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Interview with Deanna Kahler, Author of Part of Me

Award-winning author Deanna Kahler is a passionate writer with more than twenty years of professional experience. Her work has appeared in numerous newsletters and magazines and on websites across the country. She began writing as a young child. Her latest novel Part of Me is a young adult romance.
Tell us about your book.
Somewhere in the far reaches of his memory is a secret so powerful, it will change his life. Chase is an ordinary teen growing up in a Midwestern town north of Detroit. But in between studying, football games, and girls, he’s plagued by images of a fiery plane crash. To top it off, a mysterious woman keeps appearing in his dreams. What he feels for her is more powerful than anything he’s ever experienced. The only problem: he has no idea who she is. When life throws him an unexpected curveball, Chase has no choice but to search for the missing piece of his psyche. If only he could remember…
What inspired you to write Part of Me?
After having a few interesting paranormal experiences, I began researching and learning about theories to explain them. I thought it would be fun to write a young adult book that incorporates romance, a little mystery, and psychic phenomena.
What types of readers will enjoy it?
Teens who like romance, mystery, and the paranormal. However, “Part of Me” is a love story for all ages, so anyone can enjoy it.
Can you share an excerpt from the book with us?
Chase emerged from the blackness when a familiar girl’s voice called to him. It sounded like the distant buzz of an insect, but with a more urgent tone. Slowly, he slipped back into consciousness.
“Chase? Chase? Are you okay? Answer me, please.”
He struggled to speak, not quite sure where he was or what was going on. “Darla?”
“No. It’s Kaitlyn. Who’s Darla?”
Chase rubbed his sore head and opened his eyes, slowly focusing on the fuzzy image in front of him. Kaitlyn leaned over him. She stroked his forehead while Joe and Kyle stood on each side of her. Ashley cried nearby. They all stared at him like he had come back from the dead. He sort of felt as if he had.
“What the heck happened?” he asked.
Where can readers go to learn more or connect with you?
Part of Me is available for sale on Amazon. To learn more, go to DeannaKahler.com or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.