Why Should An Author Hire A Book Publicist?

Have you written one or more books or are you close to finishing your first one? Have you considered how you’re going to promote your book to potential readers or have you tried and failed or barely succeeded with various book promotion strategies? Find out the reasons you’re not breaking through on your book publicity and learn why it’s so important for authors to have a book publicist.

Being a full time author and earning an income from your books can be as challenging as trying to break into the entertainment industry as a performer.  While you may be one of the most talented writers, you won’t get far without an effective book publicity plan.

While there are various self-publication companies to help you get your book published for a lower price, the question of distribution still remains.  You may or may not have looked into various book distribution outlets; and if you have, you’ve discovered that your options are limited if you haven’t sold a certain volume of books.  So how do you sell enough books in order to have your book on the shelves and websites of major distributors?  That’s where a book publicist comes in.

Book publicity is a process of identifying target readers and appealing to those readers through various outlets.  While you may very well know the age or social group for which you’ve been writing this whole time, you may not be aware of the best methods of reaching your target audience.  An experienced book publicist is well-versed in different influential markets and knows exactly which tactics to utilize in order to make your target readers aware of your upcoming or currently available book.

Even if you do have some good ideas on where to promote your book online or through other venues, remember that a seasoned publicist has an entire contact list of talk show hosts, radio personalities, magazine editors, bloggers, book reviewers, and other contacts in the media who are able and willing to interview you for their entire audience.  A publicist will also be able to help you with other critical steps like getting book reviews and posting them in all the right places, promoting book signings and other fan outreach events, social networking, distributing press releases, and many other book publicity techniques.

While some authors have a background in PR, most authors have dedicated their time to developing their literary skills.  You’ve crafted your art and you’ve written a masterpiece for the entire world to enjoy.  Now it’s time to allow a book publicist who’s also been developing and honing skills for a number of years to help you get your book into the hands of interested readers.

If you don’t have public relations education or book publicity experience, your odds of ever selling enough books on your own to make a living are low.  Try to find a qualified book publicist to help you achieve your professional goals as an author.

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