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Interview with Elaine C. Markowicz, the Author of A Knight’s Conquest

Tell us about yourself.
I am the author of A Knight’s Conquest, a new historical fiction novel.
What is A Knight’s Conquest about?
Wounded at the Battle of Hastings, Grand Master Knight Lucas was unable to ride to London with William of Normandy to claim the throne of England. Instead, Lucas and his men were ordered to conquer Saxon land. They rode to Sussex and seized Alford Castle.
Her father killed defending his home from the Norman invaders, his oldest daughter Angelica became Lady of the Castle.
From their first encounter, Lucas and Angelica fought for dominance. She willfully defied Lucas’ every word and rule. In his attempt to make Angelica submit to his will, Lucas fell in love with her instead. It wasn’t long she reciprocated that love.
Despite their stubborn wills and constant bickering, through the tragedies and heartaches, their love remained strong.
What inspired you to write A Knight’s Conquest?
I was always drawn to knights in shining armor, castles and fair ladies. History and romance fascinated me. I wanted to write a novel set in medieval time period with a strong heroine.
What types of readers will enjoy it?
Women between the ages of 18 to 80 who enjoy history and romance.
Please share an excerpt from the book with us:
Angelica rushed down the stairs with a heavy sword clanging beside her. She halted at the scene in the great hall. Her father and his men fought the Normans that invaded their castle; the cacophonous of steel against steel, men shouting or crying out in agony right before they fell to their deaths, the injured strewn about the hall and the maidens screaming thundered and rattled the rafters.
Spying her father, she raced down the remaining steps, wielded her sword and joined her father’s side in combat.
“I told thee to stay in thy room.” He hollered over the din as he thrust his blade at an opponent.
“Thou can scold me later.” She retorted as she fought off a Norman; running him through with the sword and moving onto the next one.
Moments later, she heard Henry’s blood-curdling scream. Angelica sharply turned, “Father!” She dropped the sword and rushed to his side. Blood poured from his belly and over the hands that covered the wound. “Father!” she cried and laid her head on his chest.
A pair of hands roughly grabbed her, swinging her to her feet. Angelica screamed, punched and kicked the knight who held her. She heard his mocking laughter beneath the helmet.
“I like my women feisty.”
“Let me go thou Norman piece of filth!”
“Filth, am I?” he snarled, tucking her firmly under his arm and started toward the stairs.
“Enough!” the thunderous voice boomed over the noise.
A deafening silence immediately followed as all eyes turned to the giant knight who stood at the threshold of the great hall, surrounded by a group of his knights. The eyes behind the slits of the helmet shot directly at the man holding a squirming maiden. The knight fearfully set her down. Angelica grunted and kicked him in the shin. Her attacker let out a soft whimper but remained at attention.
“We have overthrown the castle. Lay down thy swords.” The giant knight commanded.
Normans and Saxons hesitantly looked at each other.
Now!” their leader bellowed, quickly followed by the clang of steel as swords hit the floor.
He crossed the hall to the line of fallen and standing Saxons. “Who is the lord of this castle?” he gruffly demanded.
“He is dead at thy feet.” Angelica bitterly answered.
The green eyes, beneath the slits of the helmet, scrutinized the young lady in tattered, blood stained gown; her blonde braids all but undone and hanging in her blood-smudged face. “Are thee his lady wife?”
“Nay, his daughter and now mistress of the household.” She insolently replied.
“Hmmph!” he grunted and backed a few steps from the dead bodies laid at his feet. “I am now the lord of this castle and all it entails.” He peered at Angelica who snorted.
“Clean up this mess.” He waved at the bodies.
“What are thee planning to do with them?” Angelica demanded.
“What do thee suggest we do with them?” the knight patronized.
“Let us Saxons bury our dead with proper respect.”
He bobbed his head. “Very well.”
Angelica made a mock curtsy. “Oh, thank thee, m’lord. Thou are most kind.”
He drew in a breath to control his temper, trying to understand she reacted in grief.
He started to walk towards the stairs. “I expect hot baths and a meal for me and my men.” He ordered.
Where is it available for sale?
A Knight’s Conquest was published in May 2017 and is available for sale on Amazon.