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Interview with Jacob Grovey, Author of Dance of the Broken

dotbTell us about your new book:
“Black girls can’t be ballerinas!” That’s the sort of thing Elise Morgan has heard all of her life. Since she was six years old, she has had dreams of being a professional ballerina, but her race has always been one of many things people have presented to her as a reason why her future accomplishments were limited. Add that to the fact life itself always seems to want to crush Elise’s aspirations like a bug beneath its feet.
Elise is constantly facing many questions. How do you continue chasing goals when it seems life is always holding you back? Who do you turn to when even your family seems to become unfamiliar? Do you talk to God to find the strength needed to press on, or do you turn to people to help you deal with your misery?
How do you find a way to dance, even when you are broken?
What inspired you to write Dance of the Broken?
I have witnessed first-hand the innate and dominant talent women all around the world boast in the field of the arts. I firmly believe that every woman has it within her to achieve anything she desires and, in my new book, I’m out to prove that.
Give us an interesting fun fact about your book:
When I started telling people about the book, I immediately got very positive feedback. It was so positive that I was able to start working with a ballet school to put on a live ballet which will serve as a continuation of the story. Additionally, I have been speaking with a ballerina who has worked with a very well known pop star and she may be working with me soon for something related to the book.
What types of readers will enjoy this book?
Dance of the Broken was written for young women who feel nobody is speaking to them and addressing the problems they may be dealing with, but readers of all ages will enjoy it. Elise is a very strong character, but as she deals with the many curveballs life throws her way, readers will be able to see how relatable she is to everyone.
Where can readers connect with you online?
Facebook and Twitter.


authorAbout the Author:
Jacob Grovey began writing early in life. At the age of eight, he first saw people actually valued his words. He was offered the opportunity to write for a magazine, but as great as the opportunity was, Jacob passed on it because he didn’t want any pressure to be associated with his writing. As the years passed, he found himself writing less and less, and before he knew it, he had gone several years without writing anything. As he thought back to the times when he wrote daily, he soon became upset with himself for going so long without putting his thoughts onto paper. In 2003, he vowed to never let that happen again. Now he says, “I promise you, the times that you’ll catch me without some sort of notepad and pencil are going to be few and far between because you never know when the inspiration will hit.”