Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet

Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet is a new children’s book by Judith A. Proffer. It is set to be released on April 18, 2023, just in time for Earth Day.

A gentle awakening for young readers, written in rhyme format, introduces young children to the woeful impact of climate change on coastal animal habitats while offering everyday practices to help.

Bondi is an Australian koala and Poppy is a California bear. Both live in wildfire regions, and both experience the sadness and fear of seeing their precious homes threatened by unpredictable blazes.

Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet is a tender and sometimes playful conversation starter for even the youngest of readers, addressing the realities of global warming while offering hope.

Be mindful of waste, of not using too much

Like water and lights and paper and such.

Use your great brain and walk when you can

Talk with your family to make a smart plan.

Author Judith A. Proffer resides in Southern California. In late 2019 she left behind a particularly challenging fire season in Los Angeles for a three week holiday in Australia, quickly discovering that she had entered Australia’s worst fire season in recent history. The region she spent Christmas Day that year (Kangaroo Island) was decimated by fire just days after she left. This book is her response to the ferocity of the back to back fire seasons she experienced that year, and a plea to keep animals in mind when contemplating our planet’s future.

Proffer is the co-author of the award-winning When We Stayed Home.