Notice Me! – The Author’s Guide to a Happy Fan Base

authorIt is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves recognition.  You can’t deny it, it’s pretty great when you read that first positive, glowing review of your work. Sometimes it’s even better when a fan comments on how much they loved your work publicly, whether it’s on a blog or Facebook post.
So it’s only natural that said fan would be just as eager to get a response to their excitement. Thus begins our foray into maintaining a happy fan base. 
Don’t Upset or Embarrass Your Readers for Having an Opinion
When posts like this exist on a book blogger’s site – any book blogger mind you, I’m not just calling out Cuddlebuggery – it’s a little disheartening to imagine that an author would ever harass a reader after asking for an honest review.  So first and foremost, don’t harass your readers. It does not look good for you and could very easily affect the way other potential readers see you and your work.
Do Add Fun and Interactive Content to Your Pages
Readers love to see that you’re genuinely passionate about your writing and outside interests so if you love hiking and the outdoors, don’t be afraid to post pictures of yourself on a hike or some images from your favorite place to write/think. If you’re a foodie and love trying new places to eat, post about it! Check in through your author page to great restaurants or give a nice review of your favorite order and post a picture.  You could ask if anyone knows a similar recipe or if they’ve ever been there.
Fans can communicate directly with you and they love being able to interact with someone who they feel has a genuine interest in their thoughts and ideas outside of how it pertains to your book.  This allows your readers to connect with you on a personal level and could very well generate more talk about your books, recommendations, and general internet chatter.
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A Prime Example
J.K. Rowling is quite possibly the queen of positive fan interactions.  She Tweets back to her fans, directly replies to their comments, and makes constant references/posts about the books that we all know and love – their world, characters, where are they now, etc.  Her most notable reference to the acclaimed Harry Potter series came on the night of the series’ final movie premiere when she uttered the now famous “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” This quote is talked about, reposted, referenced, and/or known by millions of fans all around the world.  Why? Because they love her. They love this author who has always interacted with the fans, understood them, and connected with them through mutual experiences and interests.
So in conclusion, don’t be a Debbie Downer, be a J.K. Rowling!
 J.K. Rowling