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Last Flamingo (Lou Malloy Crime Series) by J. Frank James

Last Flamingo book coverLast Flamingo, by J. Frank James, is an action packed crime thriller. It is the sixth book in the Lou Malloy Crime Series. Published in April 2015, Last Flamingo is available for sale on Amazon.


On an isolated island in the Bahamas following a bad hurricane, Hilary Kelly and Lou Malloy have to find a way back to their home in the states. However, their minder at Home Land Security, Max Reynolds, has other ideas. He wants them to find an ancient device known as Stargate.
In the process of locating Stargate, Hilary gets kidnapped by a mad man named Sin-Jin Hawk from the Fifth Dimension who is also looking for the Stargate. He wants it so that he can return to China, overthrow the government and change the course of history. To make matters worse, Hawk has taken a dangerous device, a nuclear bomb. Max wants Lou and his team to take a ride back in time to the year 1421 to secure the dangerous explosives, and return with an oracle known as the Golden Flamingo who has been held as a captive so that Sin-Jin Hawk can win favor with the Emperor of China.
In Last Flamingo, Lou and Hilary have to locate the Stargate device, figure out how to use it, travel back in time, and stop Sin-Jin Hawk.


Chapter 1:
The last place I ever figured to be stranded on was an island. Maybe a bus station, train station or even a boat on the ocean, but never an island. All I had with me was my Tanto knife and Glock-19. Somewhere along the way I lost the .22 and the Mac-10.
When the storm hit—fortunately for most of my crew— the Take Away was well sheltered in the concrete bunker, but that didn’t do much for me.
Luckily, I had insisted that Hilary ride back with Max in the troop helicopter, and I had planned on going back to Bonefish Cay in Mildred with Crusher and the rest of the team. Where Crusher was I could only guess. My hope was that he, Sergi, and Knight made it to Mildred.
The storm had been on us quicker than any of us expected. When it hit, all I could do was to strap myself to a coconut tree after climbing up above what I hoped would be the level of the surge. The storm had to be packing winds of better than a hundred and fifty miles per hour. I was halfway from the large house in the middle of Shell Island and I could hear the storm coming. It sounded like a freight train at night as it highballed toward me. Afterwards, I felt like a fighter who had just gone fifteen rounds with Joe Lewis and still had another fifteen to go.
Somehow I had managed to get the rope I carried wrapped around me and tied tight. How I made it through the night I would never know. Right now, I had to try and find some way to get back to Bonefish Cay.
To make matters worse, once the explosion went off during the storm, the mansion started to slide into the lagoon that had once been a bauxite pit. When it started to go, the eye of the storm passed overhead, giving me an opportunity to make a break for the cave that we used to access the island earlier.
When I reached the cave, I was surprised to find Mildred parked there like a sedan parked at a shopping mall. As I approached her, I saw what I thought was movement inside, but that was impossible. Upon reaching the hatch to climb inside, I received the shock of my life.
“What took you so long?”
When I looked up, I was staring into the face of the one person who made my life worth living.
“Oh, God. Hilary, my Hilary.”
I couldn’t contain my joy. Grabbing her, I hugged her and kissed her in a way I had never done before. After a few minutes we separated and Hilary said, “We definitely have to spend more time in hurricanes.”
“God, Hilary. How did you manage to remain here? I saw you climb into that troop carrier with the rest of Max’s team.”
“Yes, well, what you didn’t see was me climbing out of it. Crusher, Sergi, Nick, Knight, Magic, and your dad barely made it. Matrix was at the controls of the helicopter. When everyone climbed in, it overloaded the helicopter and they needed to lighten the load by a hundred pounds. So, I voted me off. Besides, I wasn’t leaving you here with all this shit and you without a shovel.”
Looking at Hilary, I loved her more than ever. She gave a whole new meaning to loyalty.
“Tell you what, Babe; if and when we get back to Turtle Point, and you still want the kid, then we’ll do it.”
“That’s dangerous talk, Mr. Malloy, but I just may hold you to that.”


J. Frank JamesAbout the Author:
J. Frank James is the author of crime thriller novels. His books are gripping and suspenseful.
Jim’s novels have the elements necessary of good crime novels that keep readers glued to the pages from start to finish. Although Jim’s crime novels are fiction works, they are exciting to read because of their authentic nature. They are written with the backing of Jim’s experience in law, so they are believable situations that have the readers wanting to find out what happens next just like they would in any crime situation.
They offer the readers just enough information to keep them guessing and trying to solve the crimes until the end of the books when they are actually revealed. Jim’s books are also fresh and unique takes on crime as well, though. They are not the same whodunit type books that have been done over and over again. By infusing his personal travels into his books, Jim creates characters and atmospheres based on just enough truth to be relatable.
Plus, Jim’s books have everything in them from robbery to prison to family. They have hard and soft elements simultaneously to really capture the life of a hardened criminal who is still very human and struggles with the same human emotions as the rest of society. At the same time, Jim gives the reader perspectives from private investigators to balance out the story.
Jim’s books even have a hit of romance when his characters come to care for each other as more than just friends. Then, crime and love mixes to create a dynamic atmosphere that is even more complicated than ever before since characters care not only for each other but for their other family members as well. Jim has an amazing way of incorporating various elements into his latest crime novels to create thrillers that readers cannot get enough of, which is perhaps why all four of his books so far carry on one from the other to continue the same story concerning the hardened criminal who did 15 years in prison, Lou Malloy and who comes to be his partner, private investigator, Hilary Kelly. The two of them go it together to create gripping stories that keep readers coming back for more.
Jim is an artist and creates all of his own book covers.
To learn more, go to http://www.jfrankjamesbooks.com/
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