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Pitching A Book To The Media: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

Media Radio Internet Television Newspapers MagazinesMedia exposure is an essential element of a book publicity campaign. This article explains the 5 W’s for pitching a book to the media – Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?
Who: To get media exposure, you need to pitch your book to all types of media outlets: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, websites, and blogs. It is best to hire a publicist to pitch your book out because they have established relationships with media contacts including book reviewers, editors, reporters, producers, radio show hosts, bloggers, and more.
What: A pitch is an email that is sent to the media to promote your book. It usually includes a short synopsis of your book, cover image, background on you as the author, a link to your website, and the opportunity to review your book or interview you. You can also include sample interview questions, quotes from the author, or testimonials from reviewers.
Where: It is important to pitch your book to local media outlets where you live, as well as nationwide.
When: For the best results, you should send your pitch out first thing in the morning on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
Why: Media exposure is the best way to get the word out about your book. It provides instant credibility, creates awareness, and increases book sales. By pitching your book out to the media, you can get the opportunity to do television and radio interviews, or get blog posts, book reviews, website interviews, articles in magazines, feature stories in newspapers, and more to promote your book.
How: People in the media are inundated with pitches and don’t have time to read them all, so it is important to make your pitch stand out and keep it as brief as possible. Use an attention grabbing subject line, email each media contact individually, and only include the most relevant information about the book in your pitch. Here is an example of a media pitch –
Dear John,
I’d like to introduce Paul Gillebaard, author of Moon Hoax.
In Moon Hoax, China claims the U.S. never landed on the moon and they have proof. Losing worldwide prestige and letting one of man’s greatest achievements simply be erased is not an option for the United States. Moon Hoax is a magnificent tale of seemingly doing the impossible, sending an American back to the moon… today.
“I finally got around to reading Moon Hoax. It was a fantastic read. I could hardly put it down. Some twists and turns in the plot that I didn’t expect. Thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Charlie Duke, the 10th man on the moon.
Moon Hoax
Paul lived in Nassau Bay, TX during the moon shot years, home for many of the Apollo astronauts. Living among these men who would make history inspired Paul to write this book. Paul currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and two children.
Would you like to review Moon Hoax or interview Paul Gillebaard? Contact Kelsey McBride:
To learn more, visit Let me know if you would like a complimentary copy of the book, have any questions, or need additional information.
Best Regards,



Keep in mind that most media contacts will not respond to your initial pitch. You will need to follow up on your email a week or two later. Make sure your follow up email is short and to the point. It should say something like –



Hi John,
I just wanted to follow up on the email below. Are you interested in reviewing Moon Hoax or interviewing Paul Gillebaard? Let me know if you would like a complimentary copy of the book, have any questions, or need additional information.
Best Regards,


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