‘Perfect Dealership’ – A Car Dealer’s Guide to Surviving the Digital Age

Perfect Dealership book coverMax Zanan, an automotive retail expert with nearly 20 years of experience, announced today the upcoming release of his book ‘Perfect Dealership’ – a car dealer’s guide to surviving the digital age.
The automotive retail industry is under more pressure than ever. Lower margins, stricter regulations, heavy competition, and online disrupters have many managers with their backs against the wall. With the rise of online auto sales, will the average auto dealership even exist in 10 years?
“Perfect Dealership serves as a wake-up call for the automobile industry,” says Zanan. “Unless car dealerships change – and change quickly – they risk falling into the same digital gulf that obliterated the corner video store and travel agencies… The old ways are dead. It’s time to adapt or fade away.”
With Perfect Dealership, Max Zanan has created the industry’s first truly comprehensive training manual. If you own or manage an auto dealership, or you’re planning a career in the industry, Perfect Dealership is the indispensable guide for automotive management in a modern world.
“Perfect Dealership is the book the auto industry needs. With every chapter, Max outlines a modern and structured view of how to run and grow a profitable, ethical, and future-facing dealership… Perfect Dealership is a handbook for effective automotive management across all levels and departments. Every dealership owner and manager needs a copy.” – Peter Zorzy – Director of Operations – Atlantic Auto Group
“…the industry is changing fast and dealerships need to adapt or die. The processes and concepts outlined in Perfect Dealership are not just important, but frankly are a necessity to future growth and success in an industry that’s getting more competitive by the day.” – Doug Wells – General Manager – Ray Catena Mercedes Benz
“Perfect Dealership isn’t just a book: it’s a manual that should be considered required reading for dealership owners and executives. After 20 years in this industry I can tell you honestly that most retail managers don’t understand hard concepts like HR, IT, and compliance they way they should. Car dealerships can’t expect to just fake it anymore. Real training and professional standards are needed and Perfect Dealership is the book to get us there” – John Lutman – National Sales Director – IAS 
For more information, or to request a review copy, please contact Kelsey Buts at Book Publicity Services at Kelsey@BookPublicityServices.com.


New Book ‘The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon’ Teaches Quantum Physics in a Fun and Easy to Understand Way

The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon is an inspirational SciFi novella that addresses some of the key elements of Science and Quantum Physics and how it relates to the human experience.
The story follows Sebastian, a boy filled with fear of things he cannot explain. When traumatized by a freak electrical storm, he develops a burning need to understand light. That night, he awakens inside a lucid dream, where he meets Philly the Photon, a light particle, who offers to guide him on a perilous journey through the Quantum Realm.
As Sebastian embarks on a journey through the unknown, he learns to overcome his fears and apply the fundamentals of quantum physics to alter his perspective on self and how he is connected to the very nature of the universe.
This journey will inspire, educate, and challenge your perceptions on relative reality. It will increase your ability to think critically, rationally, and encourage you to ask more questions. Young adults will find sanity and direction in these words, while adults of all ages will find nuggets of wisdom for personal application. Embark on a journey with Sebastian and visually experience the more elusive universal patterns that determine who we are as humans and how we are integrally and three-dimensionally connected to everything and everyone around us through the continuum of quantum events.

What Readers Are Saying:
“a fascinating adventure that takes Sebastian and the reader into the unseen world of photons, electrons and electromagnetic waves. Reading this book teaches you the basics and gives them meaning and relatedness, and it’s not at all painful — not for one moment…” –Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite
“Montgomery explains the scientific method through story and explanation in a way that’s both fun and gripping… There are little gems of wisdom and a wealth of understanding within these pages as Sebastian tries to apply the method and find his own understanding.” – K.J. Simmill, Reader’s Favorite
“…a brilliant book that is such fun to read because you don’t realize how much you’re learning.” –Sarah Stuart, Readers’ Favorite

Excerpt from Chapter 1:
Lightning tore through the sky as if the fabric of the universe was being ripped to shreds. The expansive tendrils crookedly reached out to grasp tops of ancient trees. With tremendous violence, they were torn off in great explosions. The vast network of lightning seemed to span miles into the sky. Back and forth, the lightning went from sky to land, then land to sky in an amazing dance of power and colors.
The trail meandering through the woods was covered in shards, branches, and felled trees. It was nearly impossible to traverse. Thunder pounded the heavens as if great forces battled for supremacy. Fear rippled through the air on the currents of electricity to permeate their very souls. This was the substance of legends.
Running. Jumping. Climbing. Dodging. Taking momentary shelter. The storm had taken them by surprise and the boy was becoming paralyzed with fear.
“Listen to me, Sebastian! Look at me! We don’t have time for you to be afraid; our lives are in danger. We must reach the house before the rain begins.”
A freak electrical storm suddenly crept upon them, and what was supposed to be a two-hour afternoon hike around the beautiful Lake Chabot was being terminated abruptly.
He was fading in and out of focus. His father’s voice sounded as if traveling through a tunnel at a far distance, then right next to him, then far away again. He was going into shock.
“Snap out of it! Come on, you can do this. Focus. Overcome your fear.”
The trees were swaying in a roaring gust and a violent bolt of lightning touched down on an enormous Sequoia stump not more than twenty feet away. It erupted in flames, and chunks of glowing embers splashed on the ground while some erupted into the air as if it was responding with fury at its annihilation.
Sebastian was jolted back in a rush of emotion and adrenaline. The lightning continued to sizzle through the air in a hundred different directions.
What is happening? I’ve never seen anything like this. If the lightning strikes me, then I’m going to look like that stump. Where does the light come from? What is it? How does it simply appear, disappear, and have such power to destroy. I can’t escape it. The lightning is everywhere.
 “Sebastian, let’s go.” Emcie said in exasperation.
Why is he so afraid?
His father’s face was furrowed with intensity as he held him by the shoulders and looked into his eyes with deep angst.
Sebastian understood, we must escape the woods.
They raced out of the forest. More than once, he felt as if he couldn’t breathe. The fear struggled to manipulate his mind and constrict his chest. He stumbled, tripped, and fell several times and he knew that his body would pay.
As they reached the car, he was exhausted. He ebbed and flowed between a state of fear and a need to understand what had happened. He’d never seen anything like this before.
I must understand what happened. I must understand.

Mark MontgomeryAbout the Author:
Mark Montgomery joined the US Navy at the age of 17 years old and graduated top in his class as a Hospital Corpsman. Years later he returned to school and attained a BS in Economics, Finance, and International Business. Mark is an Entrepreneur and has owned several businesses that range from car repair, a gourmet coffee and chocolate shop, and several real estate companies. He has lived in ten states and he thrives on obtaining life perspectives from various cultures.
In 2010, after struggling with Mental Health issues for fifteen years, he experienced a life transforming Psychotherapy process called EMDR. The near instantaneous transformation inspired him to understand what had happened. Mark began an expedition into his own mind: Biology, to Psychology, to Neuroscience, to Chemistry and, to Quantum Physics. The journey produced an insatiable desire to understand the mysteries of the Quantum Realm. It was a healing process, which turned into a passion to share quantum patterns with his son. 
As of 2015, Mark lives in the culturally and idea rich San Francisco Bay area. He works for one of the leading Medical Research and Teaching Institutions—The San Francisco Veterans Hospital. He has a passion for promoting Science and Technology in education and he is seeking opportunities to enter the 3D Virtual Realty Educational Software development sector. He hopes to one day have Philly the Photon guide students through the Quantum Realm and beyond in an interactive Virtual Environment.
Mark hopes that his writings will take you on a journey of a lifetime… that will last a lifetime. Readers can connect with Mark on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. To learn more, go to TheQRE.com 

The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon is available for sale on Amazon. For more information, or to request a review copy, please contact Kelsey at Book Publicity Services at (805) 807-9027 or Kelsey@BookPublicityServices.com.

Authors: 5 Ways to Increase Book Sales with Goodreads

Electronic books are projected to skyrocket over the next decade, both in authorship and purchasing. Amazon’s Kindle is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to publishing, reviewing, and selling e-books, and now that Amazon has acquired the well-known bibliophile site Goodreads, there is no better place for marketing your book.
All About Goodreads
Every author on Goodreads has the same goal in mind: promoting their book to get sales.
If you’re new to Goodreads and wondering what all the fuss is about, think of this site as an educated social media platform where writers and readers can share their love of books. You can discover new authors as easily as bestselling ones, follow their publishing, and ask them questions. It’s a book lover’s paradise, all for free.
So, how can you harness this nerd-powered social media platform to promote your book? Here are five ways:
1) Build a Following
First, you have to realize you aren’t just marketing a book; you’re selling yourself as an author. People want to buy books from interesting writers who have something say, who’ve built a following, and who appear knowledgeable about whatever it is they’re selling. Goodreads is the single best place for an author to build the following necessary to create buzz and interest.
Start by setting up an author page for yourself on Goodreads. You’ll notice there’s an option for people to “follow” you. Add an intriguing bio, a professional-looking photo, and answer a few standard questions about why you write and what you write. That gives people something to know about you; it pulls them in and leaves them wanting to know more. That’s when you can start adding blog posts and status updates, keeping your followers engaged.
It will take some time to build a following, but once you do, you will have a built-in audience for everything you publish.
2) Get Reviews
The most valuable feature on Goodreads is its ability to get your book reviewed. Your book will not sell if you do not have reviews. It’s honestly that simple. Most people who review your book on Goodreads will also post a review on Amazon, and this directly translates to book sales.
There are three primary ways to get reviews on Goodreads: 1) join a critique group; 2) search out book bloggers and request a review, or 3) make friends and ask for a review.
Honest reviews are the best way to market your book–it’s like digital word of mouth. Each one is valuable, but aiming for a minimum of 50 reviews is essential. Books with at least 50 reviews begin to receive attention from Amazon, resulting in more exposure to customers and more sales.
3) Discover Opportunities
Join some Goodreads groups geared toward authors or your genre to discover some unique ways in which to market your book. Some examples include opportunities to add your book to swag bags, donate your book to libraries, participate in author interviews, and enter your work into book catalogs for sales. There’s also groups of reviewers looking for books to review. You can join, comment, and offer revie copies of your book to the group members. These opportunities are plentiful on Goodreads but challenging to find elsewhere, so take advantage. The more you interact, the more traction your Author page will get.
4) Giveaways
Goodreads giveaways are one of the prime reasons readers flock to the site. Everyone enjoys the chance to win a free book, many of which are signed by the author. But giveaways are also an invaluable marketing tool for authors.
Goodreads giveaways are free to set up and only cost the author printing and shipping costs for the number of books they choose to give away. You can opt to give away a single copy if you wish. The exposure is the same as if you choose to give away 100 copies, and the cost-to-benefit ratio is low (which is a good thing).
There is no other site with a larger audience of book fanatics eager to hear about your giveaway than on Goodreads. Many of the people who enter your giveaway will add your book to their “to-read” shelf, and some will instantly purchase your book upon seeing your giveaway listing.
5) Build a Network
Apart from building an audience (readers who adore your writing), Goodreads provides a platform for building a network (connecting with other authors). There is no better place than Goodreads for building a network. As your connections increase, so will your opportunities. The greater your following, the bigger your voice is for marketing your books.
Overall, Goodreads can provide you with everything you need to promote your book successfully. It’s the single most valuable resource for authors, with a global reach. Invest your time wisely on the site, and you will be guaranteed an uptick in book sales.