Controversial Book Slammed in South America

Dark Sun, Bright Moon by Oliver SparrowOctober 29, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) – Oliver Sparrow used his considerable knowledge of events and beliefs in the Peruvian Andes of a thousand years to shape the remarkable and exciting new novel, Dark Sun, Bright Moon. Readers in South America are slamming Dark Sun, Bright Moon because the book explores ancient practices, customs and beliefs that many believe should remain hidden in the past.
What people are saying about this controversial book:
You bring to life these ancient practices, customs and beliefs which, even if they had been the reality of a former time, now have been set to one side… Please, do not publish any more of these types of novel. It is not a good idea to revive possibly-dangerous religious ideas and beliefs that have been successfully eradicated.
I am a preacher in the Mormon faith, and I live in Puno, Peru where we are working with the local people for many years… I have read your novel, and it does not seem good to me that you are attempting to awaken these ancient customs, most of which have been forgotten and which you, one way or another, are waking them up. If this material comes to the attention of my flock their curiosity will reawaken about these ancient idolatries, which they had set to one side. I ask you please, in the name of our community, not to publish this type of literature, which goes against our beliefs. If this information were to be published in Spanish, we can assure you that it will reawaken customs and beliefs that we have worked to suppress through 400 years. That would throw us back from the faith that we have built within this community.
You are entering a space that has been hidden for many years, and for good reason.”
I am a Catholic priest. I work in the jungle region of Peru… and I have to say that it does not appear advisable that this type of publication finds its way into the hands of the less educated. It does not seem to be a good thing for our Catholic faith that you should seek to revive these long-forgotten beliefs, and for that reason I ask you not to publish the book in Spanish.
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