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The Dark Tales of Antler Grove by Rand Inskip

The Dark Tales of Antler Grove by Rand InskipTell us about your new book:
The Dark Tales of Antler Grove is a set of four campfire tales about a small mountain community. With interlocking stories, characters cross paths on their dark journeys.
What genre is it?
Science Fiction / Fantasy
What inspired you to write The Dark Tales of Antler Grove?
While telling stories around many campfires in 2013, the stories developed over time. A friend suggested that I write them down. My first thought was “How do you make a 30-second story into a book?” As I began writing down the basic story line, the details filled themselves in. The scenes became clearer and the town came alive right at my very fingertips.
What types of readers will enjoy this book?
The Dark Tales of Antler Grove is an easy read and excellent for readers of all ages, from youngsters to seasoned readers.
Please share an excerpt from the book with us:
From the story ‘The Library’ from The Dark Tales of Antler Grove
After a few hours, the pile of returned books becomes smaller. Taking pride in his work, Phillip begins to sort through some of the books so that he may return a few of them at a time rather than one by one.
He picks up another book. “Let’s see now, ‘The Paper Mage.’ Hmmm.” He opens the book to find out what type of book he has found only to discover that the text is more like hieroglyphics rather than words. “Think I need some help on this one.” He takes the book to Mr. Wallace.
“I’m not sure what to file this under,” admits Phillip.
“Let me see.” Mr. Wallace takes the book. “Ah yes, ‘The Paper Mage.’ A story of discipline, respect, and courtesy.” Phillip’s eyes grow large as he remembers what Mr. Foster told him in his office earlier that morning. “This is a New Age book. You’ll find ‘New Age’ on your map.” He hands the book back to Phillip and continues working.
“What do those symbols mean?” asks Phillip.
“It’s an ancient text,” he responds, purposely ignoring him a little.
“But what does it mean? What’s it about?”
Mr. Wallace sits up in his chair. “I can’t tell you about every book you bring to me. Otherwise, I would get none of my work done. Once we’re finished with our work today, ask me again and I’ll tell you the story.” Mr. Wallace smiles at Phillip, who smiles back with excitement in his eyes.
He finds the ‘New Age’ section on his map and returns the book. As he places the book on the shelf, he begins reading titles from other books. ‘Fire And Water Do Mix.’ ‘Candle Bright, Light The Night.’ ‘Forest Spirit Communication.’ And … wait. Phillip stops and gasps. As he was just about to read the next title, the book simply disappears into thin air.


The Dark Tales of Antler Grove, by Rand Inskip, is available for sale on Amazon in eBook and paperback.