Author Eric Matheny Announces Signing Event at Local Weston Starbucks

The Victim CoverOctober 22, 2015 (Weston, FL) – Eric Matheny announced today that he will be at the Starbucks in Weston, FL on Sunday, November 8th from 4-6pm to discuss and sign copies of his latest legal thriller The Victim.
Eric is a criminal defense attorney that lives in Weston, FL. He has handled everything from DUI to murder. Eric writes crime fiction, drawing from his experience working in the legal system.
His latest novel The Victim tells the story of Anton Mackey, a criminal defense attorney in Miami whose life was altered drastically at the age of 21 when his decision to get behind the wheel despite being in no condition to drive claimed the lives of two people. When Daniella Avery, the beautiful wife of a man accused of a heinous act of domestic violence, comes into Anton’s office seeking his services, Anton thinks he’s landed a great case with a great fee. But when he succumbs to temptation, he realizes that Daniella is a figure from his past.
Anton finds himself caught between the possibility of being exposed and the fact that his client – Daniella’s husband – may be an innocent pawn in the victim’s attempt to carry out her revenge against Anton. As Anton struggles to balance defending his client while concealing the secret he has sought to forget, he uncovers the truth behind what really happened on that highway eleven years earlier. calls The Victim, “a staggeringly well-crafted mystery…you’ll hear your own heart thumping loudly as Anton begins to lift the veil on his curious client.”
Michael A. Draper says, “[Anton] Mackey is a character who could be taken from one of John Grisham’s excellent novels…It’s a thrill to find a new author who stands out and Eric Matheny is an author with a bright future.”
If you are a fan of John Grisham, David Baldacci, and Harlan Coben, The Victim may be your kind of novel.
The Starbucks is located at 310 Indian Trace, Weston, FL 33326. Copies of The Victim will be available for sale at the signing event. However, personal copies may be brought for signatures as well.
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The Chicago Public Library Announces Event with Authors David Vinjamuri and Michael Alan Peck

Michael Alan Peck and David Vinjamuri October 5, 2015 (Chicago, IL) – The Chicago Public Library announced today that it will be hosting a discussion with Michael Alan Peck – winner of the 2015 Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Contest – and branding expert David Vinjamuri on October 16, 2015 at 12:15pm.
Not only did Michael win the Soon to be Famous Illinois Author contest, but he also represents a new brand of author, one that wants to retain ultimate control of his work. After Peck wrote the compelling award-wining book “The Commons,” he did not seek a traditional publisher. He retained control and sought out professionals to assist him with the traditional publishing work.
When asked about the upcoming event, Peck stated, “I’m very excited about this opportunity to discuss the writing and publishing process. I hope my experience as a self-published author sheds some light for others who may be trying to do the same.”
Michael Alan Peck won the Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Contest for his contemporary fantasy novel, The Journeyman. The Journeyman tells the story of three people who board a bus and – following a horrific accident – must band together as the last hope for the afterlife, known to them as The Commons.
David Vinjamuri is a contributor and adjunct assistant professor of marketing at NYU who inspired the libraries to create the Soon to be Famous contest that Michael Alan Peck recently won. He has always had a love and respect for libraries, and was quoted in a recent interview saying, “I think that libraries are one of the best sources of recommendations and discovery for books, that they’re greatly under-used by publishers to develop backlists for authors, to introduce new authors to book groups and communities and to generally develop books.”
As an author, David Vinjamuri writes both fiction and nonfiction. His works include Accidental Branding: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands, Understanding Self-Publishing, Operator (Michael Herne Book 1), and Binder (Michael Herne Book 2).
Michael Alan Peck will speak with David Vinjamuri about his work and the process of becoming a successful self-published author.
The Soon to be Famous Illinois Author project, now in its second year, is the brainchild of library marketing professionals who were inspired after listening to a presentation by brand expert and NYU professor David Vinjamuri. Vinjamuri spoke at the American Library Association’s 2013 annual conference about the importance of libraries in the era of e-books and self-publishing. He challenged libraries to wield their collective influence to lift a self-published author to success to create a measurable indicator of the power of libraries and librarians to affect books and reading. This project received the prestigious John Cotton Dana Award by the American Library Association in 2015.
The Chicago Public Library is located at 400 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60605. The lecture will take place in the video theater on the lower level. This event is open to the public with no admission charge. For more information about the library, go to
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Author Kathryn Rogers Announces Bookstore Appearance in Jackson, MS

Memphis Hoodoo MurdersOctober 5, 2015 (Jackson, MS) – Kathryn Rogers will be at Books-a-Million in Jackson on October 8, 2015 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. to read from and discuss her latest novel Memphis Hoodoo Murders, an occult horror mystery, published by Sartoris Literary Group.
Memphis Hoodoo Murders tells the story of young Addie Jackson who has witnessed people trying to kill her family her entire life. Now she must use her strength and wits to understand why she’s being hunted by a witch doctor named Hoodoo Helen and solve the mysteries surrounding her family’s past.
As a licensed therapist, Kathryn Rogers holds her Masters in Counseling and Psychology, and as a licensed educator, she holds her Bachelors in Education. Her experience providing counseling services to the community prepared her to expound upon the psychological issues her characters wrestle with in her stories.
Dripping with grisly spells, wry humor and a distinctly southern brand of magical realism, you’ll be quickly mesmerized by this magnetic paranormal thriller. A home run for author Kathryn Rogers.” – Reviewed by Best Thrillers
I was captivated from page one. Memphis Hoodoo Murder is a fast-paced mystery thriller that you simply can’t put down once you started reading. The writing is as lively as it is eloquent, the characters are believable and the storyline is suspenseful from beginning to end. I highly recommend the book and I can’t wait to read more from its author Kathryn Rogers!” – Reviewed on Amazon
Books-a-Million is located at 4950 Hwy 55 N., Jackson, MS 39206. The event is open to the public and there is no admission charge. Paperback copies of Memphis Hoodoo Murders will be available for sale at the event.
Kathryn Rogers currently resides in Jackson, MS. To learn more, visit
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