Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work by JJ DiGeronimo

Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work is a new book by JJ DiGeronimo.

If you are tired of chasing standards that are imposed on you by others; if you are drowning in to-do lists that deplete your energy and maybe even your impact; if you are swimming in negative thoughts and self-talk; or if you are simply seeking more meaning…you are not alone!

JJ DiGeronimo knows these feelings all too well as an accomplished businesswoman who felt an internal tug for something more. Off the side of her desk, JJ found herself seeking to stay energized as she chased external metrics with reappearing whispers from within.

If you are asking yourself, “What is this all for?”, or “Now what?”, or “Is there more?”, then you are ready to embark on your next step of self-discovery.

After five years of researching, attending, and practicing, JJ is excited to share the most important key findings from her journey. In her new book, Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work, JJ unpacks the strategies that helped her infuse more purpose and meaning into her work and life. With short chapters, relevant stories, and specific questions, these pages create a space where you too can evaluate your choices, dig through your stories, embrace your gifts, and elevate your energy.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

I was unsettled for years. In hindsight, I now recognize it was my heart that was pulling me so fiercely to pursue more meaning beyond my day job and roles at home.

At first, I pushed the feeling away and tried to convince myself that I was FINE. Yet my inner turmoil did not quit! It pushed me to seek new conversations, new classes, and new books. Throughout this book I will refer to this concept of seeking—pursuing personal fulfillment off the side of my desk; away from my job. Not everything I discovered was aligned with and relevant to what my heart wanted, but throughout my seeking, I found new areas of excitement and new sources of energy, which I call fuel stations. These new activities energized my inner self and my Soul. This provided reprieve and balance as my fatigued mind continued to chase external metrics such as work milestones, titles, and accolades.

As I said, you are not alone. Through my journey, I discovered that many women I meet are experiencing some level of misalignment because they are working on projects or are tolerating relationships that are draining their good energy and dimming their lights, preventing them from unleashing their life’s work.

Many people assume that when you are “successful” or when you get to a certain level at work or in life, you will experience bliss or joy. Well, this did not happen for me. Sure, I had moments of joy, but I also had many hours, even days on end, of feeling less than full. Little did I know, I had a sprouting purpose from within that was not satisfied by my external striving and goals. My internal guide, my Soul, was seeking alignment with my true life’s work…

Many of us know we have a bigger purpose than the one we are living. My hope is that by the end of this book, you will feel empowered to tap into your inner wisdom by listening to your whispers, recognizing the energy that depletes you, and working on releasing your stories.

In this book, you will find…

  • Ideas for how to explore your desires,
  • Strategies for sorting out your options,
  • Questions for discovering what obstacles may be holding you back, and
  • Suggestions to help you energize your journey.

Your situations have brought you right here to these pages, which may…

  • Awaken your inner knowing,
  • Fuel your unique light,
  • Expand your existing sphere, and
  • Illuminate your path.

By making time to dive into these pages, you are showing the Universe that you are ready for the next step, next chapter, next situation, next version, next anything that life is ready to bring your way.

You may be called to jump around the chapters or go straight through the book. Like life, it is your adventure, so I encourage you to pay attention to how you feel, what is coming up for you, and what you are trying to avoid. All these choices carry messages for you about where you are right now and why.

Upon reading this book, you will understand the underpinnings of your urge to seek. This seeking, from the inside out, offers suggestions for shifts in schedules, thoughts, and desires. How much or how little you decide to act on these suggestions at any given time is also up to you.

As you work through this book, be sure you are open to a shift, even a small one. Life does not often provide safe opportunities for being vulnerable. Your willingness to open the door to your inner world can feel risky, yet this book is a safe place where you can explore what is happening with your feelings, emotions, stories, and level of doubt or confidence in yourself. All of these are pieces that drive your decisions and external actions.

Not everyone makes it to this part of her or his life’s journey, as it is beyond what many feel comfortable exploring, sharing, or discussing. This next level of self- awareness is full of adventures, and it is almost inevitable that you will question your current state of existence, alignment, and joy.

If you are lucky enough to be asking yourself, “What is this all for?”, or “Now what?”, or “Is there more?”, then you are ready to embark on your next step of self- discovery.

Your internal exploration and external seeking can unveil the next level of your life’s work. This is an exciting time in which you are ready to cross over from where you have been to where you are going! I am thrilled to be embarking on this together, in a space where you can work to shift your focus and frequency.

Let’s explore ways to illuminate your path ahead, from the inside out!

About the Author:

Two-time award-winning author JJ DiGeronimo helps women raise their frequencies and empower their future impact through tried-and-tested strategies, mindfulness, and energetic practices. Formerly a leading woman in the tech industry, she now passionately strives to help women gain more seats at more tables by sharing the key findings that have helped her and countless others illuminate a path forward. Featured in publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Thrive Global, DiGeronimo is regularly an invited speaker for events and conferences. Her work includes three books, two podcasts, two global online communities, and in-person experiences. Discover her work at

Michael Amster will be at Avid Reader Bookstore in Davis, CA on May 18, 2023

Michael Amster will be at Avid Reader Bookstore in Davis, CA on Thursday, May 18, 2023 from 6:30-7:30pm to discuss The Power of Awe.

Discover a clinically proven way to reduce inflammation, stress, loneliness, and burnout while improving overall well-being.

A.W.E. stands for Attention, Wait, Exhale and Expand, and the method is a five- to fifteen-second, three-step process for “micro-dosing mindfulness.”

Research has proven that mindfulness improves well-being and reduces stress, anxiety, and pain. But for some, the practice itself feels challenging and inaccessible. That’s where the A.W.E. Method comes in. In THE POWER OF AWE, therapist Jake Eagle and chronic pain specialist Michael Amster, MD, share their extraordinary yet simple mindfulness practice that turns ordinary moments into awe-inducing experiences, helping you effortlessly achieve a heightened state of consciousness usually reserved for seasoned practitioners of mindfulness—all within a matter of seconds.

In THE POWER OF AWE, readers will learn:

  • Exactly how to enter a state of A.W.E. at home – no trips to the Grand Canyon or virtual reality equipment are required.
  • The science of A.W.E. on a cellular level—exactly how and why this practice works to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • What A.W.E. looks like in practice – through a combination of results from the study, their own lives, and their work with clients, Eagle and Amster show exactly how the A.W.E. method is significantly improving people’s lives, and how readers can reap those benefits for themselves.

The Power of Awe

What Readers Are Saying:

“A powerful, practical, science-backed book that shows us how finding awe everywhere, every day is essential to our health and well-being. In The Power of Awe, the authors generously share their A.W.E. Method, a novel, and refreshing approach to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain by finding awe in the ordinary.” —Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Unwinding Anxiety

“The Power of Awe comes to us in the nick of time, when mental and spiritual health has become a global issue that impacts people of all ages in every corner of the world. The co-authors have amassed a comprehensive and impressive body of research, science, and clinical experience, as well as decades of passionate inquiry and lived experience, synthesized in a way that is fully accessible to readers without compromising the scholarship behind it. This simple, yet potent method can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, at any time. I highly recommend this book to the countless readers across the globe, who will be benefitted by the message and practice that not only addresses our individual and collective suffering, but also offers the possibility of greater access to our deeper human possibilities, and more fulfilling, awe-filled lives. —Mariana Caplan, PhD, MFT, psychotherapist and author of Eyes Wide Open and Yoga & Psyche

“The Power of Awe encapsulates the essence of the healing journey out of chronic mental and physical pain. I have witnessed hundreds of patients break from pain with these concepts. I am in awe of Eagle and Amster’s work and how well it is presented.” —David Hanscom, MD, author of Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain

“The Power of Awe from Michael Amster and Jake Eagle guides us to the vast and miraculous moments of awe in each day and shows us how we can learn to access the healing medicine that surrounds us.” —Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc, author of Medicinal Mushrooms: the Essential Guide

“Able guides Jake Eagle and Michael Amster empower us to find awe in the ordinary and throughout the day, let go of the filters of naming and categorizing experiences, and open instead to a more receptive state of mind–to reawaken a ‘beginner’s mind’ and take in the breadth of life’s majesty.” —Daniel J. Siegel, MD, New York Times bestselling author of IntraConnected: MWe (Me + We) As the Integral of Self, Identity, and Belonging

“In this deeply insightful book, Jake Eagle and Michael Amster introduce their A.W.E. contemplative approach, tested during the stress and trauma of the COVID pandemic, to increase your everyday sense of awe and wonder. This original book offers a new path to enjoying a more meaningful and awe-filled life, inspiring us to open our eyes to the wonders around us.” —Dacher Keltner, PhD, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley, author, AWE: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How it Can Transform Your Life

About the Authors:

JAKE EAGLE, LPC, is a psychotherapist, mindfulness instructor, fellow member trainer of the International Association of NeuroLinguistic Programming, and cofounder of Live Conscious. After thirty years in private practice, Jake now works parttime as a meta therapist, working with people who want to go beyond the bounds of traditional therapy. Together, he and his wife, Hannah, lead lifechanging small group retreats at awe-inspiring locations around the world.

MICHAEL AMSTER, MD, is a physician and faculty member at the Touro School of Medicine. With twenty years of experience as a pain management specialist, he is currently the founding director of the pain management department at Santa Cruz Community Health. He’s been a student of meditation for over thirty years, as well as a certified yoga teacher and meditation teacher. He splits his time between clinical work, research on awe, teaching mindfulness, and leading awe-inspiring retreats around the world.

To learn more, go to


Suzanne Anderson will be at East West Bookshop for a Virtual Event

Suzanne Anderson will be at East West Bookshop on Thursday, June 22, 2023 from 5:30-7PM for a webinar and virtual event to discuss her book You Make Your Path By Walking.

When her beloved husband took his life and with it hers as she knew it, Suzanne Anderson faced a choice: would she be broken down and defeated or broken open and transformed? Drawing from her years as a transformational teacher guiding others to heal developmental trauma and awaken consciousness, and her shattering personal journey of loss, Suzanne will explore how to make your own path in the darkest of times and become a light in the world that others can turn to in their times of need.

– Understand how to move through the difficult circumstances of your life and the disruptive nature of these times in a way that allows the breaking open to be a breaking through to a deeper and more authentic you
– Learn the importance of working with the conscious and the unconscious when moving through trauma and loss to reduce suffering
– Recognize how current challenging circumstances can activate earlier trauma wounds
– Discover the 8 core meta-capacities needed for resilience in the midst of disruptive times
– Learn a grounding self-compassion practice to settle your nervous system

What Readers Are Saying:

“It is our time to become living embodiments of a new human story. We must create a womb of becoming for ourselves and others beyond victimhood and being knocked down by the complexity and uncertainty of our times. What Suzanne Anderson offers in You Make Your Path by Walking is a marvelous pathway to become the possible human through the challenging circumstances in our lives. Reading this remarkable book will put you on the path of becoming all that you can and must be in these extraordinary times.”— Jean Houston, PhD, author of The Possible Human, The Search for the Beloved and A Passion for the Possible

“This is a gift for anyone navigating life towards greater sovereignty, purposefulness and freedom from self-limiting cultural norms . . . .The nuanced discoveries this book shares – along with practices to enhance readers’ self-reflection and integration – offer pathways to greater joy, fulfillment and liberation. They are authentic and hard-earned, and reveal the inspiring power of a woman’s fierce determination to live life fully – and above all, whole-heartedly.” —Nina Simons, Co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer,, and author of the award-winning book Nature, Culture & the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership

“Suzanne Anderson weaves an exquisite tapestry of love, hope, and healing she invites us to apply in our own lives. This book is a moving primer for how to ‘make the path by walking’ we each must forge through challenging life experiences that we will all encounter. With courage, grace, and wisdom, she demonstrates how, regardless of our circumstances, individually and collectively, we hold the power to heal, envision, and create a better world.” —Donna Stoneham, PhD, author of Catch Me When I Fall: Poems of Mother Loss and Healing and The Thriver’s Edge: Seven Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love, and Lead

“From the fire of personal trauma, Suzanne Anderson was forced to find a path through the ashes of devastation—unexpectedly testing her own groundbreaking teachings in her acclaimed previous book The Way of the Mysterial Woman. Through gripping storytelling and clear guidance, if you have ever experienced a shattering trauma or want to help someone through loss and heartbreak, this is the field guide for you.” —Gail Hudson, Writing coach and New York Times best-selling co-author with Jane Goodall of The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times and Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder From the World of Plants

“This book has the means to touch your heart, open your mind and give you access to the journey through the eyes of a wisdom keeper. I have been so touched by Suzanne’s gift of language and her wisdom of navigating the underworld. What a beautiful piece of work! Thank you for sharing your journey, and allowing me to learn from you. Only a Scorpio can take you into the realms of death with such fearlessness!” —Debra Silverman, Astrologer and author of The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition

Suzanne Anderson, MA, is the founder of The Mysterial Woman, a psychologist, author, coach, leadership consultant, and transformational teacher. Her pioneering work in guiding women to awaken their full Feminine and Masculine strengths combines insights and practices from ancient wisdom, depth psychology, and modern neuroscience. She has dedicated the past thirty years to decoding an embodied, integral, and accelerated archetypal pathway to unlock the next level of our innate potential. Combining her graduate studies in women’s developmental psychology together with her decades as a leadership consultant, Suzanne wisely guides women to awaken to the next level of consciousness and leadership capacity, making the changes in themselves they want to shape in the world. She facilitates global online programs, workshops, and retreats, and is the author of You Make Your Path by Walking: A Transformational Field Guide Through Trauma and Loss and is the coauthor of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love, and LeadOriginally from Canada, Suzanne now lives in Seattle, WA.

To attend Suzanne’s virtual webinar and book launch event at East West Bookshop, please visit:

The Sentinels by Gordon Zuckerman

The Sentinels trilogy is a series of thrillers set in climates of military turmoil where government and greed collide in high-stakes drama with entire nations hanging in the balance. Watch the series trailer here:


In this riveting amalgam of political intrigue, poignant romance, and bare-knuckled action, six friends risk everything to thwart an international Nazi conspiracy.

With Hitler in power, the six Sentinels, graduates of an elite American doctoral program, uncover a plan by industrialists to hoard hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal war profits. Using their financial and familial connections around the globe, they work to foil the machinations of the financiers of the Third Reich. In a daring strategy of Robin Hood–style thievery, the Sentinels put their lives on the line to serve justice—and thus become embroiled in a dangerous and violent international conspiracy.

A gripping story that escalates at every turn, “The Sentinels: Fortunes of War” is the first in a series that follows the six Sentinels as they alter the course of history.


An oil supply controlled by corrupt hands, murderous assassins who will do anything to keep that power intact – and a group of friends with a wild plan to thwart them all.

The Sentinels return in an epic battle against a Big Oil monopoly. As America’s dependence on fossil fuel takes hold in the post-World War II climate of economic growth, seven major oil companies join forces to control the industry. They amass obscene profits, squeeze taxpayers, and manipulate supplies around the world. In a plotline eerily reminiscent of today’s political climate, the Sentinels fan out across several continents in an intricately plotted mission to bring Big Oil to its knees.


Can the world be rescued by a financial expert? Does the world even know it needs to be saved from what lurks behind the curtain?

The Sentinels are back with a new installment. The post-World War II military industrial complex is explored in Zuckerman’s action-filled globe-trotting thriller. It’s a book of principles vs. power, of greed vs. the selfless serving of one’s country. His latest novel examines what he calls a “Power Cycle” threat, where those who operate outside the law must be dealt with outside society’s normal channels.

The cast of the forthcoming Pilot of The Sentinels - Based on the novel Fortunes of War

Praise for The Sentinels Trilogy:

“Zuckerman’s … first in a possible series of political thrillers, starts off with an intriguing premise. In 1938, the Sentinels, a group of six economics doctoral students at the University of California, Berkeley, claim to have discovered a pattern that explains and can even predict repeating cycles of the rise and fall of world powers. In particular, the Sentinels assert that German industrialists are pushing Europe into war. They propose a watchdog organization to eradicate these cancers when lower-level means can still be used effectively. Of course, it’s too late for anyone to stop WWII. Once the bad guys learn of our heroes’ intentions, they seek to forestall the Sentinels in a plot full of predictable abduction and rescue sequences.”  ~ Publishers Weekly

About the Author:

Following the author’s graduation from Harvard Business School, until April 2005, when he sold his company, Gordon Zuckerman had the privilege of working during what many people regard as the Golden Age of American commerce.

Throughout those years, he learned of major events that exerted significant influences – some positive, some not so beneficial — over the lives of many people. Absorbed in his entrepreneurial world, rarely could he investigate beyond reading newspaper headlines or watching television sound bites.

Zuckerman has traveled extensively and is a lifelong history buff. Aware of the potentially corrupting influence of concentrated wealth and power, he has devoted the last 17 years to studying some of history’s most important events. Along the way, he has developed an understanding of how concentrated industrial and financial influence, given the support of government, can pursue agendas of self-interest that can conflict with the public’s best interests.

Zuckerman, who founded the nationally recognized Resort Suites of Scottsdale, Arizona, calls upon his experience in finance, banking, marketing, and business development to support the plots of his books.

For 30 years he owned and operated his own real estate development company, which he sold to a major investment company in 2004. Prior to that, he spent a decade on Wall Street working for Kaiser-Aetna.

Born and raised in Stockton, California, Zuckerman earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He resides with his wife, Anne, on their ranch in Northern Nevada. They have two children and four grandchildren that they enjoy spending time with. They also have two dogs and three horses.

To learn more, go to


Wise Little One: Learning to Love and Listen to My Inner Child by Jana Wilson

Wise Little One: Learning to Love and Listen to My Inner Child by Jana Wilson will be released in July 2023, published by EHS Publishing.

“Use memory, don’t allow memory to use you.” ~ Deepak Chopra

A victim of childhood abuse and trauma, Jana Wilson could have wound up another statistic. Yet, at the age of twelve, she had a mystical experience that catapulted her on a life-long journey of learning to listen and love herself. In her breakout prescriptive memoir, Wise Little One, we follow Jana as she develops a connection to her inner child. Through this connection, Jana cultivates an unshakable faith in Self and Spirit, taking full responsibility for her soul’s journey.

Eventually training and working with prominent thought leaders Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Brian Weiss and Debbie Ford, Jana created The Emotional Healing System and has helped thousands heal from the pain of their past.

A riveting tale of triumph over tragedy, Wise Little One is interlaced with the knowledge Jana learned on her path of discovery. Ultimately, she honors and listens to her Wise Little One and, at long last, is guided to her beloved in the most auspicious way. In the end, readers discover that we are all here in Earth school to learn how to heal from our pasts, extract lessons from our traumas, and to value and fall in love with ourselves.


About the Author:

Jana Wilson is an emotional healing educator, meditation teacher, retreat leader, public speaker, hypnotherapist, and founder of the Emotional Healing System. For the past two decades she has taught thousands internationally in group and private retreats. Jana trained and worked with best selling author and physician, Deepak Chopra MD.

She lives off grid in the foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountain range in Santa Fe, NM, with her husband and business partner, Dr. Lance Wilson. When she is not guiding clients to heal, she enjoys hiking, yoga and watching documentaries. You can connect with Jana on Facebook and Instagram, or visit her online at

Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet

Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet is a new children’s book by Judith A. Proffer. It was released in April 2023 and is available for sale on Amazon.

A gentle awakening for young readers, written in rhyme format, introduces young children to the woeful impact of climate change on coastal animal habitats while offering everyday practices to help.

Bondi is an Australian koala and Poppy is a California bear. Both live in wildfire regions, and both experience the sadness and fear of seeing their precious homes threatened by unpredictable blazes.

Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet is a tender and sometimes playful conversation starter for even the youngest of readers, addressing the realities of global warming while offering hope.

Be mindful of waste, of not using too much

Like water and lights and paper and such.

Use your great brain and walk when you can

Talk with your family to make a smart plan.

Author Judith A. Proffer resides in Southern California. In late 2019 she left behind a particularly challenging fire season in Los Angeles for a three week holiday in Australia, quickly discovering that she had entered Australia’s worst fire season in recent history. The region she spent Christmas Day that year (Kangaroo Island) was decimated by fire just days after she left. This book is her response to the ferocity of the back to back fire seasons she experienced that year, and a plea to keep animals in mind when contemplating our planet’s future.

Proffer is the co-author of the award-winning When We Stayed Home.