The Author’s Guide to Book Contests

Haven’t you always wanted one of those coveted stickers to put on your book’s cover? A sticker that distinguishes it from the rest of the readers’ choices.  A sticker that may even draw the respected eye of a certain former TV host with the book club we all know and see featured in book stores around the world.  It could happen!
We’re not saying it will happen tomorrow or next week, but if you start small and take the time to promote your book through smaller channels, the prized “O” could be within your reach one day.
Book contests give your book some exposure. And while reviews and social media pages work similarly, exposure from a larger group is always a plus. Awards also provide added credibility.  How many times have you seen or heard of a book being purchased only by virtue of the fact it has won a major award?  As a former bookseller I can honestly say it happens a lot.
There are a wide variety of contests out there and not all of them may be a perfect fit for you, so definitely do some research before you commit to a contest.  Make sure they include your genre as a category, check out the entry fee, how the judging works, and their general criteria for entry.   We’ve complied a starter list of book award contests that we have suggested to authors in the past and have posted it below for the benefit of the literary-inclined.  Best of luck and may the “O” be ever in your favor.

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