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Cops Lie! by Leonard Love Matlick

Cops Lie book coverCops Lie! is a new mystery / crime fiction novel, by Leonard Love Matlick, about crooked cops and the corruption we see all too often in the news today. The story is fiction, but it is based on fact and inspired by true crimes and real life stories of police officers abusing their power.

NYPD Officer Charles Griffin, a known drunk, a notorious bully, and dirty cop is involved in stealing drugs and money from drug dealers. When an accident with an 18 wheeler kills him, one other cop, and leaves 2 other cops in critical condition, Detective Tony Philadelphia, a homicide detective from the 9th precinct, is tasked with finding out what happened.
What happens next is a trail that goes thru dirty cops, using their badge to rob drug dealers, force sex, and use the Columbo Mafia family. Descriptions of cop abuse, killings, and assorted cop dishonor that is fresh out of today’s news stories.

Longo and Tony went to Griffin’s place. He lived in SoHo at 19 Mercer Street just off of Canal Street in a 5 story row house from the 1890’s. There were approximately 8 apartments in this particular apartment house, mostly young, rich guys and gals who worked in the financial district or actors and actresses. The super, Ivan, wasn’t going to let them in even after Tony and Longo flashed their gold shields.
“Officer Griffin was killed in a car crash and we have to look for next of kin stuff.” Tony told him annoyed that a gold shield won’t give him immediate entrance to any place.
Ivan took them in the elevator to the 3rd floor. Apartment 3C was Griffin’s.
As soon as Tony and Longo went inside, it was very clear to them that this wasn’t done on a cop’s salary.
“Holy shit!” Longo exclaimed.” This is NICE!.”
Tony looked at the high ceilings, the baroque furniture, even the toilet fixtures were of the highest quality. They went into the kitchen with the 6 burner stove, Garland oven and two refrigerators.
“Who has two refrigerators?” Tony asked.
“Someone with money.” Longo said. “But definitely not on a cops salary.”
They went into the bedroom, with wall to wall TV’s, entertainment units and cameras on the ceiling, and started to stare at the closets.
“Quite a clothes horse.” Tony said flipping thru Griffin’s suits, shoes and dress shirts.
“Hey, I didn’t know he was a dandy.” Longo said fingering the silk fabrics.
Then they started to go thru the drawers, all neatly assembled by underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc. Even his bills were arranged in order.
“Philadelphia”, Longo said, “We’ve got to comb thru this stuff and camp out here.”
“Uh-huh.”. Tony said, amazed at what he saw.
“Ivan” Tony motioned to the super, “What does something like this go for?”
“Are you kidding me? A triplex in SOHO? “Ivan said. “When the market was at its top a few years ago, it was around 7 million, but now between 3.5 to 5 million.”
“WHAT!!” Tony exclaimed. ”Where did he get the money for this. After all he’s a cop!”
“I believe that he had a co-signer or somebody was sub-letting it to him. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the rental agent.” Ivan stated.
“Okay, we’ll do that.” Tony said. ”Who’s the rental agent?”
“Cushman and Gold” Ivan said. “There’s also some interesting people who live here in the building.”
“Like who?” Longo asked.
“Like the singer Nora, the actor who played the Vulcan in the Star Trek movies, and even Justin, the actor.”
Longo made a face like he was impressed.
“Ivan, one more thing.” Tony turned to the super, “Did Griffin get many guests here?”
“I don’t know. What do you mean by many guests? More than one?”
Tony looked at Longo and then asked Ivan,” I’m guessing that you mean that there were many guests?”
“Well, he was quite the ladies man. I mean that there was a different girl here every day.” Ivan mentioned. “Since he worked the night shift. I never saw many guys come here, but there was a lot of girls, a lot.”
Again, Tony looked at Longo.
“What do you mean by a lot? More than one or two?” Tony asked.
“Oh yeah.” Ivan said.” I’ve seen him bring 2 and sometimes even 3 at a time here. I guess that he was into twosomes and threesomes . Must have been quite the stud.”
“Apparently not on a cops salary.” Longo mentioned. “Philadelphia,” Longo motioned for him to come closer. ”How come we live in such shit and he gets all of this nice stuff? Money, broads, all of this” He moved his arm all around to span the luxury apartment. “He must have been dirty.”
“Yeah,” Tony said. “Very dirty.”

Cops Lie! was published in July 2017 and is available for sale on Amazon.
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