5 Powerful Tips to Increase Book Sales That Work


ebookE-books aren’t difficult to write, but it can be a challenge to sell them unless you’re a well-known author. The good news? E-books are the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry, so becoming a successful e-book writer isn’t just a pipe dream. There are low-cost ways to get the word out about your book and establish your credibility as an author. Here are five selling tips that work!
1. Offer a Free Chapter
People hesitate to buy when they’re not sure about the quality of your writing or the information you offer, especially if you’re a new author. One way to motivate them is to offer a free chapter of your e-book, available for instant download right from your website. Even better, give away a free chapter in exchange for an email address. You can use their email address to send information about future e-books you’re authoring. Giving away a free chapter is a good way to get your prospective reader hooked on what you have to offer.
2. Get Your Book Reviewed
If you’re listing your book on sites like Amazon, it’s important to have good reviews. Since customers can’t flip through the book, they often base their purchasing decisions on book reviews posted on the site. Reviews are especially important if you’re a new author. To get your book reviewed, visit websites relevant to your topic and offer a free copy of your book in exchange for a review.
Another way to get your book reviewed is to email book reviewers and/or bloggers and ask them to read it. If they like it, they’ll mention it on their blog where it could reach thousands of eyes. Not only do you get a review, you get free publicity. Not every blog will review your book, but be persistent. Some will.
3. Harness the Power of Free Publicity
Free publicity is one of the most effective ways to boost your book sales. Publicity gives you credibility as an author and creates interest in your publication. Write a press release for your book, and send it to press release distribution services that will submit it to major search engines.  Note that while most press releases sites offer paid services, free ones are also usually available. Paid press release services can cost several hundred dollars, but they’ll submit your press release to big name players like CNN and Yahoo!. Choose a reputable company such as eReleases. Lesser known press release services are perceived as spam.
4. Don’t Be Afraid to Give Away Free Copies
Offer a copy of your e-book to people who have a large following on social media sites. If they enjoy your book, encourage them to share it with their friends and followers. This is a quick and easy way to make your book go viral. Don’t forget to set up Facebook and Twitter pages of your own to promote your book and yourself as an author.
5. Submit Articles to Relevant Media Outlets to Market Your Book
Do a search for popular magazines, blogs, or websites that are relevant to the topic of your book. Offer to submit a free article or guest post in exchange for a byline and a link to your book. Media outlets are always looking for quality content, and writing an article can be a great way to promote your book (either in the article or in your bio), so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.
The Bottom Line: There are lots of books out there, and how you market can make or break your book’s success. Give these five selling tips a try, and get rewarded for all of your hard work.