4 Ways to Organize a Book Tour That’s Far From Boring

bookshelvesWhen it comes to promoting a book you’ve written, it might seem like writing it was the easy part. Book tours are one of the best ways to get yourself and your book known, but with so many authors out there, how do you make your book tour stand out? The blog post offers easy tips for making your book tour one that the book-buying public will remember.
Your book is published. Congratulations! Whether you finally got the attention of a well-known press or you went the self-publishing route, you now have something you can hold in your hands and call your own. Remember all those hours you spent at the keyboard? Compared to promoting your book, that was the easy part.
One of the best ways to promote your book is with a book tour. When you hit the road to visit bookstores, though, it can be a bit of a nail-biter. What if no one shows up? What if no one buys your book? Among all the other books being pushed by all the other authors, how do you make your book tour stand out? One of these methods might be just right for your publication.
Give a lecture.
Schedule a talk at the bookstore, and narrow the focus, rather than just talking about yourself and your book. Better yet, make it useful. If you’ve written a book on business, you might give a talk on interview skills. If you’re a novelist, hold a Q & A on how you got published. Once the audience knows you have something to teach them, they’ll be more likely to leave with a book in hand.
Use other media.
Libraries often have a collection of public domain films that they can screen for free. Make your appearance a tie-in with a relevant screening, and more people will attend. If you’re a romance writer, for example, you might schedule a talk following a relevant film, then compare the love story to the one in your novel. Non-fiction writers can screen documentaries on their topic. If there’s not a public domain film that suits your book, a slideshow of relevant photos can add interest.
Have a Giveaway
Giving away books is always nice, but you can draw a larger crowd by giving away something a little more valuable, yet relevant. Cookbook authors might give away a cooking class, or action novelists might put together a survival kit. Think creatively. Some writers have attracted attention by holding contests in which the winner gets to name a character in a book. You could give away a gift card for Amazon or Barnes & Noble, a kindle or other ebook reader, or signed copies of your book.
Dress the Part
Remember the lines of kids in costume waiting to buy the next Harry Potter? If your book’s characters have noteworthy dress, make the event festive by inviting attendees to wear costumes. If it suits your personality, wear one yourself. If your book is about executive success, you can still join in the fun: give away a book to the best-dressed business person, or for the most unusual tie.
Bonus tip:
No matter how you choose to make your book tour stand out, remember to sell yourself and not just the book. Consumers often shy away from blatant attempts to sell them something. Be yourself, be friendly and talkative, and buyers will gravitate toward you.