines to mom-bloggers to bigger news outlets and podcasts, she did a great job of successfully pitching my book to many wonderful reviewers. She was able to secure a number of reviews and author interviews for me, and my book got far more coverage than it otherwise would have. Additionally, Kelsey was very easy to work with. She responded quickly to all my emails and requests, and she was extremely efficient and professional. Highly recommended!"

  • Shannon O’Leary – Author of The Blood on my HandsShannon O’Leary – Author of The Blood on my Hands

    "Working with Kelsey from Book Publicity Services has been a pleasure. She and her team have been in contact with me on a daily basis arranging reviews, interviews, book promotion and developing a social media campaign which has increased my book’s exposure. I would recommend her publicity service highly as she has been dedicated in promoting my work and giving me industry guidance. Kelsey and her team are professional, hard working and know which type of publicity and exposure will get the best results. I will definitely be liaising with her and using her expertise when I publish my next book. Thank you Kelsey and your publicity team."

  • Andrea Amosson – Author of Told from the HipsAndrea Amosson – Author of Told from the Hips

    "A whole year after my book was translated from Spanish and published in English, I didn’t see any reviews or coverage about it. Knowing the value of my book and the importance to help readers find it, I decided to look for an agency to help me promote it. Among the options I researched, I chose Kelsey and Book Publicity Services because from the first phone call, I realized the professionalism and experience Kelsey offers. We had a successful campaign, my book went from being another unknown title, to get reviews, and I was interviewed by important local media. Kelsey also sent me a list of literary contests I could enter, and my book even made finalist in one of those. I can only recommend Kelsey. Believe me, your book will be in excellent hands."

  • Christopher Mannino – Author of The Scythe Wielder’s Secret SeriesChristopher Mannino – Author of The Scythe Wielder’s Secret Series

    "I was very glad to work with Book Publicity Services, headed by Kelsey. Kelsey is a very hard worker and helped me find reviewers including many booktube reviewers. What I appreciated most was her communication skills and professionalism. My wife (also an author) and I have worked with other publicists who would be lax at responding to emails, or not take our input, but Kelsey was nothing like this. She worked closely with me to pursue an aggressive publicity campaign that really helped me promote my book. Highly recommend."

  • Lola Smirnova – Author of TwistedLola Smirnova – Author of Twisted

    "Kelsey from Book Publicity Services has helped me, as an aspiring author, with marketing my debut novel Twisted for the past 6 months. She did a great job using her countless connections to give my book as much exposure as possible and I want to thank her for that! She has definitely put me on the next level. And I am certainly going to carry on working with this company for my upcoming books. If you need a professional publicist who delivers what’s promised and more, use Book Publicity Services!"

  • Eric Matheny – Author of The VictimEric Matheny – Author of The Victim

    "Kelsey is a workhorse.  I never imagined I would have a publicist who puts so much time and dedication into promoting my work.  She has secured dozens of promos from high-traffic book blogs and reviewers, several high-profile placements and reviews, and continues to get my work seen almost daily.  My publisher has 163 titles in print and in the second month after my release, my title was the number two bestseller out of the entire list.  Truly phenomenal results.  Kelsey is a PR pro with a keen understanding of the modern book market.  Above all, Kelsey gets results.  Most publishers, big and small, are ill-equipped to pour all of their marketing resources into one book.  It is so easy to get lost in the shuffle with all of the great writers out there.  You need a publicist who will make your work a priority.  Kelsey is that publicist and she will make your work stand out.  I owe every sale of my book to Kelsey's tireless efforts."

  • Michelle Peach – Author of Gazelle in the ShadowsMichelle Peach – Author of Gazelle in the Shadows

    "I was going nowhere on my own but the moment Kelsey took the helm, my PR campaign took off. I am so immensely impressed with Kelsey who immediately produced review after review, interview after interview, and kept me busy writing guest posts and sending my book to Europe, Australia, and Asia. Anyone who hires her will not be disappointed. In fact, she will exceed your expectation. She sure did mine! Very highly recommended."

  • A.H. Richardson, AuthorA.H. Richardson, Author

    "Kelsey has done a fine job marketing my books and getting them into the hands of reviewers with clout - she works tirelessly, and leaves no stone unturned ... thank you Kelsey for both the friendship and for your industry."

  • Natalie Scott – Author of Rules for RidersNatalie Scott – Author of Rules for Riders

    "I found Kelsey and Book Publicity Services on Goodreads. Since she has taken over, it’s been simply amazing! A lot of people claim to be connected, but Kelsey really is. She has constantly reached out to bloggers and reviewers for us.  If you’re looking for someone who will go above and beyond, Kelsey and Book Publicity Services is the way to go."

  • Simi K. Rao – Author of An Incurable InsanitySimi K. Rao – Author of An Incurable Insanity

    "For any author especially a brand new one like me, Kelsey and her PR services are invaluable. From the media pitch to getting interested bloggers review and post promos of my book Kelsey got it done. She is professional, prompt with her responses, upfront with what to expect and a pleasure to work with. Therefore if you are looking for someone to promote your book, Kelsey is the way to go."

  • Teko Bernard – Author of The Hoop Kid From Elmdale ParkTeko Bernard – Author of The Hoop Kid From Elmdale Park

    "Kelsey was really great! She is very responsive, insightful, detail-oriented, and thoughtful. If you want effective results and to work with a PR professional she is definitely the 'go-to.'"

  • Kate Kelly – Author of You Lucky Dog!Kate Kelly – Author of You Lucky Dog!

    "I found Book Publicity Services, run by Kelsey, to be very well run. Kelsey is extremely organized in her approach and was great at following up with interested parties, reporting back to me regularly, and also supporting my website via Twitter."

  • Liz Stauffer – Author of Thursday Morning Breakfast & Murder ClubLiz Stauffer – Author of Thursday Morning Breakfast & Murder Club

    "You're a terrific PR person. I'm so glad I found you. Thanks again for all you're doing for me. Thanks for making this happen... Kelsey's amazing!!! 5 stars!!!"

  • Elyse Douglas – Author of The Christmas TownElyse Douglas – Author of The Christmas Town

    "Kelsey is a focused and detailed professional. I enthusiastically recommend Kelsey’s Book Publicity Services to any author interested in launching a new book or growing an audience for an existing one. Dependable and efficient, she also obtains swift and practical results. Kelsey is an exceptional find in the ever-shifting, ever-challenging business of marketing books."

  • Paul Gillebaard – Author of Moon HoaxPaul Gillebaard – Author of Moon Hoax

    "As a first time author, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kelsey by an associate. With Kelsey’s great contacts and connections, she has gotten Moon Hoax into newspapers and magazines. For any author, getting reviews is the name of the game. Kelsey has put Moon Hoax into the right hands of quality reviewers who have taken the time to read the book and give an honest review. Not only have these reviews helped to spread the word on the book, they have also helped to increase sales. Kelsey also has set up multiple interviews, both in print and on radio. You cannot go wrong having Kelsey on your team!"

  • Tori L. Ridgewood – Author of The Talbot TrilogyTori L. Ridgewood – Author of The Talbot Trilogy

    "I am very impressed by Book Publicity Service's ability to generate interest in my work and make connections on my behalf. Kelsey is highly professional, efficient, and thoughtful, offering excellent and practical advice as well as organizing promotional spots that I would never have considered on my own. I would never have been able to achieve such results on my own, and the regular updates are terrific both for my record-keeping and for my morale. Thank you, Kelsey!"

  • Seraphima Bogomolova – Author of A Tricky GameSeraphima Bogomolova – Author of A Tricky Game

    "I am very happy with your service, you have done more in 2 months than I could have done in the whole year if I had promoted my book myself."

  • Annie Oeth – Author of Because I Said So: Life in The Mom ZoneAnnie Oeth – Author of Because I Said So: Life in The Mom Zone

    "Book Publicity Services brought "Because I Said So: Life in The Mom Zone," my first book, a great push just when it was needed. Additional interest has resulted in more sales and notoriety, and the attention to detail and personal contact was a great help to me as a new author. Book Publicity Services gave me excellent service and excellent results."

  • Philip C. Elrod – Author of The Krakow KlubPhilip C. Elrod – Author of The Krakow Klub

    "I would recommend you (Book Publicity Services) highly to any indie author."

  • Bill Edgar – Author of The Minimum Wage MillionaireBill Edgar – Author of The Minimum Wage Millionaire

    "Kelsey has worked to get my book out in the public eye with reviews and interviews. I believe that the topic I'm covering, basic wealth accumulation for teenagers, will take some time to catch on with the public and Kelsey has done a wonderful job of laying the groundwork for that to happen."

  • Jennifer Forest – Author of Work Women WantJennifer Forest – Author of Work Women Want

    "What initially attracted me to Kelsey's PR services is that she was very specific on what she would do, as well as having experience promoting books and music. She was very clear and upfront about what was involved in each level she offered, which I really appreciated. I was also very happy with the level of responses Kelsey achieved from the media pitching for my book. I am quite convinced this was so much more than I would have been able to achieve as a lone author without her help. I recommend Kelsey very highly and found her services truly invaluable."

  • Robert Radcliffe – Author of 180 DegreesRobert Radcliffe – Author of 180 Degrees

    "Only refer someone when you are confident to refer them... I AM CONFIDENT REFERRING KELSEY! Kelsey is amazing!"

Core Services

  • Book Reviews

    Our goal is to get as many reviews as possible for your book. Over the years, we have compiled an extensive database of book reviewers worldwide. We will pitch your book to the reviewers that would be the best fit to read your book. Book reviews are published online, social media, in print, on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

  • Media Outreach

    We will pitch you to media outlets nationwide for coverage. From writers and reporters at your local newspapers and TV stations – to radio shows, news sites, magazines, and daily newspapers nationwide. We will secure as much media attention as possible to create awareness of your book. We will pitch you to the media contacts that would be the best fit for your book. We can coordinate feature articles, interviews, and book reviews.

  • Social Media Exposure

    PR has changed drastically over the years. It’s all about social media now and the world of social media influencers is HUGE. We can place your book directly in the hands of influencers to reach your target audience. There’s an endless world of bloggers and social media influencers that we can collaborate with to promote your book. We will research and pitch you to the influencers that would be the best fit to reach your target audience. We will offer to send them a complimentary copy of your book to read and share with their followers. There are lots of different options for collaborating with influencers that can have a major impact on your book and sales. We can coordinate giveaways, book reviews, Instagram features, and more. The Instagram Influencers we work with have thousands of followers. Having an Instagram Influencer post about your book is a great way to get the word out about it and increase sales. Having several influencers post about your book all at once can provide instant credibility (and sales). Keep in mind that bigger Instagram Influencers may charge a fee (anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand $), rightfully so, it takes time to review your book and take the right photos. But each post, no matter how big or small the influencer is, is an opportunity to reach new followers, build your fan base, and increase sales.

  • Speaking Engagements

    We can contact your local libraries, bookstores, book clubs, and/or other organizations for potential speaking engagements / book signings and readings.

  • Author Interviews

    We will coordinate interviews for you through blogs, traditional media outlets, podcasts, and more.

  • Other

    We are flexible and can create a PR campaign to meet your specific needs. Let us know if you need help with your website, Amazon page, creating your social media accounts, or whatever else.