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New Book for Dog Lovers: ‘You Lucky Dog!’

Kate Kelly’s newest book ‘You Lucky Dog!’ is now available for sale in paperback ($8.49) and e-book ($2.99).

You Lucky Dog! is an uplifting compilation of true stories about homeless dogs that survived and thrived against the odds to become celebrities.  Kate skillfully warms hearts with stories about Toto from The Wizard of Oz, Rin Tin Tin, Benji, America’s first dogs, and more. You Lucky Dog! beautifully recounts the adversity each of these amazing creatures faced en route to a grand destiny.

Kate captures their very souls in moving descriptions of the devotion, loyalty and trust that changed both the fortune of these very special dogs and the lives of their human caregivers.  Filled with historical facts and endearing tales of endurance and character these bite-sized stories make ideal reading for any dog lover.

You Lucky Dog! is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Kate Kelly is the successful author of more than 35 nonfiction books. She is a contributing blog writer to The Huffington Post. Her website and monthly eLetters celebrate Kate’s love of American history and America’s dogs. During July and August Kate publishes three new stories of American dogs each week. She is an engaging speaker and has appeared on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, The View, CBS Early Show, CNN and MSNBC.

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Fourat Janabi Releases New Book ‘S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism’

Fourat Janabi announced today that his new book, S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism, is now available for sale on Amazon.

“What causes cancer?  Are genetically modified foods dangerous? Is climate change real?  Do homeopathic remedies really work?”

S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism, by Fourat Janabi, discusses the differences between good and bad science.

Fourat explores scientific research about cancer, genetically modified foods, climate change, vaccinations, western medicine, homeopathy, evolution, and other fascinating current issues.  This book is about knowing how to differentiate between bad science and good science when reading scientific studies on the Internet. There are many articles out there that doubt climate change, deny evolution, rationalize homeopathy, fabricate cancer causes, or oppose vaccinations. S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism helps readers learn how to use critical thinking skills to debunk nonsense

Fourat criticizes the prevalence of misinformation online and in the media about scientific research.  He teaches readers the importance of credible sources, sufficient evidence, placebo effects, biases, and sample sizes so that the reader can better recognize bad science.

S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism is available for sale on Amazon.

Fourat Janabi is a writer, entrepreneur, and photographer. He currently resides in Italy. For more information, visit

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Is Book Publicity Worth The Investment?

Selling enough copies of your book to quit your full time job and make a living as an author is not as easy of a task as you would hope. You can post your book on a variety of websites such as Amazon, GoodReads, and Shelfari, and attract new customers here and there, but the odds of your book selling millions, thousands, or even hundreds of copies without a complete and effective book publicity campaign are very low.  You will need to invest in various public relations strategies to create a big enough buzz to get people to want to buy your book(s). Authors often ask ‘Is a book publicist worth the investment?’ Our answer is yes, and here’s why:

Hiring a publicist will increase awareness and book sales. A book publicist will help get the word out about your book, provide valuable media opportunities to promote your book, and save you time. There are many short-term and long-term benefits of investing in book publicity services.

Faster Recognition

A good book publicist can spread the word about your book and have an impressive number of copies sold within months. A publicist has established relationships with media contacts including book reviewers, editors, reporters, bloggers, producers, and more to secure press placements, book reviews, and interviews, which will bring wide exposure in a short amount of time. A publicist coordinates all media exposure such as television and radio interviews, newspaper articles, and features in magazines.

Saves Time

Hiring a publicist to handle promoting your book will save you a lot of time. Publicists have the media contacts needed to secure media coverage. For example, most publicists use a PR software called Cision, which costs about $3,000/year for a database directory of all media contacts. Also, publicists are experts at writing media pitches, press releases, and other PR materials to promote your book. It would be very time consuming for an author to manually compile a list of media contacts to pitch, create a pitch, distribute press releases, and write other PR materials. The amount of valuable time you save hiring a publicist to promote your book, instead of having to do it yourself, definitely makes it worth the investment.

Higher Sales

With an ongoing book publicity campaign, your book sales will continuously increase. In a six month period to a year after having hired a PR expert, you will have sold more copies of your book(s) than you would have sold in a number of years using limited distribution outlets and minimal marketing strategies. A publicist can help maximize your opportunities to sell more books over the years through online publicity. Most online articles, press releases, and other press placements are permanent links, meaning that you can continuously generate book sales from the press placements your publicist secures for years after they were originally posted.

More Distribution Options

The more copies you sell the more eligible your book becomes to be shelved by larger and more well-known distributors.  Once your book qualifies to be sold through major distribution outlets, your pool of potential buyers will increase.

Higher Demand for Next Release

A publicist can help build up your online presence so that when you release your next book it will be easier to promote and sell. Book publicity helps start to build a reader base that will continually grow. Your publicist can get the buzz going so that fans will be anticipating your next release. Having done a fantastic job of making your first book a major success, your publicist will be in a position to get even more impressive results out of your next book.

To conclude, book publicity is worth the investment because it provides faster recognition, more distribution options, and higher demand for your next book release, as well as saves times and increases book sales. With a qualified publicist, the sales of your book release in the first year will already have justified the cost of book publicity services. At Book Publicity Services, we have talented and experienced book publicists for all types of genres who are able to help publicize your book. To learn more, visit

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Pitching A Book To The Media: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

Media exposure is an essential element of a book publicity campaign. This article explains the 5 W’s for pitching a book to the media – Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

Who: To get media exposure, you need to pitch your book to all types of media outlets: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, websites, and blogs. It is best to hire a publicist to pitch your book out because they have established relationships with media contacts including book reviewers, editors, reporters, producers, radio show hosts, bloggers, and more.

What: A pitch is an email that is sent to the media to promote your book. It usually includes a short synopsis of your book, cover image, background on you as the author, a link to your website, and the opportunity to review your book or interview you. You can also include sample interview questions, quotes from the author, or testimonials from reviewers.

Where: It is important to pitch your book to local media outlets where you live, as well as nationwide.

When: For the best results, you should send your pitch out first thing in the morning on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Why: Media exposure is the best way to get the word out about your book. It provides instant credibility, creates awareness, and increases book sales. By pitching your book out to the media, you can get the opportunity to do television and radio interviews, or get blog posts, book reviews, website interviews, articles in magazines, feature stories in newspapers, and more to promote your book.

How: People in the media are inundated with pitches and don’t have time to read them all, so it is important to make your pitch stand out and keep it as brief as possible. Use an attention grabbing subject line, email each media contact individually, and only include the most relevant information about the book in your pitch.

Do you need media exposure for your book? Let Book Publicity Services help! We will write a pitch and send it to targeted media contacts nationwide to get the word out about your book.

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Book Publicity Services Proudly Supports The Alabama Book Festival

Book Publicity Services, a leading book publicity agency, announced today that they are participating as a partner of the eighth annual Alabama Book Festival.

The 2013 Alabama Book Festival will be held Saturday, April 20, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., in Kiwanis Park at Old Alabama Town, 301 Columbus St., Montgomery, AL 36104. This free public event is the state’s premier book festival, with 5,000 people from around the state and the southeast converging in the capital to meet with and hear from their favorite authors and scholars.

More than 45 authors are scheduled to attend the Alabama Book Festival, including:

Peggy Vonsherie Allen – The Pecan Orchard (memoir)

Walter Bennett – Leaving Tuscaloosa (fiction)

Kathleen Driskell  – Peck and Pock: A Graphic Poem (graphic poetry)

Jennifer Echols – Such a Rush  (young adult fiction)

May Lamar – Brother Sid: A Novel of Sidney Lanier  (historical fiction)

Tasia Malakasis – Tasia’s Table: Cooking with the Artisan Cheesemaker at Belle Chevre (cookbook)

Carroll Dale Short  – I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama (essays)

During the daylong festival the authors will read excerpts, answer questions and be on hand to sign books. A list of all the authors and a brief biography of each along with hours and other information is listed at

“We are proud to support the Alabama Book Festival,” said Kelsey McBride, Publicist at Book Publicity Services. “As one of Alabama’s leading literary events, the annual Alabama Book Festival continues to attract a wonderful array of authors to suit all ages and interests, and we are pleased to support its valuable work to promote reading, books, and literacy.”

Kelsey McBride is a publicist specializing in book publicity and promoting authors. Kelsey started Book Publicity Services to help authors build awareness, gain credibility, and increase book sales through press releases, media exposure, and social media. For more information on Book Publicity Services, visit

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Why Should An Author Hire A Book Publicist?

Have you written one or more books or are you close to finishing your first one? Have you considered how you’re going to promote your book to potential readers or have you tried and failed or barely succeeded with various book promotion strategies? Find out the reasons you’re not breaking through on your book publicity and learn why it’s so important for authors to have a book publicist.

Being a full time author and earning an income from your books can be as challenging as trying to break into the entertainment industry as a performer.  While you may be one of the most talented writers, you won’t get far without an effective book publicity plan.

While there are various self-publication companies to help you get your book published for a lower price, the question of distribution still remains.  You may or may not have looked into various book distribution outlets; and if you have, you’ve discovered that your options are limited if you haven’t sold a certain volume of books.  So how do you sell enough books in order to have your book on the shelves and websites of major distributors?  That’s where a book publicist comes in.

Book publicity is a process of identifying target readers and appealing to those readers through various outlets.  While you may very well know the age or social group for which you’ve been writing this whole time, you may not be aware of the best methods of reaching your target audience.  An experienced book publicist is well-versed in different influential markets and knows exactly which tactics to utilize in order to make your target readers aware of your upcoming or currently available book.

Even if you do have some good ideas on where to promote your book online or through other venues, remember that a seasoned publicist has an entire contact list of talk show hosts, radio personalities, magazine editors, bloggers, book reviewers, and other contacts in the media who are able and willing to interview you for their entire audience.  A publicist will also be able to help you with other critical steps like getting book reviews and posting them in all the right places, promoting book signings and other fan outreach events, social networking, distributing press releases, and many other book publicity techniques.

While some authors have a background in PR, most authors have dedicated their time to developing their literary skills.  You’ve crafted your art and you’ve written a masterpiece for the entire world to enjoy.  Now it’s time to allow a book publicist who’s also been developing and honing skills for a number of years to help you get your book into the hands of interested readers.

If you don’t have public relations education or book publicity experience, your odds of ever selling enough books on your own to make a living are low.  Try to find a qualified book publicist to help you achieve your professional goals as an author.

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