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Self-Publishing on Amazon: Categories & Keywords

When publishing your book on Amazon, it’s important to choose your categories and keywords carefully. “Take into consideration not only what best describes your books but also what will maximize the chances that a reader who is browsing through the Kindle store will find your books,” says Author M. Louise Locke. The categories and keywords…


Increase Your Amazon Sales by Using Kindle Unlimited

Amazon’s Kindle newest addition, Kindle Unlimited, is a subscription service that allows customers to read as many Kindle books as they’d like for a monthly fee of $9.99, instead of paying for each book individually. This allows readers more freedom to branch out and try different authors and genres that they might not have before….


Book Publicity Services Helps Authors Increase Their Amazon Reviews to Encourage Book Sales

In the world of public relations, adding credibility to actions and announcements can make or break a campaign.  This is no less true in the realm of literary publicity.  One of the best ways to determine a book’s credibility is through the unbiased opinions of readers. Book Publicity Services provides book reviewers with the opportunity…


Amazon Advertising – An Author’s Advantage

With all of the advertising opportunities out there, it was only a matter of time until a retail website like Amazon got themselves a piece of the action.  Amazon currently offers a series of advertising opportunities to vendors of all kinds, but it’s their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Ads that we’re particularly interested in today…