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Telling America’s Stories Through Its Dogs

Each summer America Comes Alive celebrates the “Dog Days of Summer” with three new true stories of American dogs each week for eight weeks, from service dogs and military dogs to President’s dogs and dogs in show business.

“True stories about dogs have been a great way to open a window on America’s past,” says Kate Kelly, author and historian, who runs a website dedicated to little-known stories of American history. “During World War II, our military had no canine corps.”

“Sacrifice by Americans takes on a whole new meaning when you learn that the American public responded to the government’s request for help by donating their pets. These family dogs—several thousand of them–were the beginning of what has become our very important canine corps today.”

Kelly continues: “The first seeing-eye dog was not introduced to the U.S. until 1929. If you hear how Morris Frank, a young man who was visually impaired, devoted his entire life to make certain his dog was accepted in public places, you gain a whole new understanding when you see a guide or therapy dog with someone on the street today.”

These stories are a regular feature on Kate’s website,

Throughout July and August three new stories are posted each week.  A few of the dogs that are schedule for 2013 are a dog trained to help scientists track and find endangered species, comfort dogs who are used to calm crime victims or those testifying in court, and Abraham Lincoln’s dog, Fido.

In addition, Kate has just released a new book, You Lucky Dog! From Homeless to Famous…True Stories of Amazing American Dogs.  There are heart-warming stories about many dogs including Toto and Benji who began life without “forever” homes.

Kate Kelly is the successful author of more than 35 nonfiction books. She contributes to The Huffington Post, and her website,, and monthly e-letters celebrate Kate’s love of American history and America’s dogs.

She is an engaging speaker and has appeared on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, The View, CBS Early Show, CNN and MSNBC.

You Lucky Dog! Is available in both print ($8.49) and as an ebook ($2.99) from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords and can be ordered through independent bookstores.

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you lucky dog, kate kelly
I Like Your Form book

Author JD Holmes Releases New Book I Like Your Form: Confessions of a Personal Trainer

JD Holmes recently released his new book I Like Your Form: Confessions of a Personal Trainer.

I Like Your Form is based on a true story. After graduating from high school and working several dead-end jobs, JD landed a job as a personal trainer at a newly opened gym. It puzzled him just how much money people were willing to spend to train with him despite the fact he was so inexperienced. He then started learning the ropes of the business and carved a niche for himself training well-to-do housewives and successful older women.  As time goes on, he finds that not only can he help with their physical demands, he can also help them out with their erotic ones.

JD starts to fight an internal struggle between making money satisfying his clients and knowing what he is doing is wrong. All it would take is his girlfriend or any one of his clients’ spouses to find out about their sultry affairs, and everything could blow up in his face causing him to lose his career. However, it’s very difficult to turn away from the attention of many attractive and sexy women.

I Like Your Form is a hilarious and honest collection of stories giving advice for personal trainers and clients. JD’s real-life confessions provide a look at what really goes on in the gym.

I Like Your Form is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

JD Holmes is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry. He holds a master’s degree in physical therapy and is a certified athletic trainer. JD currently resides in Tampa, FL. For more information, visit

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New Must-Read Mystery Book: ‘Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club’

Liz Stauffer’s new book Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club, published by Sartoris Literary Group, was released on June 28, 2013.

Things are not always what they seem in Liz Stauffer’s fast paced book of murder, mystery, and intrigue. When the “breakfast club” ladies of idyllic Mount Penn see bruises on Clare Ballard’s pretty face, they suspect her hot-headed husband of abusing her, but the truth is much more complicated. When violence disrupts this Appalachian village’s lazy routine, the ladies, led by the irascible Lillie Mae Harris, jump feet first into danger as bodies appear, neighbors disappear, and Clare is arrested for murder. Follow Lillie Mae and the other “breakfast club” ladies, who, armed with casseroles and pastries, help the police uncover the deep secrets this town hides beneath its perfect facade.

Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club is available for sale on Amazon.

After some thirty years writing everything from political encyclopedias to software manuals, Liz Stauffer retired from corporate life to write fiction, travel, and play on the beach. Since that time, she has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world. With her two dogs, Liz lives in Hollywood, Florida, where she owns and manages a vacation rental business. To learn more about Liz and her work, visit her website at or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx

Book Publicity Services Welcomes New Client Linda Cadose

Book Publicity Services is excited to announce it’s newest client Linda Cadose, author of The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx.

The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx is a YA mystery adventure novel set in Giza, Egypt.

The book follows archaeologist Dr. Cliff Post and his friend Dr. Abdul Saad who discover a hidden chamber in the Great Sphinx. Inside of the right paw they find ancient scrolls and 13 crystal skulls that form a supercomputer.  This great discovery soon takes a dangerous turn when Drs. Saad and Post are followed, spied on and eventually kidnapped. On this extraordinary adventure, readers learn information about not only the Great Sphinx but also about Egypt, its mysteries, and the study of archaeology.

The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx is the first book in a series featuring the tales of American archeologist, Dr. Cliff Post. Follow him in later books as he visits underwater pyramids and goes to Jerusalem.

Linda Cadose is a retired respiratory therapist who is now a children’s book author. She likes to travel, enjoys reading, and loves history. She has been to Egypt and has visited all of the historical sites she discusses in her book. Linda currently resides in Carver, MA.

Website * Amazon * Goodreads

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The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx



sams place - bob mustin

Book Publicity Services Welcomes New Client Bob Mustin

Bob Mustin’s new book Sam’s Place, published by AuthorMike Ink, was released on March 25, 2013.

Sam’s Place is a collection of interwoven short stories that revolve around a local watering hole and pool hall. Sam’s Place is in the fictional Alabama town of Striven. Locals from all walks of life come to Sam’s Place to escape the heat, play pool, drink, and talk. It’s a wild and rowdy bar at times, but a place as full of life and heart as you’ll find anywhere in the Deep South. Everyone has a story to tell. In Sam’s Place you’ll learn the powerful stories of a wayward preacher, a reformed hooker, an Iraq vet amputee, Sam Witherspoon himself, and other customers. Pull up a chair, have a drink, and get to know the locals by listening to their life stories in Sam’s Place.

Sam’s Place is available for sale on Amazon.

To promote Sam’s Place, Bob has the following book signings scheduled –


August 13, 2013
Accent on Books in Asheville, NC


August 24, 2013
The Fountainhead Bookstore in Hendersonville, NC


August 31, 2013
Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville, NC


Bob currently resides in Asheville, NC. For more information, visit

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sams place - bob mustin


Author Jon Foyt Announces The Release Of His Latest Highly-Anticipated Book

Jon Foyt has announced that his new book Marcel Proust in Taos: In Search of Times Past is now available for sale.

In Marcel Proust in Taos, a Los Alamos physicist, Christopher, retires to Taos, New Mexico, with his cat Marcel Proust, to write a novel about nuclear terrorism. There he meets aspiring artist Marlene, from Germany, and the two fall in love. They open a microbrewery, using the brewing recipes passed down to Marlene from her brewmaster grandfather. However, together they find themselves confronting terrorism of a new sort with the matriarch of the Taos community, Agnes Havelock Powers, who strongly opposes having a brewery in town. Agnes is rich, powerful, and influential. She has the city authorities tucked in her purse next to her checkbook. Follow the exciting and charming love story of Marlene and Christopher in historical Taos, as they experience the challenges of confronting abusive power.

Marcel Proust in Taos is available for sale on Amazon.

Jon Foyt is the successful author of 10 fiction books. Striving for new heights on the literary landscape, along with his late wife Lois, Jon Foyt began writing novels 20 years ago. He holds a degree in journalism and an MBA from Stanford and a second masters degree in historic preservation from the University of Georgia. Jon lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 16 years. An octogenarian prostate cancer survivor, Jon, 81, is a marathon runner (60 completed), hiker, and political columnist for The Rossmoor News. He currently resides in Walnut Creek, CA. For more information, visit

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Marcel Proust In Taos Novel