Katerina Canyon in Conversation with Lisbeth Coiman (Online Event) at Book Passage

Book Passage (https://www.bookpassage.com) will be hosting a virtual event featuring Award-Winning Poet and Best Selling Author Katerina Canyon in conversation with Lisbeth Coiman on February 20th, 2022 at 4PM PST.

Katerina Canyon is an Award-Winning Poet, Best Selling Author, civil rights activist, and essayist. She is a writer who has overcome some serious obstacles and trauma. Her book Surviving Home which was released on November 9, 2021, is a collection of poems that serve as a memoir of the trauma she experienced and overcame.

Concisely arresting and challenging the beliefs of family and the fantasies of tradition, the poems in Surviving Home show that home is a place that you endure rather than a place where you are nurtured. With unyielding cadence and unparalleled sadness and warmth, Katerina Canyon contemplates the prejudice and limitations buried in a person’s African American heritage: parents that seem to care for you with one hand and slap you with the other, the secret desires to be released from the daily burdens of life, as well as the surprising ways a child chooses to amuse herself. Finding resilience in the unexpected, this collection tears down the delicate facades of family.

Lisbeth Coiman is a bilingual writer, educator, cultural commentator, and rezandera from Venezuela. She is the author of Uprising / Alzamiento, Finishing Line Press, June 2021.

“Weaving history, current events, and personal narrative, Lisbeth Coiman takes us on a vivid exploration of what it means to rise up, as a Venezuelan both within the country and from afar, as an immigrant in new lands, and as a woman in patriarchal societies. Longing and loss mix with resolve and resilience as Coiman teaches us that uprisings are never simple or painless, but that they can be beautiful and are almost always necessary on the path towards a more just world. Uprisings / Alzamiento is that “despertador en tu mesa de noche // Una campana en tus oídos” (“clock on your beside table // ringing in your ears”) we all need right now, waking us up to the urgent need to take action in the face of injustice even when-especially when-we are afraid of what might come next.” -Li Yun Alvarado, author of Words or Water

This event will be broadcast live and does not require registration to attend. To learn more, go to https://www.bookpassage.com

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