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Interview with Jonesy Taylor, the Author of The Unexpected Victim

Tell us about yourself.
I have always enjoyed reading a good book, falling into a world other than the one that had become a boring normal. When my eyes started to get bad I didn’t have money to get glasses, reading provoked migraines so slowly one of my most favorite things to do became a memory. I would go off on journeys in my mind to escape the insufferable pain that is my everyday life. Living with chronic pain conditions limits the ability to do much of anything. I decided to start putting my imagination to use and wrote my first novel, The Unexpected Victim. I am hoping to reach readers world wide who love an adult thriller as much as I always have.
What is The Unexpected Victim about?
Here’s the synopsis –
Cassie would not allow her rapist to make her a victim and mother nature agreed; after being violently raped and beaten and struck by lightning, Cassie gained a unique power that allowed her to take back her dignity and the dignity of all her victims’ victims. In a twist of fate she falls in love with the lead Detective who is investigating her crimes. This Adult thriller will captivate you from the start and keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through.
What inspired you to write The Unexpected Victim?
I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, so I sat down and wrote about twenty pages and had my husband and my brother in law read it. They both told me I HAD to keep writing because it would be a book unlike any other out there.
What types of readers will enjoy it?
18 and older as there is adult sexual content and language. If you love a good thriller/mystery and are don’t mind a little erotica you will definitely enjoy this book!
Can you share an excerpt from the book with us?
The streets were darker than normal, not a single light to guide her way. The moon was hardly a sliver, hidden behind black clouds of a storm that promised to be violently beautiful.
Cassie feels something in the air… her heart begins to race, not out of fear… out of lust. Things tighten down low and she becomes moist with desire. Every shaky step she takes is an act; intentional, making her demeanor appear as that of a frightened young girl.
Tonight’s victim will be the third this week; the last one was a weak disappointment, a rich boy with a small dick and even less fight. His hand was soft on her lips when he covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream.
She played along hoping he would have more force when he got her under the bridge; she didn’t struggle hard, knowing he would lose his grip and she would have to pretend to run. He was doing it all wrong; like a virgin, just wanting it over with.
Where is it available for sale?
The Unexpected Victim is available for sale on Amazon.
Where can readers connect with you?
On Goodreads and Facebook.