Marketing Your New Book Online: 3 Things You Need to Know

open bookCompleting a manuscript is a huge accomplishment. Publishing your story is even more incredible. Whether this is your first book or your fiftieth, chances are that understand exactly how vital marketing is to a book’s success. Many publishers will assist you in your marketing endeavors; however, a book’s marketing plan ultimately rests in the hands of the author.
Marketing is one of the most important factors in a successful book launch. Before your book even hits store shelves, there are a few things you need to know about marketing your book on the Internet.
Marketing takes time
Many new authors make the mistake of thinking that they can post a Facebook message about their book and become an instant bestselling author. If this were the case, every author would be a millionaire. Unfortunately, marketing takes time. Quality marketing takes even more time. When you decide to publish a book, start promoting it long before the book is even complete. Share your book cover or synopsis with your friends and relatives. Post your cover blurb on book message boards. Contact bloggers to talk about your book’s upcoming launch. There are many ways that you can start getting the word out about your book and none of them are quick. When you decide to publish your manuscript, make sure that you understand that marketing is a lengthy endeavor, but one that’s well worth the effort.
Loyal fans make all the difference
When you start to gain fans, you’ll find that their support makes a huge difference in your sales. Fans who add you on Facebook, tweet messages at you, talk about your books and leave reviews on retail websites all contribute to an author’s success. Make sure that you take the time to publicly thank your readers. Consider leaving grateful Facebook messages when someone contacts you through your social media sites. You could also share positive book reviews with your readers. If you have a mailing list, sending a free sample chapter or even a free book offers a great way to thank your readers for their support.
Don’t be stingy
One of the biggest mistakes that many authors make is thinking that all marketing should be free. While there are plenty of ways you can market your book inexpensively, understand that sometimes, you’ll have to spend money to promote your novel. One simple way that you can market your book online is to host a giveaway. This could be a giveaway of your book or it could be something else entirely. Many authors host a gift certificate giveaway in order to gain new Twitter followers or Facebook fans. Others host a book giveaway to spread the word about a specific story. While these giveaways can be a wonderful way to get your name out there, understand that you’ll be the one responsible for supplying the prize. In your marketing efforts, you should plan to give away a lot of free copies of your book, in giveaways and to book reviewers.
No matter how much time you have to market your book, make sure that you treat marketing as an important part of launching your book. If you understand the value of solid marketing, you’ll be more likely to have a wonderful book launch with the success you’ve been working for. If you don’t have the time to market your book yourself, you can hire a professional to handle all of the book promotion and marketing for you.