Book Publicity Services Helps Authors Increase Their Amazon Reviews to Encourage Book Sales

authorIn the world of public relations, adding credibility to actions and announcements can make or break a campaign.  This is no less true in the realm of literary publicity.  One of the best ways to determine a book’s credibility is through the unbiased opinions of readers.
Book Publicity Services provides book reviewers with the opportunity to receive a free copy of their clients’ books in exchange for honest reviews.  Many of these reviewers write regularly on their own blogs or for larger outlets.  Regardless of their affiliations, Book Publicity Services asks each of these reviewers to not only publish their thoughts to their own websites, but on the books’ Amazon pages as well.
“An incredible number of people are ordering books from Amazon nowadays,” says CEO and Publicist, Kelsey McBride, “Our main goal is to generate as many book reviews on Amazon for our clients as possible. We have found that the more reviews you have, the more sales you’ll see.”
Social Media Manager and Publicity Assistant, Taylor Ytuarte, states, “Much of our daily lives and interests have become undeniably intertwined with online culture.  We receive world and national news, contact friends, and read reviews through the internet.  The best way to garner interest in these books and their amazing authors is to make information about them available through that medium.”
When booklovers seek out the newest and best in the book world, they often turn to the internet for guidance.  By utilizing Amazon, Book Publicity Services allows their authors books to be rated, ordered, and discounted all in the same place, making for a trustworthy and convenient vendor where authors can promote and offer their books to bibliophiles of all tastes in interests.
“As a first time author, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kelsey McBride by an associate. With Kelsey’s great contacts and connections, she has gotten Moon Hoax into newspapers and magazines. For any author, getting reviews is the name of the game. Kelsey has put Moon Hoax into the right hands of quality reviewers who have taken the time to read the book and give an honest review. Not only have these reviews helped to spread the word on the book, they have also helped to increase sales. Kelsey also has set up multiple interviews, both in print and on radio. You cannot go wrong having Kelsey McBride on your team!” – Paul Gillebaard, author of Moon Hoax
“I highly recommend Kelsey and her team for your PR needs.  Kelsey secured many book reviews, blog opportunities, and promo spots for my book.   To my relief, Kelsey and her team also provided consistent social media management which gave me time back in my day to focus on my next book.  I will continue to use her services for my next books.” – Corine Dehghanpisheh, author of #BabyLove: My Social Life
About Book Publicity Services
Book Publicity Services specializes in coordinating book reviews, generating media exposure, distributing press releases, promoting through social media, and organizing speaking engagements. The public relations campaigns are designed for authors trying to break through and get noticed by consumers and the media. For more information, go to
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