Five Great Gift Ideas for the Reader on Your Christmas List

Christmas presentsIf you have an avid reader on your Christmas list, you’re in luck! Readers are an easy group to buy for, and there are so many different gift options available in many price ranges. Here are few of our favorite gift ideas for book lovers this holiday season:
A book off their wish list
Most bookworms are picky in what they like to read. Books can be very personal – if you’re not sure of your reader’s tastes, simply buying something off the bestseller list may backfire. Try asking them for a few titles on their ‘to-read’ list, or check if they have a Goodreads profile or an Amazon wish list. They will be happy that you are taking an interest in their specific tastes. If you do pick a book not on their list, make sure you get a gift receipt just in case- that way, if they’ve already read it, they can easily return it.
A gift card
Gift cards have a bad reputation for being an ‘easy’ or ‘lazy’ gift. But to a reader, getting a gift card to a book store is the perfect gift. Books are not cheap, so having a gift card is guilt free money to spend feeding their addiction. Plus most readers prefer to pick out their next book to read themselves.
Bookmarks or Bookends
Bookmarks make a great addition to any gift. They are inexpensive and come in all different designs. You can easily slip it into the new book you just bought them for Christmas or you could tie it onto the bow or wrapping of their gift.
Similarly, Bookends make for a creative, unique, and affordable gift. There are so many different types of bookends, all different styles. Pick a set that reminds you of your book lover.
Something to sip on
Settling into a comfortable armchair with a book and their favorite beverage is most reader’s idea of heaven, so pick up a package of their favorite coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or maybe even a bottle of red wine. If you’re unsure of their specific tastes, try browsing in a specialty coffee or tea shop, or take the safe route and get them a gift card to their local coffee shop.  You’re sure to please with a sample of different beverages for your reader to choose from and enjoy. Pick up a new mug too for a gift that’s both thoughtful and practical.
Something to aid in relaxation
Reading time is the ultimate relaxation time, and nothing says relaxation like the atmosphere a few burning candles or incense provides. To make their reading time more comfortable, you could also get them a cozy throw blanket or perhaps some comfy socks. Bath salts or a facial mask to do while they read their new book would also make for a perfect gift.
Ultimately, readers are very easy to please. The bookworm on your holiday list is sure to appreciate books, book accessories, or anything to aid in relaxation. They might even like a book bag, pillow, or framed art.  For an extra-special gift, try combining any of the above ideas to create the perfect “care package” for an avid reader. Happy shopping!