Get More Reviews for Your Book by Connecting with Readers on BookTube

The world of publishing has changed significantly in just the past few years, and the Internet has played a major role. With the rise of self-publishing, both new and established authors are wondering just how they fit into this brave new world.
On the marketing front, there are a number of excellent outlets to help self-published authors and new writers get the exposure they need, but none is as interesting, or as potentially powerful, as BookTube. The beauty of BookTube is that it allows authors to connect with real readers. Instead of being filtered through armies of professional reviewers, authors can communicate directly with their target audience.
Dedicated readers watch enthusiastic BookTubers talk about their favorite new finds, share what they liked, and did not like, about the latest books they read and share books they think their fellow readers would like. They’ll post book haul videos, their TBR, reviews of works by new and established indie authors and more. BookTubers tend to have a large following of ‘subscribers’ who regularly watch their videos, so having your book mentioned can be great exposure.
By connecting with readers on YouTube, self-published authors are able to garner real, genuine, honest reviews. Since there is no puffery or hidden agenda, these types of reviews are more credible, especially to potential buyers.
If you want to join the BookTube world, it is easy to get started. With hundreds of thousands of BookTubers currently on YouTube, there is no shortage of reviewers to choose from. Search for readers you think would enjoy your work. Reach out and offer them a complimentary copy of your book, then eagerly await your review. Keep in mind that most BookTubers prefer paperbacks, since they are easier to feature in their videos.
If the BookTubers you reach out to like your book, they will create a video review and share it on their YouTube channel, sharing your work with not only fellow authors but hundreds of thousands of potential readers as well. This kind of guerilla marketing is a vital part of writing today, and it can pay off big in the long run. For quality works, the viral nature of the Internet in general, and the BookTube site in particular, can help you take it from there. Whether you write historical fiction, romance, science fiction, biographies or something else, BookTube is a great way to gain exposure, market your work and get your name out there. Plus the videos are so fun to watch!