Murder on Baringo Island by A.H Richardson

murder on baringo islandA.H. Richardson announced today the release of Murder on Baringo Island, the fourth book in the Hazlitt-Brandon series of murder mystery novels.
The Hazlitt-Brandon Murder Mystery Series follows a pair of clever, colorful and charismatic sleuths – Sir Victor Hazlitt and Beresford Brandon – as they scratch their heads searching for clues to figure out whodunit.
In Murder on Baringo Island, Beresford Brandon and Sir Victor Hazlitt — joined by Lady Augusta Armstrong — head for a vacation at an artist friend’s luxurious home on Baringo Island in the Caribbean, arriving to find they are not in tropical paradise, but in the midst of a murder… wait… make that two murders. After the death of a lonely and very ordinary woman, a policeman is thrown from a high cliff. Are they connected, and if so, how? While the adventuring trio investigates an intriguing variety of suspects, they discover dark secrets buried in a sinister past, as they slowly bring them to the surface and cleverly discover the ruthless killer.
About the Author:
A.H. Richardson is an outstanding storyteller, whose unlimited imagination conjures up challenging and unforgettable characters, both good and evil, weaving them into a murder mystery full of suspects and unexpected twists and turns. Born in England (yes, she grew up on Agatha Christie stories), the author has always loved tales of murder and mayhem. Her Hazlitt-Brandon series also includes Murder in Little Shendon (Book 1), Act One, Scene One – Murder (Book 2), and The Murder at Serenity Farm (Book 3).
She is the daughter of the famous composer, Clive Richardson, who always encouraged her to write, even as a small child. She paints and sculpts, plays guitar, trained dressage competitors, is a linguist, and acted on stage, film and television. She is the proud mother of three grown sons and grandmother to three adorable grandchildren. Her adopted home is in Tennessee near the picturesque Smoky Mountains, where she writes, gardens, cooks for visiting students, and supports an Earth-saving community.
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