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ENSLAVED: A Sex Trafficking Story by Brittany Nicole Allen

ENSLAVED is a sex trafficking story by Brittany Nicole Allen. Warning – this book contains strong sexual violence and situations.
Bex’s younger sister Hadley disappeared three years ago when she was only 15. Bex has been searching for her ever since.
Hadley is being held by a ruthless sex trafficker called Spider. Spider is known to be violent and brutal against his girls.
Bex will do whatever is necessary to save her sister, even if it means facing her sister’s world and the extent of Spider’s brutality.
What inspired you to write ENSLAVED?
I wanted to write this book to help spread sex trafficking awareness. Many young woman, and children, and even men are sold into slavery everyday and they may never find an escape unless we spread awareness and do something. I wanted to write a story of survival. The characters in my story never give up fighting for their survival while searching for a way out. It’s important that we give these people a voice.
Can you share an excerpt from the book with us?
Bex doesn’t know what to do. Ambrose tries to turn the doorknob realizing it’s locked.
“Let us in Bex. We know you’re here.” Ambrose says.
“Open up.” Jason says.
Bex goes to retrieve her cell phone trying not to make any noise. She texts Alex about the situation. He tells her to hide and not open the door but she is afraid of what may happen to Hadley.
“Bex. Open the door… or Hadley will get hurt.” She hears Ambrose say.
Bex still has her blade in her hand.
“If you don’t open the door in 10 seconds, I’m going to make a call and Hadley will get hurt… very badly.” Ambrose tells her.
“We can hear you, Bex. Just open the door. Let us in.” Jason says.
Ambrose starts counting down. Bex panics. He makes it to 3 before Bex unlocks the door and opens it. They both quickly barge in, Ambrose shoving Bex against the wall with a knife to her neck. Jason slams the door shut.
“Drop the knife.” Ambrose tells her.
She drops it on the floor.
“Good girl.” He says.
“What do you want?” She asks.
“I think you already know the answer to that question.”
“You have a guest?” Jason asks noticing some of Alex’s things.
“Not at the moment.” She answers.
“How long before your guest returns?” Ambrose asks.
“Soon.” Bex says. She knows that they will recognize Alex if he returns. It could put Hadley in danger.
“I guess we’ll have to hurry up then, huh?” Ambrose tells her.
“You think I’m just going to walk out the door with you?”
“You will if you don’t want your sister to get hurt.”
“How do I even know she’s okay now?”
“I just showed you a picture of her.”
“That doesn’t mean anything.”
Ambrose sighs. “Okay.”
“Get Hadley on the phone.” Ambrose says to Jason.
Jason dials a number from his cell.
“Put the girl on the phone.” Jason says before putting it on speaker. He holds it up for Bex to listen.
“Hadley?” Bex says.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m okay Bex.”
Bex is still unsure. She asks a question only Hadley would know.
“Hadley what’s the name of the song mom used to sing to us when we were little?”
“Take Me Home.” She replies.
“See ya soon.” She is relieved.
Jason takes the phone away and hangs up.
“Satisfied?” Ambrose asks.
“How the hell did you find me?” She wonders.
“Your name isn’t very common.”
“I guess not.”
“We need to hurry.” Jason tells Ambrose.
“What exactly is your plan?” Bex asks annoyed.
“You are going to walk right out that door willingly with the two of us… and you’re not gonna fight or make a sound… because if you do… Hadley will pay the price.” Ambrose threatens.
“She better stay unharmed.”
“That is up to you. Do we have an understanding?”
Bex hesitantly answers. “Yes.”
Ambrose grins at her reply. “We’ll work on that.”
Bex doesn’t know what he means. Ambrose removes the knife from her neck.
“Get some shoes on.” He demands.
He stands closely behind her as she slips on a pair of shoes.
“Where’s your phone?” He asks.
Bex points to her phone on the kitchen counter.
“Good it can stay there. You won’t be needing that.” He tells her.
“Great.” Bex says rolling her eyes.
“If you attract any unwanted attention, Hadley will pay the price.”
“I got it.” Bex tells him.
“You better hope you do. For your sister’s sake.” Ambrose says more as a warning.
Bex turns around to look at him.
“I’m not going to cause any trouble. I just want to see my sister.”
“That’s good to hear. Let’s go.” Ambrose tells her.
“Where to?” She asks.
“Just keep your mouth shut, sweetheart. We know where we’re going.”
Ambrose wraps his arm around Bex’s neck forcing her to walk with him. Jason follows closely behind. They walk down the hall getting into the elevator. The elevator stops on the next floor down and someone enters. The man smiles at them. Bex smiles back but doesn’t say anything. The elevator ride is quiet on the way down. They let the man exit first and get ahead before following behind.
Alex tries to text Bex’s phone, but she isn’t answering. He calls it a few times.
“Come on Bex. Answer me.” He says driving, trying to make his way back.
They walk outside into the parking lot over to a black escalade. Jason unlocks the doors from the car remote. Ambrose opens the backdoor to put Bex inside. Ambrose suddenly puts his hand over her mouth. Bex is startled and tries to fight. He sticks her in the neck with a syringe. “Shh.” He whispers.
Bex is rendered unconscious. They both slip her inside the back and take off.
Alex just misses them.
Bex slowly wakes up sometime later. She still feels a bit weak from the drug she was given. It takes her awhile to fully open her eyes. She looks around, realizing she is in a basement. She is chained up. A strand of white duct tape covers her mouth. She realizes her shorts have been removed, leaving only her tank top and underwear and her black ankle socks. She struggles with her restraints.
“Don’t bother.” Ambrose says from behind her while smoking a cigarette.
He texts Spider telling him that Bex has awakened.
Bex doesn’t know what to think. All she can do is wait. A few minutes later, she hears footsteps on the stairs. Jason, Zayne, and Tucker come down the stairs. Bex glares at them. Ambrose gets up from his chair and steps in front of Bex.
“Here he comes.” Ambrose says to Bex hearing the stairs creek.
Her breathing picks up as she sees Spider’s face. They immediately lock eyes. He makes his way over to her and grabs her by the neck.
“I’ve been waiting for you, baby.” He grins.
Bex has a look of anger in her eyes.
“You have your mother’s eyes when you do that.”
Bex is confused.
“I’ll remove the gag from your mouth, you can scream, it’s only us, but something tells me you’re not that kind of girl.” Spider says.
Bex nods her head. Spider slowly pulls the tape from her mouth.

ENSLAVED was published in February 2017 and is available for sale on Amazon. Readers can connect with the author on Facebook and Twitter.