Operation Clusterpuck, a B.S., Incorporated Novel

Operation Clusterpuck is a sequel to B.S., Incorporated. It was released in November 2018, published by Wise Ink Publishing.
Operation Clusterpuck tells the funny, cynical but heartfelt story of Business Solutions, Inc. (BSI) — a U.S. corporation whose leaders have set in motion a series of disastrous projects that threaten to take the company down. BSI’s ragtag communications team once again gets pressed into action, juggling around-the-clock workloads, battling ruthless execs, and struggling to find meaning in their lives outside of work. 
“We wanted to tell the story of those unsung corporate heroes — the ones who are barely keeping their heads above water, but still do the right thing for their work ‘family,’ even when it’s not easy,” says coauthor Jennifer Rock. 
“Readers often tell us they recognize themselves and their co-workers in our novels,” adds coauthor Michael Voss. “We’re thrilled to reflect their work lives and experiences. Even if our stories might feel like a fun-house mirror.”

Praise for Operation Clusterpuck:
“Five stars. A rollicking ride that melds corporate intrigue, romance, and humor to create a spellbinding narrative … plunging readers into the soul of corporate life with its challenges and perils. Fast-paced and a hugely satisfying read, it’s first-rate entertainment.” – Readers’ Favorite
“Full of biting business jokes, workplace camaraderie and plenty of cheeky pop culture references. Impossible to put down.” – US Review
“A fine business novel. Operation Clusterpuck weaves intrigue and conundrums into a volatile story.” – Midwest Book Review
“Five stars … you’re in for a treat. By revealing the cobwebby crevices of corporate life, Rock and Voss show how even something as seemingly mundane as another day at the office can quickly turn into a scenario you’re more likely to see in a disaster movie.” – Red City Review

Fresh off the brink of an all-American corporate disaster, Business Solutions, Inc., is launching a new, ill-advised venture, north of the border. As BSI executives pin their hopes and bonuses on a hastily planned Canada partnership, a shocking shakeup at the top threatens not only BSI’s expansion, but its legacy and future.
Just as Will Evans begins hitting his groove as BSI communications director and potential love interest for coworker Anna Reed, he’s booted out of his comfort zone. Thrown into a high-stakes international expansion, he’s forced to navigate a bumbling tech startup, worldly new colleagues, and Anna’s underhanded ex.
Back in Minneapolis, Anna is losing her sense of purpose – and maybe her mind – as she juggles an exploding workload, a complicated office romance, and new anxieties about her long-buried past. She also might be the only thing left standing between exec Lyle Kirkland and his most devious plot yet.
As BSIers get distracted with slapdash plans, technology fiascos, and pirate seminars, Will and Anna must race against the clock to save the company – and themselves. But is there time to change the course of people and companies so set in their ways? Or are some greedy schemes so deep and deceitful they can’t be stopped?

About the Authors:
Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss spent two decades careening through corporate America and barely lived to write about it. As company journalists, speechwriters, and C-suite advisors, they stockpiled insider stories and cautionary tales. Both live near Minneapolis where they own a communications agency, speak to groups of all sizes, and share their perspectives in publications like the Washington Post. Operation Clusterpuck is their second novel.
To learn more, go to http://www.rockandvossbooks.com/

Chroma Crossing Chronicles: Blood Moon by S. Yurvati

Blood Moon, by S. Yurvati, is the first book in the Chroma Crossing Chronicles series. Genres: Fantasy / Romance / Women’s Fiction / Recommended for readers ages 18+

Praise for Blood Moon:
“Blood Moon is the perfect example of fantasy writing at its best… a multifaceted read which keeps reads involved, intrigued, and happily challenged by a myriad of subplots and characters. Blood Moon is anything but formula writing, and the very things that makes its nature elusive is the strength that sets it apart from most fantasy, romance, or other genre productions…. Suffice it to say that readers of fantasy, romance, intrigue, and women’s fiction will find much to like in the complex Blood Moon. It excels in many surprising twists and turns as Candy and Thorne face their flaws, weaknesses, dreams, and a danger that ventures into paranormal realms.” – Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Hunky pheromone-laden-man meets pretty accident-prone female—it should have been a love story with a happily ever after ending. However, when the bored deities choose Candy and Thorne for an amusing game, the gods and goddesses put forth sets of circumstances that can tear the couple apart and wound them deep within their souls.
With her father’s sudden demise, Candy finds she’s inherited funds and a house in beautiful historic Savannah. Not only can she now afford to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design, her future as an artist looks promising. But unfortunately, her step-mom and her disturbing son Todd reside in the main house.
When Candy gets her first commission for a life-sized portrait of a beautiful woman from a rather unsettling man, she soon questions what had seemed coincidental. Candy is a modest female who has always found solace in her artwork, whereas her widowed step-mom, Cherry Ann, considers physical pleasure and money as her measures of worth. As Candy pursues her art, Cherry Ann pursues a new lover. Cherry Ann finds her new risqué sex life to be addictive and doesn’t recognize the danger of the man she’s invited into her life.
After surviving a couple of ‘accidents’, Candy realizes someone apparently wishes her harm. When she’s chased (by the one thing she fears most) Candy accidentally, or so it seems, crosses into a new dimension. She finds herself in an unknown wilderness with a curious terrain that is void of color. The landscape looks like an old sepia photograph, hardly the Savannah spring day she’d left behind.  As Candy stumbles through the wild terrain, an intriguing hunter comes upon her. His presence makes her girlie parts beg to become ill behaved, and before she knows it, her hormones are arguing with her strict moral compass.

About the Author:
S. Yurvati has always loved reading and writing. She began putting her thoughts and imaginings on paper during her childhood and continued through college years. She began writing Blood Moon back in her college days, but after graduating from CSUN with a Master’s Degree, she had to work on earning a living and had to put her writing on hold… After three decades of working in the medical world, her husband convinced her to retire and take the time to write. That led to the beginning of Chroma Crossing Chronicles and her first book: Blood Moon. The series includes: Blood Moon (Part 1 and Part 2), followed by Book 3 Dragon Tear, and Book 4 Infinity Link. S. Yurvati is currently working on the fifth and final installment of the Chroma Crossing Chronicles series.
S. Yurvati lives in Texas with the love-of-her-life husband. They have been happily married for going on 44 years. Readers can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. To learn more, go to https://syurvatiauthor.com/ 

A World Worth Seeing by Brian Nelson

A World Worth Seeing is a new travel book by Brian Nelson recommended for aspiring world travelers. In A World Worth Seeing, Brian Nelson details his 13 years of world travel, visiting 190 countries on seven continents on a shoe string budget. He takes readers through North and South America, Australia and the Pacific Islands, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. At only 90 pages in length, it’s a quick yet informative read.
“The world is big, but surprisingly accessible,” says Brian. “I wrote this book to show readers what’s out there based on my own experiences and to offer ideas on how they can do the same. I don’t want to tell people where to go. I only want to plant a seed, to get people interested in going beyond the borders, to see a bigger world. Travel isn’t meant for the wealthy alone, but for anyone with a heart for adventure. A World Worth Seeing retraces my time before travel, notes my experiences in every country visited in the last thirteen years, and offers ideas on how to go about on your own travel adventure… Come on, the world is waiting.”
Filled with colorful travel photos from unique places all over the world, A World Worth Seeing will fuel your wanderlust and inspire your next adventure!

Praise for A World Worth Seeing:
“Aiming to plant the seeds of adventure in aspiring travellers, Nelson’s book shows how accessible and how easy it is to circumnavigate the world. This short-read plots one world traveller’s course across the Americas, Australasia, Europe, Asia and Africa and offers the reader a blueprint map of where to go and what to see. The book lists places to visit and sights to explore but withholds detailed information and lengthy anecdotes. Perhaps this is intentional in the hope that readers will be inspired to research and explore their own travel destinations. Certainly, this book will provide useful ideas about itineraries, but equally leaves space for individuals to supplement their own experiences. In our opinion, this book would be ideal for anyone who has an interest in world travel. However, it would be especially useful to would-be travellers who are looking for a starting point to build an itinerary from accessible information about travel destinations across the globe.”Off The Tourist Treadmill 
“A World Worth Seeing recounts the experiences of Brian Nelson, who has visited over 190 countries on seven continents over the years. Here he documents these journeys using a step-by-step series of descriptions to tell how he traveled the world… Readers with a sense of wanderlust who intend to travel the world will find World Worth Seeing an excellent, inspirational guide to crafting their own world journeys.”Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review
“A World Worth Seeing by Brian Nelson is a tantalizing teaser of a book for fans of international travel.”Red City Review

Gazelle in the Shadows by Michelle Peach

Gazelle in the Shadows is a historical thriller by Michelle Peach. The novel takes place in Syria and is largely based on her real life experiences.
Michelle Peach graduated from Durham University in 1995 with a B.A. in Arabic with Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. During 1992, she spent her second year of college studying abroad at the Arabic Teaching Institute for Foreigners in Damascus. Since then, Michelle’s love for Syria has never been far from her thoughts. When the unrest began in 2011, her determination to start writing Gazelle in the Shadows intensified. “I was distraught and appalled by the suffering of the people and by the destruction of its historical sites in Aleppo, Palmyra, Bosra, Homs, Damascus and elsewhere. I know that many will not have the opportunity to see the sights of Syria due to the ongoing conflict, but I hope that through my story readers can enjoy the cities, landscapes and culture of Syria.”
Synopsis –
In the mid 90s, Elizabeth Booth, a young British college student studying Arabic at Durham University, travels to Damascus to immerse herself in the Syrian language. Taken aback by the generosity and kindness of the people there, she easy slips into a life in the ancient city. She has friends, her studies, and even a handsome boyfriend. But things aren’t always as they seem. Soon, in a world where mistrust and disloyalty are commonplace, Elizabeth finds herself navigating a web of lies, betrayals, and a murder involving MI6, deadly terrorist factions, and the shadowy Syrian secret police.
From the Prologue –
When I traveled to Syria as a Durham student in 1992, I knew very little about the country. From the onset, I was overwhelmed by their welcome. But the longer I stayed in Damascus and especially when I started working for Dr. Andrew Rathmell, as his Arabic translator and assistant researcher, the more I understood of Syria’s tumultuous and violent history. At the time, Hafez al-Assad, the President of Syria since 1971, was at the height of his autocratic power and the country was in a state of relative calm since the end of the Gulf War in 1991. His vast security apparatus was evident on every street corner whether army, police or civilian informants. My travel guide dedicated an entire page to the various types of mukhabarat, secret police, present in the country but also reassuringly wrote that Syria was a “safe” country for travelers. Not so obvious was the fear, paranoia and suppression which his people lived under…

Praise for Michelle Peach’s Gazelle in the Shadows:
“Compellingly realistic and packed with both psychological and physical action, Gazelle in the Shadows adds an extra layer of cultural understanding to its espionage thriller theme.” -Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“Peach integrates myriad plot developments into her exciting and ambitious work … The central conceit is both original and compelling.” -BookLife Prize
“Michelle Peach brings Syrian culture and cityscapes to life with her descriptions and characters… the author is able to accurately capture a specific moment in Middle Eastern history that still has ramifications on modern-day Syrians. For those looking for a glimpse into new cultures with a taste of a spy thriller, Gazelle in the Shadows will both warm your heart and send shivers down your spine.” -Red City Review
“Gazelle in the Shadows is both a coming of age story and a reflection of life in the looking glass world of Hafez al-Asad’s Syria. While told through an intensely personal lens, Michelle’s story provides a sideways look at a Syria that is now gone but also hints at some of the underlying factors that contributed to the country’s ongoing agonies. The book is an unusual combination of bittersweet student memories, geopolitical machinations, and “factionalised” adventures; well worth a read.” – Dr Andrew Rathmell, Author of Secret War in the Middle East: The Covert Struggle For Syria 1949 -1961
Gazelle in the Shadows is a novel filled with intensity. My favorite part of this novel is the main character, Elizabeth, who is smart, kind and loyal to the people around her… As a reader, you like her and empathize with her, but at other times you want to tell her to rethink her decisions. She is young, however, and making mistakes is what causes her to learn more about herself and who she is… Michelle Peach’s writing is good; I especially like the dialogue and descriptions of what life was like in Syria. Her descriptions are smooth and beautiful;  I was impressed with how much I learned about the history of Syria and the Middle East… I suggest this book to anyone who is interested in the different countries of the Middle East, or wants to read a quick coming of age story. This book teaches you that the most important things in life are the things you find within yourself.” – Katherine’s Book Reviews
“Gazelle in the Shadows quite literally had me on the edge of my seat, from beginning to the very end. Michelle’s writing left me wanting to find out more after every chapter and I couldn’t help but read on… Gazelle in the Shadows is a very poignant and thought-provoking story that keep’s you gripped to the very end.” – 5 Stars, Marie’s Book Boutique

About the Author:
Michelle Peach graduated from Durham University in 1995 with a B.A. in Arabic with Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. During 1992, she spent her second year of college studying abroad at the Arabic Teaching Institute for Foreigners in Damascus. Since then, Michelle’s love for Syria has never been far from her thoughts. When the unrest began in 2011, her determination to start writing Gazelle in the Shadows intensified. “I was distraught and appalled by the suffering of the people and by the destruction of its historical sites in Aleppo, Palmyra, Bosra, Homs, Damascus and elsewhere. I know that many will not have the opportunity to see the sights of Syria due to the ongoing conflict, but I hope that through my story readers can enjoy the cities, landscapes and culture of Syria.” Gazelle in the Shadows is set to be released in September 2018, published by IngramSpark.
Michelle lives in Atlanta, GA. She is a stay-at-home mom, married with three children. Readers can connect with her on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Goodreads. To learn more, go to https://MichellePeach.com/

Ed Duncan Announces the Release of ‘The Last Straw’

The Last Straw book coverEd Duncan announced today the release of his latest book, The Last Straw, the second book in the Pigeon Blood Red series.
It started with a run-of-the-mill carjacking.  An inner-city kid with no priors and no experience with a gun fumbled the ball, and the driver ended up dead.
A teenage girl witnessed the whole thing, and now a target has been placed on her back. The carjacker’s father, a notorious crime boss, is willing to move heaven and earth to prevent her from testifying, even if that means having a hitman kill her.
Richard “Rico” Sanders, the best in the business, was his first choice for the job.  But there was a problem.  He was a “killer with a conscience” and a killer with a conscience doesn’t murder teenagers.  The crime boss reluctantly turns to someone who has no such qualms, John D’Angelo.  There was bad blood between him and Rico, so knowing that Rico had passed on the job, he eagerly accepted it.
Rico forms an uneasy alliance with the girls lawyer, Paul Elliott,  to try and protect her from the hitman. As the long-simmering feud between Rico and John D’Angelo reaches boiling point, bodies start to pile up in rapid succession… and old scores will be settled.

Chapter Two
Paul Elliott stretched and tumbled out of bed, shaved and showered, had a quick bowl of cereal, and was off to work inside forty-five minutes. Thirty minutes later he was behind his desk in his office digging through an avalanche of mail in his in-box when his phone rang. It was the judge’s bailiff. The muscles in Paul’s stomach tightened. The jury had reached a verdict. He looked at his watch: 9:20 a.m. This was some kind of record. The jury had just gotten the case at 3:30 p.m. the day before, an hour before retiring for the day. As his large law firm’s first black partner, he was still a little self-conscious about the need to maintain his excellent won/lost record. Deep inside he knew that this feeling was entirely self-imposed, but that did little to banish it from his psyche.
Paul was at the courthouse in fifteen minutes. Waiting for the elevator, he spied Benjamin Yanders, a neighbor from his apartment building, and followed him into the elevator behind a throng of other people. Yanders was looking down at his shoes and inside the packed elevator Paul couldn’t make eye contact with him. Before he knew it, the elevator had reached his floor and Paul was getting out. He glanced over his shoulder and when he saw his neighbor exiting with a few other people, he stopped and waited for him.
Yanders was tall and thin and an old lower back injury caused him to stoop forward a little when he stood for a while or walked long distances. He had a full head of dark, closely cropped hair that was peppered with gray and he had crowded, bushy eyebrows. His dark brown face was more lined and haggard than Paul remembered from the last time he saw him only a few days earlier.
“You practicing law now, Ben?” Paul joked as Yanders approached.
He was looking right past Paul and hadn’t recognized him, so the sound of his name startled him a little. “Oh, Paul . . . Sorry, I didn’t see you.”
“No problem,” Paul said. “What’s up?”
“Sandy got a subpoena. I’m down here to see the assistant State’s Attorney,” Yanders said, more than a little dejected.
For the first time Paul noticed Yanders’s daughter Sandra. He hadn’t seen her when she got on the elevator or when she got off. Now she was standing a few feet behind her father. Studious and shy, she was a cute sixteen-year-old. As an only child, she looked upon Paul as an older brother and he treated her like a younger sister. He wondered what the State’s Attorney’s interest was in her and why Yanders hadn’t mentioned the subpoena before now. “Hi, Sandy. How are you?” he said.
“Hi, Paul. I’m okay, I guess,” she said, glancing at him when she answered and then looking away.
Paul checked his watch. “The State’s Attorney’s office is around the corner. I’m going that way. I’ll walk with you.”
Yanders didn’t respond, but the three of them started down the hallway together. After a few paces Paul said, “So, Ben, you want to tell me what’s going on?”
Yanders stopped. He had the look of a man who had just come from the funeral of his best friend. “Sandy witnessed a shooting. The guy died,” he said morosely. “They want her to testify against the killer.”
Paul didn’t try to mask his shock. “My goodness. That’s horrible.” He looked over at Sandy. She was out of earshot and still looking away. “How is she?”
“I think she’s holding up better than I am.”
Yanders took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I know you’re wondering why I didn’t call you, but I didn’t want to impose and—”
“Ben, you know me better than that.”
“Yeah, I know. With everything that’s been going on with Danielle and me, I guess I’ve been a little overwhelmed – haven’t been thinking straight. I’m glad I bumped into you.” He was nervous. He paused and took in another lungful of air and let it out.
Paul wanted to hear what had happened, but he had to get to the courtroom soon. “So, fill me in, Ben. What happened?”
“There was a carjacking. This young kid shot the driver. Maybe the guy resisted or maybe the kid panicked. Maybe it was cold blood. I don’t know. Sandy was coming around the corner and the kid must not have seen her, but she got a good look at him – unfortunately. He pushed the guy out of the car and drove off like a bat out of hell. She used her cell to call 911. She was with some of her friends, but since she was way ahead of everyone else, she was the only one who saw it.”
“I think I read something about that in the paper,” Paul said. “Hell of a shame, all the way around.”
Paul turned to Sandy. “Are you holding up okay?”
She returned his gaze and didn’t look away this time. “I’m all right. A little scared, though.”
“I would be, too,” Paul said. “But just a little, like you. Listen, everything’s going to be fine, okay?”
She nodded timidly. Paul smiled at her and extended his fist. She extended hers and they did a fist bump. He then turned his attention to Ben, whose face continued to wear the same worried look. “Ben, what’s the State’s Attorney’s name?”
“Mitchell Tolliver. Do you know him?”
“I do,” Paul said. “I’ll call him and see what I can find out. Then I’ll stop by this afternoon – if that’s okay.”
“Okay? That would be great,” Yanders beamed, smiling for the first time since his daughter told him about witnessing the hijacking. They shook hands and Paul went into the courtroom.

ED DUNCANAbout the Author:
Ed Duncan is a graduate of Oberlin College and Northwestern University Law School. He was a partner at a national law firm in Cleveland, Ohio for many years. He currently lives outside of Cleveland, OH and is at work on the third installment in the Pigeon-Blood Red series. To learn more, go to http://eduncan.net/
Readers can connect with Ed on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

‘Perfect Dealership’ – A Car Dealer’s Guide to Surviving the Digital Age

Perfect Dealership book coverMax Zanan, an automotive retail expert with nearly 20 years of experience, announced today the upcoming release of his book ‘Perfect Dealership’ – a car dealer’s guide to surviving the digital age.
The automotive retail industry is under more pressure than ever. Lower margins, stricter regulations, heavy competition, and online disrupters have many managers with their backs against the wall. With the rise of online auto sales, will the average auto dealership even exist in 10 years?
“Perfect Dealership serves as a wake-up call for the automobile industry,” says Zanan. “Unless car dealerships change – and change quickly – they risk falling into the same digital gulf that obliterated the corner video store and travel agencies… The old ways are dead. It’s time to adapt or fade away.”
With Perfect Dealership, Max Zanan has created the industry’s first truly comprehensive training manual. If you own or manage an auto dealership, or you’re planning a career in the industry, Perfect Dealership is the indispensable guide for automotive management in a modern world.
“Perfect Dealership is the book the auto industry needs. With every chapter, Max outlines a modern and structured view of how to run and grow a profitable, ethical, and future-facing dealership… Perfect Dealership is a handbook for effective automotive management across all levels and departments. Every dealership owner and manager needs a copy.” – Peter Zorzy – Director of Operations – Atlantic Auto Group
“…the industry is changing fast and dealerships need to adapt or die. The processes and concepts outlined in Perfect Dealership are not just important, but frankly are a necessity to future growth and success in an industry that’s getting more competitive by the day.” – Doug Wells – General Manager – Ray Catena Mercedes Benz
“Perfect Dealership isn’t just a book: it’s a manual that should be considered required reading for dealership owners and executives. After 20 years in this industry I can tell you honestly that most retail managers don’t understand hard concepts like HR, IT, and compliance they way they should. Car dealerships can’t expect to just fake it anymore. Real training and professional standards are needed and Perfect Dealership is the book to get us there” – John Lutman – National Sales Director – IAS 
For more information, or to request a review copy, please contact Kelsey Buts at Book Publicity Services at Kelsey@BookPublicityServices.com.


New Book ‘The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon’ Teaches Quantum Physics in a Fun and Easy to Understand Way

The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon is an inspirational SciFi novella that addresses some of the key elements of Science and Quantum Physics and how it relates to the human experience.
The story follows Sebastian, a boy filled with fear of things he cannot explain. When traumatized by a freak electrical storm, he develops a burning need to understand light. That night, he awakens inside a lucid dream, where he meets Philly the Photon, a light particle, who offers to guide him on a perilous journey through the Quantum Realm.
As Sebastian embarks on a journey through the unknown, he learns to overcome his fears and apply the fundamentals of quantum physics to alter his perspective on self and how he is connected to the very nature of the universe.
This journey will inspire, educate, and challenge your perceptions on relative reality. It will increase your ability to think critically, rationally, and encourage you to ask more questions. Young adults will find sanity and direction in these words, while adults of all ages will find nuggets of wisdom for personal application. Embark on a journey with Sebastian and visually experience the more elusive universal patterns that determine who we are as humans and how we are integrally and three-dimensionally connected to everything and everyone around us through the continuum of quantum events.

What Readers Are Saying:
“a fascinating adventure that takes Sebastian and the reader into the unseen world of photons, electrons and electromagnetic waves. Reading this book teaches you the basics and gives them meaning and relatedness, and it’s not at all painful — not for one moment…” –Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite
“Montgomery explains the scientific method through story and explanation in a way that’s both fun and gripping… There are little gems of wisdom and a wealth of understanding within these pages as Sebastian tries to apply the method and find his own understanding.” – K.J. Simmill, Reader’s Favorite
“…a brilliant book that is such fun to read because you don’t realize how much you’re learning.” –Sarah Stuart, Readers’ Favorite

Excerpt from Chapter 1:
Lightning tore through the sky as if the fabric of the universe was being ripped to shreds. The expansive tendrils crookedly reached out to grasp tops of ancient trees. With tremendous violence, they were torn off in great explosions. The vast network of lightning seemed to span miles into the sky. Back and forth, the lightning went from sky to land, then land to sky in an amazing dance of power and colors.
The trail meandering through the woods was covered in shards, branches, and felled trees. It was nearly impossible to traverse. Thunder pounded the heavens as if great forces battled for supremacy. Fear rippled through the air on the currents of electricity to permeate their very souls. This was the substance of legends.
Running. Jumping. Climbing. Dodging. Taking momentary shelter. The storm had taken them by surprise and the boy was becoming paralyzed with fear.
“Listen to me, Sebastian! Look at me! We don’t have time for you to be afraid; our lives are in danger. We must reach the house before the rain begins.”
A freak electrical storm suddenly crept upon them, and what was supposed to be a two-hour afternoon hike around the beautiful Lake Chabot was being terminated abruptly.
He was fading in and out of focus. His father’s voice sounded as if traveling through a tunnel at a far distance, then right next to him, then far away again. He was going into shock.
“Snap out of it! Come on, you can do this. Focus. Overcome your fear.”
The trees were swaying in a roaring gust and a violent bolt of lightning touched down on an enormous Sequoia stump not more than twenty feet away. It erupted in flames, and chunks of glowing embers splashed on the ground while some erupted into the air as if it was responding with fury at its annihilation.
Sebastian was jolted back in a rush of emotion and adrenaline. The lightning continued to sizzle through the air in a hundred different directions.
What is happening? I’ve never seen anything like this. If the lightning strikes me, then I’m going to look like that stump. Where does the light come from? What is it? How does it simply appear, disappear, and have such power to destroy. I can’t escape it. The lightning is everywhere.
 “Sebastian, let’s go.” Emcie said in exasperation.
Why is he so afraid?
His father’s face was furrowed with intensity as he held him by the shoulders and looked into his eyes with deep angst.
Sebastian understood, we must escape the woods.
They raced out of the forest. More than once, he felt as if he couldn’t breathe. The fear struggled to manipulate his mind and constrict his chest. He stumbled, tripped, and fell several times and he knew that his body would pay.
As they reached the car, he was exhausted. He ebbed and flowed between a state of fear and a need to understand what had happened. He’d never seen anything like this before.
I must understand what happened. I must understand.

Mark MontgomeryAbout the Author:
Mark Montgomery joined the US Navy at the age of 17 years old and graduated top in his class as a Hospital Corpsman. Years later he returned to school and attained a BS in Economics, Finance, and International Business. Mark is an Entrepreneur and has owned several businesses that range from car repair, a gourmet coffee and chocolate shop, and several real estate companies. He has lived in ten states and he thrives on obtaining life perspectives from various cultures.
In 2010, after struggling with Mental Health issues for fifteen years, he experienced a life transforming Psychotherapy process called EMDR. The near instantaneous transformation inspired him to understand what had happened. Mark began an expedition into his own mind: Biology, to Psychology, to Neuroscience, to Chemistry and, to Quantum Physics. The journey produced an insatiable desire to understand the mysteries of the Quantum Realm. It was a healing process, which turned into a passion to share quantum patterns with his son. 
As of 2015, Mark lives in the culturally and idea rich San Francisco Bay area. He works for one of the leading Medical Research and Teaching Institutions—The San Francisco Veterans Hospital. He has a passion for promoting Science and Technology in education and he is seeking opportunities to enter the 3D Virtual Realty Educational Software development sector. He hopes to one day have Philly the Photon guide students through the Quantum Realm and beyond in an interactive Virtual Environment.
Mark hopes that his writings will take you on a journey of a lifetime… that will last a lifetime. Readers can connect with Mark on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. To learn more, go to TheQRE.com 

The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon is available for sale on Amazon. For more information, or to request a review copy, please contact Kelsey at Book Publicity Services at (805) 807-9027 or Kelsey@BookPublicityServices.com.

Cops Lie! by Leonard Love Matlick

Cops Lie book coverCops Lie! is a new mystery / crime thriller by Leonard Love Matlick. The story is fiction, but it is based on fact. Filled with descriptions of cop abuse and killings that are fresh out of today’s news stories.

NYPD Officer Charles Griffin, a known drunk, a notorious bully, and dirty cop is involved in stealing drugs and money. When an accident with an 18 wheeler kills him, one other cop, and leaves two other cops in critical condition, Detective Tony Philadelphia, a homicide detective from the 9th precinct, is tasked with finding out what happened…
“Misbehavior, corruption, and lawbreaking are all on full display in this gritty tale of bad cops and good guys in the New York City Police Department,” says Joe Kilgore, The US Review of Books. “Tony is an NYPD detective who gets wind of potential malfeasance on the part of one of his fellow officers… If it were simply the typical freeloading, bribe taking, or head bashing, that most of his cohorts engage in, then he’d let it pass. But his source implies that it goes a lot deeper—including everything from theft, extortion, money laundering, and even committing murder for various mob bosses. Straight shooter Tony hates the thought of ratting out any fellow officer, but the behavior is so egregious he feels he must inform his superiors. Soon he and his partner, Longo, are on the trail of not just one but a band of rogue cops committing crimes all over the city.”

Longo and Tony went to Griffin’s place. He lived in SoHo at 19 Mercer Street just off of Canal Street in a 5 story row house from the 1890’s. There were approximately 8 apartments in this particular apartment house, mostly young, rich guys and gals who worked in the financial district or actors and actresses. The super, Ivan, wasn’t going to let them in even after Tony and Longo flashed their gold shields.
“Officer Griffin was killed in a car crash and we have to look for next of kin stuff.” Tony told him annoyed that a gold shield won’t give him immediate entrance to any place.
Ivan took them in the elevator to the 3rd floor. Apartment 3C was Griffin’s.
As soon as Tony and Longo went inside, it was very clear to them that this wasn’t done on a cop’s salary.
“Holy shit!” Longo exclaimed.” This is NICE!.”
Tony looked at the high ceilings, the baroque furniture, even the toilet fixtures were of the highest quality. They went into the kitchen with the 6 burner stove, Garland oven and two refrigerators.
“Who has two refrigerators?” Tony asked.
“Someone with money.” Longo said. “But definitely not on a cops salary.”
They went into the bedroom, with wall to wall TV’s, entertainment units and cameras on the ceiling, and started to stare at the closets.
“Quite a clothes horse.” Tony said flipping thru Griffin’s suits, shoes and dress shirts.
“Hey, I didn’t know he was a dandy.” Longo said fingering the silk fabrics.
Then they started to go thru the drawers, all neatly assembled by underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc. Even his bills were arranged in order.
“Philadelphia”, Longo said, “We’ve got to comb thru this stuff and camp out here.”
“Uh-huh.”. Tony said, amazed at what he saw.
“Ivan” Tony motioned to the super, “What does something like this go for?”
“Are you kidding me? A triplex in SOHO? “Ivan said. “When the market was at its top a few years ago, it was around 7 million, but now between 3.5 to 5 million.”
“WHAT!!” Tony exclaimed. ”Where did he get the money for this. After all he’s a cop!”
“I believe that he had a co-signer or somebody was sub-letting it to him. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the rental agent.” Ivan stated.
“Okay, we’ll do that.” Tony said. ”Who’s the rental agent?”
“Cushman and Gold” Ivan said. “There’s also some interesting people who live here in the building.”
“Like who?” Longo asked.
“Like the singer Nora, the actor who played the Vulcan in the Star Trek movies, and even Justin, the actor.”
Longo made a face like he was impressed.
“Ivan, one more thing.” Tony turned to the super, “Did Griffin get many guests here?”
“I don’t know. What do you mean by many guests? More than one?”
Tony looked at Longo and then asked Ivan,” I’m guessing that you mean that there were many guests?”
“Well, he was quite the ladies man. I mean that there was a different girl here every day.” Ivan mentioned. “Since he worked the night shift. I never saw many guys come here, but there was a lot of girls, a lot.”
Again, Tony looked at Longo.
“What do you mean by a lot? More than one or two?” Tony asked.
“Oh yeah.” Ivan said.” I’ve seen him bring 2 and sometimes even 3 at a time here. I guess that he was into twosomes and threesomes. Must have been quite the stud.”
“Apparently not on a cops salary.” Longo mentioned. “Philadelphia,” Longo motioned for him to come closer. ”How come we live in such shit and he gets all of this nice stuff? Money, broads, all of this” He moved his arm all around to span the luxury apartment. “He must have been dirty.”
“Yeah,” Tony said. “Very dirty.”

Cops Lie! was published in July 2017 and is available for sale on Amazon.
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