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Broadway Baby by Russell Miller & Judith Proffer

Broadway Baby is a whimsical love letter to Broadway. Our leading role, Baby, dreams of becoming a star. Those dreams take us on a truly theatrical journey from his crib to the playground to the heart of New York City, with nods to many elements that make live theatre so special. Through beautiful illustrations, this […]

The Sentinels by Gordon Zuckerman

The Sentinels trilogy is a series of thrillers set in climates of military turmoil where government and greed collide in high-stakes drama with entire nations hanging in the balance. Watch the series trailer here: BOOK 1: FORTUNES OF WAR In this riveting amalgam of political intrigue, poignant romance, and bare-knuckled action, six friends risk everything […]

Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet

Bondi & Poppy Help Heal the Planet is a new children’s book by Judith A. Proffer. It was released in April 2023 and is available for sale on Amazon. A gentle awakening for young readers, written in rhyme format, introduces young children to the woeful impact of climate change on coastal animal habitats while offering everyday […]

Aloha Vietnam by Elizabeth Nguyen

Aloha Vietnam is a new book by Elizabeth Nguyen. It was published by The Unbound Press in December 2022. A rich journey across the Pacific Ocean to find one’s true home and identity amidst loss, grief, and mental illness. Anh Nguyen is 17 years old and a senior in high school working on a watercolor art series […]