Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work by JJ DiGeronimo

Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work is a new book by JJ DiGeronimo.

If you are tired of chasing standards that are imposed on you by others; if you are drowning in to-do lists that deplete your energy and maybe even your impact; if you are swimming in negative thoughts and self-talk; or if you are simply seeking more meaning…you are not alone!

JJ DiGeronimo knows these feelings all too well as an accomplished businesswoman who felt an internal tug for something more. Off the side of her desk, JJ found herself seeking to stay energized as she chased external metrics with reappearing whispers from within.

If you are asking yourself, “What is this all for?”, or “Now what?”, or “Is there more?”, then you are ready to embark on your next step of self-discovery.

After five years of researching, attending, and practicing, JJ is excited to share the most important key findings from her journey. In her new book, Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work, JJ unpacks the strategies that helped her infuse more purpose and meaning into her work and life. With short chapters, relevant stories, and specific questions, these pages create a space where you too can evaluate your choices, dig through your stories, embrace your gifts, and elevate your energy.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

I was unsettled for years. In hindsight, I now recognize it was my heart that was pulling me so fiercely to pursue more meaning beyond my day job and roles at home.

At first, I pushed the feeling away and tried to convince myself that I was FINE. Yet my inner turmoil did not quit! It pushed me to seek new conversations, new classes, and new books. Throughout this book I will refer to this concept of seeking—pursuing personal fulfillment off the side of my desk; away from my job. Not everything I discovered was aligned with and relevant to what my heart wanted, but throughout my seeking, I found new areas of excitement and new sources of energy, which I call fuel stations. These new activities energized my inner self and my Soul. This provided reprieve and balance as my fatigued mind continued to chase external metrics such as work milestones, titles, and accolades.

As I said, you are not alone. Through my journey, I discovered that many women I meet are experiencing some level of misalignment because they are working on projects or are tolerating relationships that are draining their good energy and dimming their lights, preventing them from unleashing their life’s work.

Many people assume that when you are “successful” or when you get to a certain level at work or in life, you will experience bliss or joy. Well, this did not happen for me. Sure, I had moments of joy, but I also had many hours, even days on end, of feeling less than full. Little did I know, I had a sprouting purpose from within that was not satisfied by my external striving and goals. My internal guide, my Soul, was seeking alignment with my true life’s work…

Many of us know we have a bigger purpose than the one we are living. My hope is that by the end of this book, you will feel empowered to tap into your inner wisdom by listening to your whispers, recognizing the energy that depletes you, and working on releasing your stories.

In this book, you will find…

  • Ideas for how to explore your desires,
  • Strategies for sorting out your options,
  • Questions for discovering what obstacles may be holding you back, and
  • Suggestions to help you energize your journey.

Your situations have brought you right here to these pages, which may…

  • Awaken your inner knowing,
  • Fuel your unique light,
  • Expand your existing sphere, and
  • Illuminate your path.

By making time to dive into these pages, you are showing the Universe that you are ready for the next step, next chapter, next situation, next version, next anything that life is ready to bring your way.

You may be called to jump around the chapters or go straight through the book. Like life, it is your adventure, so I encourage you to pay attention to how you feel, what is coming up for you, and what you are trying to avoid. All these choices carry messages for you about where you are right now and why.

Upon reading this book, you will understand the underpinnings of your urge to seek. This seeking, from the inside out, offers suggestions for shifts in schedules, thoughts, and desires. How much or how little you decide to act on these suggestions at any given time is also up to you.

As you work through this book, be sure you are open to a shift, even a small one. Life does not often provide safe opportunities for being vulnerable. Your willingness to open the door to your inner world can feel risky, yet this book is a safe place where you can explore what is happening with your feelings, emotions, stories, and level of doubt or confidence in yourself. All of these are pieces that drive your decisions and external actions.

Not everyone makes it to this part of her or his life’s journey, as it is beyond what many feel comfortable exploring, sharing, or discussing. This next level of self- awareness is full of adventures, and it is almost inevitable that you will question your current state of existence, alignment, and joy.

If you are lucky enough to be asking yourself, “What is this all for?”, or “Now what?”, or “Is there more?”, then you are ready to embark on your next step of self- discovery.

Your internal exploration and external seeking can unveil the next level of your life’s work. This is an exciting time in which you are ready to cross over from where you have been to where you are going! I am thrilled to be embarking on this together, in a space where you can work to shift your focus and frequency.

Let’s explore ways to illuminate your path ahead, from the inside out!

About the Author:

Two-time award-winning author JJ DiGeronimo helps women raise their frequencies and empower their future impact through tried-and-tested strategies, mindfulness, and energetic practices. Formerly a leading woman in the tech industry, she now passionately strives to help women gain more seats at more tables by sharing the key findings that have helped her and countless others illuminate a path forward. Featured in publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Thrive Global, DiGeronimo is regularly an invited speaker for events and conferences. Her work includes three books, two podcasts, two global online communities, and in-person experiences. Discover her work at