How To Start Writing A Novel

writingThere are many amateur writers who would love to write a novel. Not all of them know where to get started. This is a basic blueprint for first-time novelists to learn how to approach writing a novel.
Writing a novel is every writer’s dream. Not everyone with this dream knows how to take on the gigantic task of writing 40,000 to 120,000 words or more with one legendary story. Here is a simple blueprint to writing a novel for those who want the chance to make their writing dreams come true.
Start With A Title: The most important step in writing a novel is coming up with something that people will want to read. Without a clever title that stands out among the crowd of books available, then there is no point in writing a novel at all. Come up with the main idea for the novel with a catchy title and go from there.
The Beginning And The Ending: Every story has to have a purpose. Before proceeding any further, decide why the story is happening and where the story will end. Making this decision will help the main character to develop throughout the novel. Choose a problem for the main character to deal with in the beginning and a goal to work toward for the end.
Choose Chapter Names: The best way to stay on course throughout a novel is to prepare a series of events for the characters to experience along their journey. Having the basic ideas set in place before giving the details will keep a nice pace, and will help avoid rabbit trails.
Develop Main Characters: Before writing the story, it is important to know a few basics about the main characters. This will ensure that they act consistently throughout the novel. Making a profile for each main character will keep the novelist on the right path.
Just Start Writing: The hardest part for any first time novelist is believing in their abilities. The best thing any writer can do to get started as a novelist is to just start writing. If a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, then the journey of writing a novel begins with one word.
Use these steps and start writing a novel today.