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Estelle’s Winning Spirit: The Storybook Illustrated Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

Estelle's Winning Spirit: The Storybook Illustrated Guide to Type 1 DiabetesTell us about your new book: 
Estelle’s Winning Spirit: The Storybook Illustrated Guide to Type 1 Diabetes is part of the Storybook Illustrated Guides, which main goal is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters, who are just like you/your child, that discover why they are different and learn that they can overcome and lead normal lives. Each book is fundamentally divided into three sections:
1) Created for parents and caregivers, practical and useful tips to help recognize symptoms of conditions covered in each book.
2) The stories themselves, illustrated to capture children’s interest while educating them about various illnesses.
3) A list of online resources where adults can go and learn more about conditions
Estelle has an active and joyful spirit—a winning spirit. While she is playing soccer, she begins to feel dizzy, but she remains positive by thinking “this day is going to be bright as the sun!” However, the dizziness worsens, and Estelle has to be whisked away to the Emergency Room. She is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and although she does not understand at first, she comes to comprehend her condition and how to take care of herself. She’s firm and positive that she’ll live as brightly as before—bright as the sun!
What inspired you to write Estelle’s Winning Spirit: The Storybook Illustrated Guide to Type 1 Diabetes?
I’ve always wanted to take complex medical conditions and turn them into fun stories. I believe that stories can educational tools and that the knowledge they deliver can bring a healthier and happier life to every person.
Give us an interesting fun fact about your book:
Estelle, as any other child, is not a big fan of shots.
What types of readers will enjoy this book?
Children from 6-13 years. Also, the parents and caregivers of those children.
Where can we buy it?
Estelle’s Winning Spirit: The Storybook Illustrated Guide to Type 1 Diabetes is available for sale on Amazon in eBook and paperback.
Please share an excerpt from the book with us:
Chapter 1: The Big Game
Thursday, July 5th, 2012 began like any other day for the Reynolds family. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds had taken some time out of their busy schedules to go to their daughter’s soccer game. Estelle played on her school soccer team and today was a very big game against the rival team. Everybody who was anybody would be there.
Estelle was the goalie on the team, and she took her position of guarding the goal very seriously. She felt that her role of keeping the ball from going past her, allowing the other team to score, was just as important as the other positions on the field.
As she hopped into her friend’s car to travel to the game early, she was excited that her parents would be coming a bit later. They told her they would be there before the game even started, and she smiled. This was going to be a great day in Estelle’s life, and one she would remember forever. They were going to win this game, no matter what! She could feel butterflies in her stomach, as her nerves kicked in the closer it got to game time.
Her team, the Kalona Tigers, would be facing up against a team from a school across town, the Carson Bears. When the excited 11 year old saw her parents had arrived on time, it gave her strength. They would get to see what a great job she did playing as the goalkeeper on her team. Surely, she would make them proud.
As she later walked on to the soccer field, Estelle thought she heard her parents shouting in support of her over all of the other cheers coming from the bleachers. Satisfied with her parents’ presence, she led her teammates on to the field as the crowd cheered and waved.
As she arrived at her position in front of the defending goal posts, she dug her cleats into the mud.
Her nervousness and the butterflies in her stomach turned into serious courage and determination as she glared down the field at the team she was protecting.
Momentarily, after a coin toss had decided that the Kalona Tigers are to start the playoffs, the game began.
Estelle felt a slight dizziness during the start of the game, but she brushed it off, confident that her day was going to be as bright as the sunlight that was beaming down upon the soccer field.


Author Brian Wu About the Author:
Brian Wu a 7th year MD/PhD, is on track to finishing his PhD in 2014 and has a goal to becoming a Sports Medicine Physician with a focus on holistic care and treatment.
The idea for writing the Storybook Illustrated Guides first occurred to Brian as a fifth grader, when he wrote a story “Wacky Olympics and Body Wars”, which is a personification of the immune system and how our bodies fight disease. Since then, the idea has matured over the years and the result is nothing short of astonishing. Brian has created a revolutionary series of books that raises the bar where children’s health education is concerned. There’s nothing else like the SIGuides on the market today.
Brian believes children should understand medical conditions they acquire, so that they can take good care of themselves and lead full lives. He has a way of writing about complex medical topics at a level that children comprehend. Brian understands the value of empowering children with diseases, enabling them to play an active role in their own treatment and recovery process.
Brian values the ability for all ages to learn from the power of stories. He has the passion to share his love of science and medicine through these stories with the world. The power of storytelling stems from the fact that stories can teach without overbearing. Learning comes naturally when engaging both logical and creative sides of the brain. The facts surrounding each disease appeal to the logical side, making the story engaging and the learning fun. Brian knows that if he can help even a single person then the project will be well worth it. Brian’s interests include writing and entrepreneurship. He is married and loves his wife dearly.
Connect with Brian on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. To learn more, go to http://www.brianwwu.com