The Run Begins by J. Frank James

The Run Begins Book CoverThe Run Begins, by J. Frank James, is the prequel to the Lou Malloy Crime Series. It was published in August 2013 and is available for sale on Amazon.


Lou Malloy is 18 years old and ready for the world… but is the world ready for him? His brother Sam has left and his sister wants to move to Florida with the family. Malloy is having none of it and on a wild moment decides to hop on a rail car, unsure of where he is going. The important thing is that he will no longer be in Kansas, but the problem is that he doesn’t have any money. Henry Lowe, who is in the same rail car, offers Malloy the deal of a lifetime… All he has to do is help Lowe rob a casino in Georgia. With the promise of a big payday, Malloy takes part in a scheme that will seal his fate forever.
What starts off as a quick way for Malloy to get a share of $15 million turns into a run for his life. Malloy learns the hard way that nothing comes easy when you’re alone and your life is about change forever…


Excerpt from The Run Begins:
Chapter 1
“What are you thinking about, Louie?” asked Sam.
“Don’t call me Louie. That’s a name for a duck,” I said. “You know I don’t like it.”
“How do you think I feel when you call me Sammy?”
“Never thought about it,” I said.
“So, what are you thinking about, L-o-o-o?”
“I’m thinking about flattening your nose.”
“When are you going to quit fighting with everyone?” Sam asked.
“Can’t help it if I like to fight. Besides, makes me feel good when I win,” I said.
“Fighting doesn’t solve anything. You need to find something else to occupy your time,” said Sam.
Sam was older than me by four years, but I was bigger, faster, and tougher, and because I was, I caught all the action. Sam’s idea of a fight was something you did with gloves, a ring, and rules.
“Lou, you need to be thinking of your future.”
“Been thinking about it,” I said.
“You going to tell me?”
“I might like to be a boxer,” I said.
“I give up,” said Sam. “Are you ever going to take things seriously?”
“What about you, Sam?” I said. “What do you want to be?”
“I’m going to Hollywood and make pictures,” said Sam.
I gave out a horse’s laugh when I heard that.
“Dad wouldn’t even let us go to a movie, unless it was Brown’s, much less make them,” I said. “You’re crazy. Dad would never allow it.”
“In about four months I’ll be twenty-one. Besides, there’s nothing he can do about it after I leave.”
“Not me,” I said. “I’m staying right here until something really good comes along.”
“Like what, wise guy?” Sam said. “We’re in the Middle of Nowhere, Kansas and nothing good ever stays here long enough to matter.”
“Maybe I’ll surprise you,” I said.


J. Frank JamesAbout the Author:
J. Frank James is the author of crime thriller novels. His books are gripping and suspenseful.
Jim’s novels have the elements necessary of good crime novels that keep readers glued to the pages from start to finish. Although Jim’s crime novels are fiction works, they are exciting to read because of their authentic nature. They are written with the backing of Jim’s experience in law, so they are believable situations that have the readers wanting to find out what happens next just like they would in any crime situation.
They offer the readers just enough information to keep them guessing and trying to solve the crimes until the end of the books when they are actually revealed. Jim’s books are also fresh and unique takes on crime as well, though. They are not the same whodunit type books that have been done over and over again. By infusing his personal travels into his books, Jim creates characters and atmospheres based on just enough truth to be relatable.
Plus, Jim’s books have everything in them from robbery to prison to family. They have hard and soft elements simultaneously to really capture the life of a hardened criminal who is still very human and struggles with the same human emotions as the rest of society. At the same time, Jim gives the reader perspectives from private investigators to balance out the story.
Jim’s books even have a hit of romance when his characters come to care for each other as more than just friends. Then, crime and love mixes to create a dynamic atmosphere that is even more complicated than ever before since characters care not only for each other but for their other family members as well. Jim has an amazing way of incorporating various elements into his latest crime novels to create thrillers that readers cannot get enough of, which is perhaps why all four of his books so far carry on one from the other to continue the same story concerning the hardened criminal who did 15 years in prison, Lou Malloy and who comes to be his partner, private investigator, Hilary Kelly. The two of them go it together to create gripping stories that keep readers coming back for more.
Jim is an artist and creates all of his own book covers.
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