Get More Reviews for Your Book by Connecting with Readers on Bookstagram

instagram bookstagramBookstagram is becoming super popular and can be a great way to get exposure for your work, particularly as a self-published author. Self-publishing can be highly rewarding, but it does have its difficulties. As any self-published author knows, it can be tricky to get reviews for your book, especially when you’re just starting out. Luckily, the world of Bookstagram is the perfect place to connect with a huge community of book lovers. So, what exactly is Bookstagram?
The Bookstagram community is a large group of literature fans posting about their favorite reads on Instagram. Bookstagram accounts (run by “Bookstagrammers”) use the image-sharing app to post photographs of books they’re loving and discuss the details in photo descriptions and comments. In this hyper-visual and social media obsessed age, many readers choose to buy a book book based on its cover or social media shares, and this is how they’re doing it.
Exposure for your book in the Bookstagram world can help boost your sales. Clearly, you can reach a huge number of people if your book is featured on a popular Instagram account. Instagram posts are more personal than a magazine or blog review, so followers trust their book recommendations. If you can get a shot of your book featured on a popular Instagram account, you’ll find a whole new community of real readers eager to learn about your book. Bookstagrammers often also run blogs, Goodreads accounts, and YouTube (or so-called “BookTube”) channels, so once they notice you, your book can be promoted – for free! – on multiple platforms.
The best way to get featured on a Bookstagram account is to simply reach out. If they have a website, check it to see if they have a review policy listing what types of books they enjoy reading. If your book falls under one of their favorite genres, contact them and ask if they would be interested in reading it. If they are, send them a complimentary copy and cross your fingers. If they like it, your book could potentially be promoted to thousands of book lovers and eager readers. It’s best to send a paperback copy, as these are more photographable (and it’s all about getting that cool shot for the Instagram feed!). If you can, try to get in touch with Bookstagrammers who are a good fit for your book. It’s probably a waste of time contacting a sci-fi Bookstagrammer if your novel is a historical romance. Of course, there are most certainly some specializing in whichever niche you write in. There’s a Bookstagrammer out there for everyone and plenty of all-genre accounts, so keep an eye out and get in touch with Bookstagrammers at all levels of popularity. An account with a few hundred followers is relatively small, but it could still help grow your fanbase.
Bookstagram is a great way to get your writing out there, particularly if you’re an Indie Author. Use it to connect with real readers, gain exposure and reviews for your book, and build a fanbase that will continue to follow your writing in the future.