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Home Matters by Julie N. Ford

Home Matters book coverHome Matters by Julie N. Ford is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


According to her mother, Olivia Pembroke was born to be a star. But how is she supposed to be famous when she can’t even get a decent acting gig? Her lucky break comes when she lands an audition for a wildly popular home improvement show. Even though she has no design training and has never even held a power tool, she refuses to let that stop her. She’s confident that her destiny is finally within reach.
When her affections are torn between her heartthrob co-host and the irritating, yet somehow endearing lead contractor, does she continue to reach for the stars? Or does she design a new happily ever after? One that leads not to the fading lights of fame and fortune, but to a love that will burn forever.


Pulling at the collar of her blouse, Olivia struggled to hold back the pesky demons of her past. But the relentless sunlight, coupled with the gloom clouding her thoughts, continued to poke at her like a persistent drippy faucet. Her palms started to sweat, her heart to race. Then her stomached twisted, wringing its contents against gravity and up into her chest.
Springing to her feet, Olivia hitched her purse strap onto her shoulder, and managed a quick, “I need a minute,” to the receptionist, before making a beeline around the corner, straight for the restroom.
Immediately upon shouldering the door open, she tripped over a yellow Wet Floor sign, but caught herself on a maintenance cart sitting abandoned smack in the middle of the room. The cart began to roll, throwing a few items clacking to the floor, and taking Olivia along for the ride. Moments later, the ringing sound of metal against porcelain brought them both to a screeching halt against the far wall.
One hand covering her mouth, she released her grip on the cart and staggered over the space separating her from the closest stall. Palming the metal door open, she saw—then smelled—that the toilet was plugged. Her stomach heaved again. She backed away and flung herself into the next stall. She was met with a sight of equal repugnance. Not wanting to chance another nasty toilet bowl, she turned to the row of sinks lining the far wall.
Her hands gripping the cool marble of the counter top, she leaned forward and retched. She wasn’t surprised when nothing came up because nothing was precisely what she’d had to eat and drink today. And not just because she couldn’t risk even the slightest possibility of bloating, but because she’d spent her gas money on a pair of Mark Jacob’s pumps to wear, leaving not even a few dollars for a small, fat-free latte.


About the Author:
Julie N. Ford Julie is a forty-something, dangerously close to becoming a fifty-something, graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Political Science. In addition, she has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Alabama, which has only made her better able to recognize the unhealthy, codependent relationship she has with writing. Professionally, she has worked in teaching and as a marriage and family counselor. She is the author of four women’s fiction novels, including Count Down to Love, a 2011 Whitney Award finalist. When she’s not writing, she entertains delusions of being a master gardener, that is, when she’s not killing the unsuspecting plants in her yard with her good intentions. She lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, two daughters, a Betta named Bob, and a Scottish fold kitten, Ardweal.
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