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An Interview with Tony Borroz, the Author of Bricks & Bones

Bricks & Bones, by Tony Borroz, explores the cultural significance, endearing legacy, and nitty-gritty phenomenon of The Indy 500.
What inspired you to write Bricks & Bones?
I had the opportunity to cover the 2017 Indy 500 (the 101st running) live and grabbed at it with both hands. How could I not? The Indy 500 has been a life-long love and obsession for me. Spinning the experience into a book seemed like a natural thing to do.
Tell us more:
On Sunday, May 28th 2017, the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 was witnessed by some 300,000 people in attendance, and those watching at home saw a polished event thanks to modern television production. But what happens before the cameras turn on and the people arrive? What about after everyone goes home? That’s the real allure of Speedway, Indiana, where the Indianapolis 500 is so much more than a single event.
Here’s the synopsis:
Bricks & Bones reveals the landscape of this small Indiana town, etched forever in the halls of racing history. Its people, places, and mystique all brought to life by Automoblog.net‘s Tony Borroz as he experiences old Speedway tales, opulent dinners at St. Elmo’s, and a chance encounter with a driver who nearly died in the Indy 500. Borroz gives a unique perspective on the drivers and why Indianapolis Motor Speedway is such a challenging venue for them. He even gets to see, thanks to an old racing friend, the very homes where some of the sport’s most famous names lived.
Can you share an excerpt from the book with us?
Conflicting Emotions – I’m sitting in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, between here and there, between desert and farmland, between my glowering past and my immediate future. I am calm, but my mind seems to be screaming out in a thousand different directions at once. Everyone tells me I should be feeling happy or excited or sad or tired or respectful or lonely, but I’m all those things and none of them at the same time. At the moment, I am still. Waiting through this interminable layover, waiting for my connecting flight between here and there. Frequent Fear – My mind, and a notional team of psychiatrists would imply that, in my given emotional state outside of “work” (which this is), peace and serenity would be good goals to pursue. Instead, I am anxious to stuff myself into an alloy tube controlled by overworked, overtired, and overpaid former-military hotshots; and staffed by over-glorified wait staff who, these days, seem to have no compunction about physically and emotionally abusing you for the slightest infractions like airborne Stassi martinets. Powerful Prelude – I should be still… be still… be still and seek out an extended period of immobility, but right now what I am most anxious for is speed, and lots of it. I need to wad myself into an alloy tube and be blasting through the thin air at .84 Mach. I need velocity and quickness, pace, and swiftness. I am going to The Indy 500.
Where is it available for sale?
Brick & Bones was published in October 2017 and is available for sale on Amazon in both eBook and paperback.