D.A. Karr’s Latest Novel ‘Link’ is a Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller

Link by D.A. KarrLink, by D.A. Karr, was published in December 2014 and is available for sale on Amazon. Genres: Science Fiction / Mystery / Thriller
In a future apocalyptic world where time enforcers fight outlaw raiders and corruption, technology becomes the new “human” and time fights its own war.
Link is suspenseful, intriguing, and action filled. Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler fans will enjoy reading this book.


Space Time, 2800, Earth
As the Earth shifts on its axis, mankind is caught in a war of survival and time. Imprisoned in this time war, Captain John Garrick and the N.S.T.E.A. Phoenix become a pawn between technology, humans, and what’s left of civilization.
No amount of careful planning can prepare the time jumpers for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move.
As the N.S.T.E.A seals a deal to deliver time technology to the notorious outlaw, Menser, Garrick plots to undermine the N.S.T.E.A.
Technology becomes the enemy and time an illusion as Phoenix’s crew prepares for the inevitable – a fight to the finish. Garrick doesn’t live by the rules, and he knows one thing is for sure: kill or be killed.
Tick, tick, tick… Timeliners never die… They never leave.


Excerpt from Link:
Suddenly an ear-piercing boom was heard across the desert as the Phoenix broke the sound barrier. The golden warship pitched then dived hard to the left, circling, slowing its descent. It was pre-dawn in Mediteranea, only to be dimmed by eerie reddish-orange clouds of dust.
The Naimen territory of Mediteranea, once a thriving sea town, was barely visible through the red dust. The Mediterranean Sea disappeared when the meteor hit leaving nothing but desert turned to dust, inhabitable only to criminals and drifters.
The Phoenix lowered its thrusters slowing the massive ship, as it sunk its struts in the desert sand. The ship shuddered slightly as her hull settled into the gravitational pull of the desert. Hidden by a vast craggy outcropping, blending into the landscape, Phoenix glowed red against the rock walls like a Chameleon letting the heat dissipate into the hot desert air.
“Status,” Becker demanded across the bridge deck.
Mr. Dessa replied, “Hull integrity is holding, sir! We’re down!”
Becker looked out the shielded windows at nothing but red dust, “Lieutenant Chiang! How bad is this dust?”
Lieutenant Chiang reported, “Zero visibility, sir.”
Garrick got out of his seat as Farber, Gillie, and Wexler joined him on the Command Center, “Not good at all. Maybe to our favor. Phoenix is hidden behind these rocks, then maybe we can get in and out of this hell hole unnoticed.”
Becker advised Garrick, “We can’t stay on the ground for more than four hours in this dust, before the engines choke.”
Garrick didn’t divulge his real plan, but he never went by the rules either, “I agree. If we’re lucky, this won’t take long.” Garrick’s only concern right now was Phoenix, and getting rid of Menser.
Becker ordered, “Suit up. You’ll need breathing gear.”
Garrick replied, “Good idea. Less chance of being recognized too.”
Becker responded, “Just take what you need. Small arms only.”
Garrick commanded, “Farber! Wexler! Gillie! Pack light in case we need to run. Farber! Bring a couple of Heshi’s. Hey! Wear something red and dusty!”
Gillie, Wexler, and Farber left the bridge to pick up their gear. Garrick turned to Becker, “What’s the distance to the city from here?”
Becker looked at the scan grids, “From this viewer, maybe one, maybe two klicks.”
Garrick looked out the shielded windows at the craggy wall hiding Phoenix, “Too close but at least we’re behind this rock.”
Suddenly, Becker grabbed Garrick’s arm unexpectedly however, for a different reason, “Garrick! I know what you’re feeling. There’s something wrong here. Really wrong. I’m giving you a direct order! Find Menser and take him out. Blow the Penteract. Understand?”
Garrick contemplated Becker expecting a different conversation, “My hair’s standing up on my neck. I’ve got a bad feeling myself.”
Becker seemed concerned, “One last thing. You’ll be out of communication with Phoenix. So you’re on your own.”
Garrick answered knowing he had his secret weapon in his pocket, “I’ve got A.L.I.S.”
Just then, Gillie, Wexler, and Farber came back dressed in desert gear with breathing masks. They had an extra robe for Garrick. Gillie handed the breathing mask to him, “Here Cap.”
Garrick put his robe on and hung the mask around his neck, “Stay away from the Dragars. They can smell humans a mile away. They’re dangerous.”
Farber replied meekly, “I just wished your blue genie is following behind us.”
Garrick pointed towards Mediteranea, “She’ll be close enough. City is that way. Find Menser and the Penteract. Get it?”
Gillie, Wexler, and Farber yelled, “HOORAH!”
Garrick barked, “A.L.I.S.! Command!”
A.L.I.S. materialized in her blue haze, “Guardian waiting!”
Garrick ordered, “Link!” Then A.L.I.S. disappeared waiting for his command.


About the Author:
D.A. Karr has been writing books and screenplays for the last ten years. Her experience and employment includes firefighting in the U.S. Forest Service, law enforcement, IT engineering, and several years with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego (SSC San Diego). She has a Master’s in software engineering.
D.A. Karr enjoys writing in a variety of genres including sci-fi, thriller-mystery, historical fiction, and screenplays. She is the author of several books including Link, The Legend of Pendyne, and The Racehorse with Magic Shoes.
To learn more, go to http://www.racehorsewithmagicshoes.com/. Connect with D.A. Karr on Twitter.