How Blogging Can Boost Your Ebook Sales

Selling ebooks online has become a lucrative business, resulting in millions of purchases each year. Yet many self-published authors struggle to actually sell their work. This article describes how blogging can be a valuable tool in generating a high volume of book sales over the long-term.

Ebook authors are always looking at ways to sell more copies of their work. And although many choose to maintain a social media presence or discuss their work with friends and family, few take advantage of the many benefits blogging offers. By maintaining an engaging blog you can not only create interest in your ebooks, but you can also transform your posts into successful ebooks themselves.

Successful bloggers often gain a reputation as an expert in their given field. This adds a level of credibility to any ebook they publish, increasing the confidence consumers have in purchasing that product. Your blog and ebooks should focus on the same general topic. If their subject matter varies too much, potential consumers may be confused as to why a “random” ebook is offered on your website at all. This confusion can shake their confidence in your brand, decreasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

Blogs offer the benefit of receiving a steady stream of viewers. And, if handled correctly, this steady stream can be easily redirected to targeted ebook sales pages. Of course, receiving a steady readership takes a lot of time and effort. Not only is writing high quality search engine optimized (SEO) friendly content needed, but readers need to be attracted by promotional efforts as well as backlinks. Before opening your blog to the public, create a game plan for how you are going to best target viewers over the long-term.

Creating a sales page linked to your blog enables you to advertise for all of your ebooks at the same time, rather than advertising each book individually. Not only does this save time on marketing, but it also generates more sales as fans of your books can easily look at and purchase others you have written. While some authors have multiple sales pages for their works, focusing on only one will enable you to more easily modify its presentation to maximize purchases.

Many bloggers actually turn their blog posts into successful ebooks themselves. Since most of the material is already written, it often takes much less time to transform posts than write a complete book from scratch. In this way, not only are they advertising their ebooks with their blog, but they are actually writing valuable content.

There are many methods ebook authors can use to increase their ebook sales, but perhaps none is as simple or effective as running a blog. Not only does it give you the ability to easily craft new ebook content and drive more traffic to your website, but you will also generate loyal followers eager to buy every ebook you produce!

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