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Book Publicity ServicesDecember 31, 2013 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – Book Publicity Services, a leading public relations agency that specializes in promoting authors, is excited to announce a New Year Special that will allow authors to save money on their public relations campaign. Now through January 31, 2014, authors can purchase the company’s public relations packages with a 20% off discount.
“This special offer will give authors an opportunity to take advantage of our high quality book promotion services,” said Kelsey McBride, Publicist at Book Publicity Services. “It will also help them get their 2014 public relations campaign off to a strong start, as well as stretch their budget for publicity.”
Book Publicity Services promotes authors through media exposure, press releases, and social media to help build their online presence, increase sales, and create awareness of their book. The public relations packages are designed for authors trying to break through and get noticed by consumers and the media.
“I am very impressed by Book Publicity Service’s ability to generate interest in my work and make connections on my behalf. Kelsey McBride is highly professional, efficient, and thoughtful, offering excellent and practical advice as well as organizing promotional spots that I would never have considered on my own. I would never have been able to achieve such results on my own,” said Tori L Ridgewood, author of Wind and Shadow.
“For any author, especially a brand new one like me, Kelsey and her PR services are invaluable,” said Simi K. Rao, author of An Incurable Insanity.
“If you want effective results and to work with a PR professional, Book Publicity Services is definitely the ‘go-to,” said Teko Bernard, author of The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park.
Book Publicity Services has successfully promoted a variety of books, including children’s, mystery, erotica, business, religious, young adult, middle grade, self-help, memoirs, thrillers, historical, romance, and paranormal. For more information, go to
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A Gift from the Enemy: A True Story of Escape in War-Time Italy by Enrico Lamet

A Gift from the EnemyEnrico Lamet recently released a revised and enlarged edition of A Gift from the Enemy: A True Story of Escape in War-Time Italy, a compelling childhood memoir of World War II.
Enrico Lamet was born in Vienna, and spent the first eight years of his life in a comfortable middle-class atmosphere with his Jewish mother and father in Austria. At only 8 years of age, the Nazis invaded Vienna, changing the lives of all European Jews forever. The Lamet family fled to Italy, where they spent most of the next twelve years.
Follow along as Eric and his mother face struggles in fascist WWII Italy, attempting to forge friendships and make a new home. Lamet recounts his mother’s struggles to adjust from sophisticated urban living to a primitive bleak setting. Despite the world crumbling around him, Eric still manages to live an adventurous life.
In a style as original as his story, the author vividly recalls a dark time yet imbues his recollections with humor, humanity, and wit. Lamet offers a rare and historically important portrait, one you will not soon forget.
While the story takes place in Fascist Italy during the Holocaust period, it is not a Holocaust book.
A Gift from the Enemy was published in October 2013 and is available on Amazon.


About the Author:
After World War II ended, Lamet settled in Naples with his family. He finished high school in that city and studied Engineering at the University of Naples.
In 1950 the family moved to the United States, where Lamet continued his engineering studies at the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, near his family’s home. Deciding that business would be more in keeping with his personality, he embarked on a business career. Over the years he became involved in a variety of enterprises until his eventual retirement as a CEO in 1992.
Fluent in German, Italian, English, Spanish, and Yiddish, Lamet served as an interpreter for the U.S. State Department and taught Italian for several years. Lamet has studied piano and voice and, to this day, enjoys performing Neapolitan songs.
Enrico Lamet, together with his wife, has 5 children, 7 granddaughters and two great-granddaughters. The Lamet’s live in Pittsfield, Mass. For more information, go to
To schedule an interview with Enrico Lamet or request a review copy of A Gift from the Enemy, please contact Kelsey McBride at


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4 Free Ways to Get Your Friends to Help Promote Your Book

Open BookPublishers are increasingly relying on their authors to promote their own books and generate book publicity. As marketing budgets shrink, it’s important for authors to get the word out — and to do it on the cheap. For most authors, the people most excited about their work are friends and family in the beginning, so why not recruit them to help you out? Remember, however, that they are unlikely to know what they can do to help, so you need to give them specific suggestions and ideas. Here are four free ways to get your crew involved in helping you sell your book:
1. Give them the talking points
You’ve lived inside your book for months or even years. You know every line of it forwards and backwards, and can summarize it in a few sentences. Your friends may not know how to talk about your book with others, so give them the words. Give them links to your book’s website (What? Your book doesn’t have one? Get one!) and to any excerpts posted on the Internet.
2. Enlist their social media accounts
Ask your friends to share links to your book sales site (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) on their social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Your friends likely have a broad reach to get your book in front of thousands of eyeballs, and this is a powerful book publicity tool. Provide your friends with links that go directly to the sales page, and provide them with any introductory blurb you would like them to use.
3. Ask them to review the book on sites like Amazon
Solid book reviews are one of the most important components in a reader’s decision to buy your book. If your friends have read your book (hopefully, they will have all purchased a copy), ask them to post honest reviews on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Good Reads. Their reviews should not be over-the-top ads for the book, but a clear list of what they liked about it, and things they would have liked to see.
4. Bump up helpful reviews and bump down not-so-helpful ones
Book sites like Amazon display their reviews in the order of how many customers found the review helpful or not helpful. Reviews (both good and bad) that are marked consistently helpful in the book purchasing decision appear higher in the list. Your friends can read all of the reviews and mark both helpful and not helpful ones. This keeps positive detailed reviews high up on the list and more likely to be seen by potential readers.
Having friends help you in your book publicity efforts is a valuable tool in your public relations campaign. Don’t forget to someday return the favor.
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13 Do-It-Yourself Public Relations Tips for Authors

Book Publicity ServicesThis article offers 13 do-it-yourself public relations tips for authors to use to promote their books.
Writing a book takes a lot of hard work, commitment and discipline. Ask any author about the trials and tribulations, the research and the search for the right words and wording that goes into writing a book.
Then ask any group of authors about the aftermath of writing and publishing a book, especially those authors who self-publish. That’s when the promoting of the book kicks in and the reality of how hard it can be to get people to want to buy and read their book.
Most writers write to get people to read what they’ve written. They put a lot of time and effort into a project, which most often becomes a part of them. And, they become convinced the book will fly off the online bookseller’s shelves and become an overnight bestseller.
Bestsellers can happen
Any book can become a bestseller, including those that are self-published by the author. It takes creating a need for the book and creating a perception that the author has the answers or the story that readers will enjoy or benefit from reading.
It rarely happens overnight. Instead, authors have to take the time to promote their books. There are a number of ways to do so including using public relations tactics. Writers tend to like the solitude of the profession and steer clear of any overly social aspects of the writing life, making the job of promoting a book even more difficult.
Public relations activities may be more to authors’ liking, making it a bit easier to get the word out about their books. Public relations (PR) generally involves talking to people about the importance of the topic of a book versus talking about how many books a person will buy.
PR Tactics
There are many public relations tactics authors can implement easily, at reasonable costs, and with reasonable time demands. The following thirteen tactics can help get one started.
1. Authors can sell books when they agree to provide free talks about the topic of the book at civic events, local libraries, schools, or book clubs.
2. Donating books to local libraries for local author displays is an effective way to get the book displayed for the reading public to see and possibly decide to buy.
3. Attend book fairs and signings. Attending these types of events offers the opportunity to become a featured author and/or network with other authors to talk about their books.
4. Contact local newspapers and offer oneself as an expert in the topic of the book for them to interview or to use as a resource for other related articles and for local radio and television shows.
5. Contact trade and consumer magazines related to the book’s topics and ask them to review the book for their readers.
6. For business book writers, biographers, or self-help books, network with your local Chamber of Commerce and get to know businesses in the area that may benefit from reading the book.
7. Contact bloggers online that review books to see if they would be interested in reviewing your book.
8. Create your own blog about the topic of the book. Posts regular writings about the topic or the writing of the book or ways people can use the book.
9. Contact local bookstores about doing book signings in their stores.
10. If the topic is teachable, offer to teach a class at local colleges or at conventions.
11. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to post messages about where to find the book or about signings, conferences or other events where you will be appearing.
12. Get word-of-mouth promotions started through those that are referenced in the book as case studies or expert commentary.
13. Ask family and friends to help spread the word about your book or write a review for it.
It is important to create a need for your book and develop a must-have perception for it. These 13 public relations tactics can be implemented immediately and at a relatively low cost to effectively get the word out about your book.

Adventures of Retirement Living Chronicled in New Novel ‘Time to Retire’ by Jon Foyt

Time to Retire by Jon FoytTime to Retire, by Jon Foyt, is a new mystery/romance novel that offers a glimpse into the adventures of retirement living.
Things are not quite what they seem at Sunset Gardens, an active adult retirement community in California. The directors of the Homeowner’s Association has been handling money in questionable ways, there’s secret meetings occurring at The Silent Front, a former speakeasy, and an influential resident recently committed suicide. Reporter Willy Herbst, approaching retirement, is curious about what’s going on in the neighboring community “over the hill.” He and his eager intern, Sally Saginaw, team up to investigate. Their discoveries are surprising…
Time to Retire is filled with mystery, romance, and adventure, as Willy and Sally explore the lifestyles of aging retirees.
“A gripping narrative that reads like a mystery, entertaining and thought-provoking.” – Doug Hergert, columnist and author of Nothing in Paris and Can’t Get It In France
“A realistic description of a retirement community. Living in such a place, I recognize the foibles of members, the clubs, and the Board as vivid and humorous. Holds your interest… an enjoyable read that I recommend.” – Samuel P. Oliner, author of Altruism, Intergroup Apology, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and The Nature of Good and Evil
“…A current American chronicle poignantly surveying the dreams, heartaches, and successes of our life scene.” – Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., author of Next Medicine: The Science and Civics of Health and Roadmap to 100
Time to Retire is available for sale on Amazon.
Striving for new heights on the literary landscape, along with his late wife Lois, Jon Foyt began writing novels 20 years ago, following careers in radio, commercial banking, and real estate. He holds a degree in journalism and an MBA from Stanford and a second masters degree in historic preservation from the University of Georgia. An octogenarian prostate cancer survivor, Jon, 81 years old, is a marathon runner (60 completed), hiker, and political columnist in a large active adult retirement community near San Francisco. Jon Foyt is the successful author of 10 fiction books. He currently resides in Walnut Creek, CA. For more information, go to
To schedule an interview with Jon Foyt or request a review copy of Time to Retire, please contact Book Publicity Services at