ALL. We have successfully promoted a variety of genres (both fiction and non-fiction) including but not limited to – children’s, middle grade, young adult, new adult, mystery, suspense, crime, thrillers, romance, erotica, science fiction and fantasy, historical, business, religious, self-help, inspirational, parenting, health + wellness, memoirs, cookbooks, diet + nutrition, personal finance, and more.

We offer a wide range of services, but the main focus of our PR campaigns is typically on generating book reviews and media coverage for your book. Other services include: creating your press kit, writing press releases, building your online presence, increasing your Amazon and Goodreads reviews, increasing your Amazon ranking and sales, coordinating interviews, giveaways, guest articles, book signings, speaking engagements, placements with social media influencers, and more. The services we provide will depend on your specific book and target audience.

Media Kit and Press Release Writing: At Book Publicity Services, we can create a media kit for you, if you don’t already have one, and write press releases for you. A media kit includes all the information a media outlet would need to know about your book (the synopsis, your author bio, potential interview questions). Here is an example of a media kit we created: SAMPLE MEDIA KIT CREATED BY BOOK PUBLICITY SERVICES. We can create a similar media kit for you.

Book Reviews: Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of relationships with book reviewers around the world. We will pitch you to the reviewers that would be the best fit to read your book. Our goal is to secure as many reviews as possible for your book on Amazon, Goodreads, through the media, on social media, and through other channels.

Media Outreach: We will pitch you to print (newspapers & magazines), broadcast (TV & radio), and online (websites, blogs, podcasts) media outlets. We have an extensive database with thousands of contacts, from reporters to bloggers, in a broad range of subject areas, including: art, entertainment, business, finance, education, fashion, beauty, food, politics, health, real estate, religion, sexuality, self-help, family, science, sports, technology, travel, and more. From small blogs to the most powerful news outlets like USA Today, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN, we have relationships at all facets of outlets. We will pitch you to the outlets that would be the best fit to reach your target audience. We will handle coordinating interviews for you, book reviews, feature articles, and other types of placements to promote your book.

Social Media: We will promote your book on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We can also manage your social networking accounts for you. This will involve regularly updating content, posting press placements, and interacting with reviewers, media contacts, and potential readers. Although, we recommend that clients manage their own social media accounts, as it is more authentic and the best way to build a genuine following.

Influencer Marketing: PR has changed drastically over the years. It’s all about social media now and the world of social media influencers is huge. We can place your book directly in the hands of influencers to promote your book and reach your direct target audience. There is an endless world of social media influencers that we can collaborate with that could have a big impact on your book and sales. We will research and pitch you to the social media influencers that would be the best fit to reach your target audience. We will offer to send them a complimentary copy of your book to read and share with their followers. There are lots of different options for collaborating with influencers. We can coordinate giveaways, interviews, book reviews, Instagram features, and more.

Speaking Engagements + Book Signings: We can pitch you to your local bookstores, libraries, book clubs and other types of organizations for potential speaking engagements and book signings. We can also research and pitch you to conferences and events for speaking engagements.

If there is a service we offer that you don’t want or need, that’s fine. We can focus more of our time and energy on the other services included with your PR campaign. For example, if you don’t need social media promotion or don’t want to do speaking engagements, then we will spend more of our time pitching you to media outlets and book reviewers.

A standard PR campaign lasts a minimum of 3 months. This allows enough time for us to pitch all appropriate contacts, send out review copies, and follow up. However, many of our clients choose to continue their PR campaign in order to capitalize on the momentum. You can continue your PR campaign for as long as you’d like, and you can cancel at any time.

The amount of press placements and/or book reviews each of our clients gets varies. There are many factors that affect media coverage results – newsworthiness, the size of the target market, the length of the PR campaign, the amount of time and effort the client is willing to put into answering media questions or doing interviews, the amount of media contacts pitched, the quality of writing, the book cover design, and more.

With reviews, our goal is to get your book in the hands of as many reviewers as possible. It can take any where from 1-6 months for a reviewer to read your book and publish their review. However, there is no guarantee that every reviewer will publish a review. Most reviewers will not publish a review if they did not enjoy the book, they tend to prefer to only publish positive reviews.

In publicity, there are no media coverage or book sales guarantees. However, we can guarantee that a public relations campaign with Book Publicity Services will help get the word out about your book, increase your reviews, and build up your online presence.

It’s up to you! Most of our clients prefer to mail their books out themselves. But if you would like us to mail your books out for you, we can. We mail books out via Media Mail and will invoice you for shipping costs and incidentals.

When you mail your book to reviewers, you can either mail it by itself, or include any (or all) of the following:
– a thank you note
– your business card
– a signed copy
– your press release (which we will write for you)
– a cover letter (which we can provide for you)

If your book is already released, we recommend starting your PR campaign as soon as possible.

If you have not released your book yet, we recommend starting your PR campaign at least 1 month before your release date. However, the more lead time we have, the better. We can start your PR campaign as far as 1 year in advance of the release date.

Fill out our Contact form and we will put together a customized PR campaign proposal for you.

It’s hard to say. Each book is different and there are so many variables that go into it (from the book cover, to the quality of writing, newsworthiness, how large your target market is, the cost of your book, the publication date, and more). But one thing is certain – the more reviews you have, the more sales you’ll see – which is why the focus of our PR campaign tends to be on book reviews. It takes time, but as your reviews increase, so will your sales.

Yes, we can create a media kit for you, if you don’t already have one. A media kit includes all the information a media outlet would need to know about your book (the synopsis, your author bio, potential interview questions). Here is an example of a media kit we created:


We can create a similar media kit for you.